Video Game Consoles That Are Worth A Fortune

Video Game Consoles That Are Worth A Fortune

Retro video games are becoming more and more collectible every year. Some games are thousands of dollars. But what about video game consoles? Just like retro video games, consoles are also becoming the next be thing in the collecting world. Some consoles are even more collectible than the games. Here are a few video game consoles that have become rare and expensive.

1. Limited Edition Golden Nintendo 64

Many people who grew up in the 90s have fond memories of playing the N64 during their childhood. There have been many different versions of the console including the Funtastic transparent color models and the Pikachu edition. One of the rarest Nintendo 64s released in North America is the limited edition gold model.

This golden N64 was only sold at Toys R Us causing the system to be made in limited supply. It is estimated that only 10,000-50,000 were made. This might sound like a lot but there were already a vast number of N64 console variations on the market causing it to sell very poorly. The gold N64 came with 2 golden controllers as well. Today a complete in box golden N64 will cost about $445. The box alone can sell for more than $175! There was also a golden Japanese model but that is not nearly as rare and expensive as the North American version.

Video Game Consoles That Are Worth A Fortune

2. Sega CDX

The Sega CDX is one of the best Sega systems that no one bought. During its release in 1994, Sega was in the middle of a console war with Nintendo. Sega was getting crushed by the success of Nintendo’s SNES system and was desperately trying to figure out a one-up the SNES. They decide to come out with tons of add-ons to their system, the Sega Genesis. These add-ons were accessories you connect to the Genesis in order to enhance the player’s gaming experience. The only problem was they released way too many in a short amount of time. By the time they released the Sega CDX, the market was oversaturated by Sega add-ons and no one paid attention to it.

The CDX was actually an updated Genesis that contained most of the add-ons. It played both Sega CD and Genesis games as well as music CDs. It was made to be portable, so a battery slot was added for gamers on the go. You could even strap it to your hip and listen to your favorite CDs while jogging making it a one of a kind system.

The CDX sold horribly and was only in production for a year. On top of that, only 5,000 units were ship to the United States. This made the system very rare and sought after by Sega collectors. Today the underappreciated Sega CDX will cost you around $520 for one a complete in box. The system by itself still runs around $300 so if you see one cheap, pick it up if you can.

Video Game Consoles That Are Worth A Fortune

3. Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System (AES)

 The Neo Geo first got its start as an arcade machine created by SNK. It became so popular that they decided to make a home entertainment system known as the Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System, or Neo Geo AES for short. When it was released in 1990, it had the best 2-dimensional graphics for the time period. It was the best way to play SNK arcade games in the comfort of your own home. It was also the first console to come with a memory card.

Like many other video game systems on this list, the Neo Geo sold poorly due to the heavy competition it had with Nintendo and Sega. It was also a very large console and had a very expensive price tag compared to other gaming systems on the market. Now the Neo Geo sells for around $650 for a complete in box version. Be warned that if you do decide to pick one up, the games are some of the most expensive and rare games on the market. Many Neo Geo games sell for more than $500 apiece!

Video Game Consoles That Are Worth A Fortune

4. Biohazard Code: Veronica Limited Edition Dreamcast

This little-known Dreamcast variation was a Japanese exclusive that came out back in 2000. There was technically 2 different versions of the console, one in transparent red known as the Clair version, and one in midnight blue with a STARS logo on the disk tray known as the STARS version. There was only 1,800 units produced of the Claire version on only 200 of the STARS edition.

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These unique Dreamcasts were released in order to celebrate the release of the new Biohazard (Resident Evil) game Code: Veronica. The only way people could get a hold of one of these consoles was through a Sega loyalty program called Dreamcast direct and through a special Japanese magazine. Since these consoles are so rare and were never released outside of Japan, it is hard to say just how expensive they are. The Claire version has sold from $800-$2,000 while the STARS editions are said to be worth up to $4,000.

Video Game Consoles That Are Worth A Fortune

Video Game Consoles That Are Worth A Fortune

5. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Limited Edition Gamecube

This is another ultra-rare Japanese only console. In 2003 Nintendo released this limited edition Gamecube bundle to Japanese audiences. This bundle came with a beautiful pearl white Gamecube console and controller, a copy of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and a Gamecube Advanced player which allowed you to play Game Boy Advanced games on your Gamecube.

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was disliked among Final Fantasy fans causing the system to sell poorly. Even the Gamecube Advanced player couldn’t save this bundle. Because of the lack of sales and exclusive content, this limited edition Gamecube bundle is extremely rare. Just like the Biohazard Dreamcast, it is hard to say how expensive this Gamecube is since there are so few on the market. It is said that this Gamecube bundle can be anywhere for $2000-$4000 for a complete in box version.

Video Game Consoles That Are Worth A Fortune

Playing old video game consoles is a great way to relive your childhood memories. If you were lucky enough to have a limited edition version of a console, they might be worth more than you might think. After reading this you might think twice before trading your old console for the latest hardware. Feel free to share some of your favorite retro consoles in the comments below.

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