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6 Vibrators That Will Make You Say ‘Oh!’

Vibrators offer up one of the most pleasurable and satisfying forms of self-care. They also add some flavour to your sex life with your partner for when you’re looking to experiment. So, when it’s time to upgrade your vibe or expand your sex toy collection, it is absolutely crucial to find the right one that will truly blow your mind away. Thankfully for you, we have gathered up six of the best vibrators out there right now so that you don’t have to scour the Internet yourself.

1. Eva II

Dame Products’ Eva II vibrator is not only fascinatingly cute, but it is completely hands free. This incredibly compact vibe has flexible wings that will fit snugly under your labia to give you the ultimate clitoral stimulation. The Eva II vibrator comes in quartz or fir colours, and a charging case. Plus, this vibe is totally waterproof! It’s the perfect vibrator to use during sex with your partner, both in or out of the shower.

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2. Palma

Who would have thought that you could ever wear your vibrator as a cute and chic accessory! For the moments you want to feel bold and daring, throw on Unbound Babes’ Palma vibrator and flaunt your confidence in your sexuality. You can swivel the ring to lay vertically or horizontally across your fingers thanks to its rotating band. Palma has three different settings plus two customizable ones, which you can create by simply tapping a pattern on its sleek surface.

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3. Lioness Vibrator

With all of its high-tech features, the Lioness Vibrator feels way ahead of our time. There are multiple sensors on this rabbit designed vibrator to help record and track what you were feeling while you were using it, and then display that information on its free app so you can cross-reference the data. Who knew that your orgasm could be so scientific? This is perfect for self-exploration, and if you want to better understand what really gets you off.

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4. Crescendo

What’s great about MysteryVibe’s Crescendo vibrator is how bendable it is. Yes, you read that right. You can adjust this vibrator’s shape however way you like (which means this product can adapt to any body shape!) Even though the Crescendo has six vibration zones, MysteryVibe assures that this vibrator is “whisper quiet.” This vibrator also offers a Smartphone app, but it is not at all like Lioness’.  The MysteryVibe app allows you to create your own personal vibration sequence, giving you complete control of what you want your vibrator to do.

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5. Sona

Unlike the rest of the vibrators on this list, Lelo’s Sona vibrator works on sonic waves and pulses to stimulate and massage your clitoris. This means it doesn’t rely on vibrations that we’re normally accustomed to, but they still promise you’ll get that mind-boggling orgasm by the end of the session. All you have to do is apply Lelo’s Sona to your clit, select from one of the eight settings, and enjoy the ride.

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6. Uma G-Spot Vibrator

Je Joue’s Uma G-Spot Vibrator is the best for when you want to stimulate your G-spot (duh.) That being said, Je Joue offers some creative tips that can stimulate other parts of your vagina when you want to change things up.  There five speeds and seven different patterns you can play around with, starting from a subtle rumble to an intense, toe-curling finish.

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What do you look for in your vibrator? Do you prefer clitoral or G-Spot stimulation? Drop a comment below!

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