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20 Vine Quotes That Describe The 2020 Mood

20 Vine Quotes That Describe The 2020 Mood

This is a list of Vine quotes that describe 2020, but to be honest for a moment, I have a theory about why 2020 happened the way it did. It all began when a gorilla tried to make friends with a child at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016. Us humans, not knowing the gorilla just wanted to be buddies, shot the gorilla thus opening the dark timeline which spun into our current 2020 reality. Think about it, only a few months after the death of Harambe did Vine shut its doors. I do not think it is a coincidence at all, so I decided to give you the 20 best vine quotes that describe 2020.

Finding Ways To Stay Entertained

We all have been trying to find ways to stay entertained during quarantine, and we are just working with what we got. You may want to try and find a roomier place to play grandma in ping pong though.

No Toilet Paper :,(

Remember when you could not find any toilet paper for like a month? 2020 has had a weird effect on everyone, but I definitely did not have “toilet paper shortage” on my 2020 bingo card. I guess hoarding TP is okay, you will always need it.


Why You Always Lying?

Whenever someone says that the masks will not be around for too much longer, I think of this. I literally have his moves memorized at this point.


Go Shawty

We all ended up needing to find other ways to stay entertained because everywhere either was or is still closed. I know I ended up blaring my music so loud, that I am sure my neighbors heard the soothing sounds of Big Pun.

Oh Hell Nah

This Vine quote was me in March when my buddies would invite me out. Olive Garden breadsticks are not worth dying over Tyler.


Whenever the teacher tries to get me to actually do work, this is how I respond. What? You thought just because I paid to enroll in your class, you think I will just do the homework???


Todays Forecast

This one is what workers want to say when a customer gets angry over the mask policy. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you said it just once? If you do it, make sure to record it and post it on TikTok.

That my opinion!!!

This is how I picture an anti-masker arguing. All emotion with no argument, you love to see it. While I respect your right to not wear the mask but also respect my right to say laugh at you.


When Will You Learn

This is another one for the anti-maskers, though with less humor in the message. Please wear your mask everyone! Okay, I am done now with the anti-masker stuff.

I Don’t Have Enough Money…

I got laid off as a result of the Coronavirus, and there were a few months where I could not afford chicken nuggets. I know, it is quite devastating that I was stuck without my nugs, but I  survived. Of all the Vine quotes, this one truly is the most heartbreaking but inspiring.


2 Shots Of Vodka

Remember when I had you remember the toilet paper shortage? Well, the only other item I had trouble finding was some good alcohol to drown my quarantine sorrows. Luckily, I had a huge stash of alcohol leftover from my past sorrows, so I was able to drink. I am pretty sure I was being as generous as she was in my morning coffee.

Wanna Take A Nap

How am I so tired during quarantine? I literally have done nothing in 4 days besides sleep, so how am I still sleepy? I can’t even be lazy right in 2020.

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Oo she dead

This vine quote was me when I hadn’t heard from my neighbor in months. Luckily Mr. Jones is doing just fine, but now when you have not heard from an older person in months, you just kind of assume they got got…

Thx 4 Checking In

It was nice for people to check in on you during the quarantine, though I can totally understand if you didn’t! Quarantine hit us all different, but I still hope all my buddies are good and as garbagey as ever!



I am sure your sleep schedule was as out of whack as mine was. Sleep eluded me during typical sleep hours, but I was out cold during sunlight. 

Twinkle Twinkle

The lack of human interaction left a lot of us doing some weird things. Did your quarantine craziness get you to talk to the animals walking by?

I Can’t Sneeze?

This vine is what it feels like to sneeze in public now. Imagine the deer are all the other shoppers inside Spencers Gifts and Ron is you. You can not just say that you choked on spit either because no one will believe you. Either hold it in and die inside or let it out and watch people take off.


Your First Day Returning To In-Person Classes

Unfortunately, we all must go back sooner or later. I dread actually being in person because people are kind of lame in general.

The Oof Walk

The oof walk should be the theme of walking in 2020. I mean, the world around us is collapsing and mentally scarring us, so this seems pretty accurate.


Fuck No Baby

Of all the Vine quotes, I think this one encapsulates the entire mood for 2020. Nothing has gone right this year and has left me in a constant state of paranoia, but haha Vine funny!

These Vine quotes are a perfect representation of the mood in 2020. I could only imagine what cesspool of Vines would have been created in response to the entire year of 2020. If only we hadn’t killed that gorilla in 2016, we may have been able to find out. If I forgot any Vine quotes, make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

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