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10 Vibrant Nail Polish Colours To Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

10 Vibrant Nail Polish Colours To Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

10 Vibrant Nail Polish Colours To Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I believe nail polish and getting my nails done makes me feel like a brand new woman, and oh so put together, even when the rest of me is not. I was often very unadventurous when it came to nail polish; I’d go for the neutrals to keep attention away from myself. However, I’ve noticed more and more that people can be quite daring with their polish of choice and, whatever changed between my netural days and today, I. Am. All. For. It. Below are 10 shades that will take you out of your comfort zone because, let’s face it, we all need a little more of that in our lives, amirite?

1. Periwinkle

I am getting my nails done on Monday afternoon and this will be my colour of choice. I have never been a blue nail polish kind of person; I felt like it accentuated the veins in my hands and it just did not look flattering at all. Yet, I have become increasingly interested and optimistic in periwinkle as a nail colour, and one that I could actually try this summer. Not exactly blue, leaning more towards a beautiful purple, I am reminded not only of the flower that bears its name but of a sky at sunset. To say I’m excited to try this new polish in an understatement; I think, in fact, it’ll become a new favourite.


2. Red-Orange

I can’t say that this nail polish takes me out of my comfort zone because it is my absolute favourite nail polish colour and has been for many years. That said, it might be the polish that takes you out of your comfort zone. Not entirely red not fiercely orange, the red-orange nail polishes I have make me feel on top of the world. The colour is SO flattering, on all skin types, and is the equivalent of the big sister of nail polishes.

3. Lilac

A friend of mine showed up to our yoga class with a beautiful lilac nail polish perfect for spring time. I’ve never really ventured towards getting a lilac shade on my nails, but it just might have to be one I opt for this spring/summer. I’d recommend a nail polish like OPI’s ‘Do You Lilac It?’, which uses the original nail lacquer formula or, if you’re looking for a shade that is lighter and a little more long-lasting, perhaps go for ‘Don’t Toot My Flute,’ an OPI shade from the Perú collection. This latter nail polish uses the Infinite Shine formula, which more closely resembles Shellac, has a gel shine to it, and lasts for about 11 days. If you want a more muted lilac shade and don’t mind treating yourself, Chanel’s Le Vernis in ‘Purple Ray’ is an absolute beauty of a nail polish. Either way, be prepared for some serious compliments.


4. White

Whenever I painted my nails white, I always felt like I had put White-Out on my nails and masked it as nail polish. Likely more so a flaw with the technique I used to paint my nails than with the nail polish itself, but it jaded my perspective of ever trying out white nail polish again. That said, in recent years, there has been serious popularity with white nails; it seems all the latest social media influencers (think Jaci Marie) are shellac-ing their nails unique shades, one of them being snow white.

5. Coral

I’ve been seriously crushing on all the orange-pink hues lately when it comes to my nails lately. When I think of coral, I think of a peachy, orange colour with hues of pink, a shade that will surely get you noticed this summer. For a more orange-peach shade, try a polish like Essie’s ‘Fondant of You’ (pictured below); for a pinker coral shade, a polish like Essie’s ‘Tart Deco’ might be for you. While I believe both of these shades are harder to buy in-person these days since they are from the 2017 collections, they are still available on Amazon. That said, if you want to see the shades in-person before purchasing them, it won’t be hard to find other polishes that resemble these colourful corals.


6. Robin’s Egg Blue

Or Tiffany blue, whichever you prefer. I prefer the latter, too. 😉 If Audrey Hepburn had worn a nail polish for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I bet it would be this one. Such a beautiful, light hue, Robin’s Egg Blue nail polish is every bit of a luxury for its homage to Tiffany’s as it is a prelude to summer. Try a colour like OPI’s ‘Gelato On My Mind’ and prepare for some serious heart eyes. This OPI polish is also in a ‘crelly,’ formula, a combination of both creme and jelly, making for an easy peasy application.

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7. Sunshine Yellow

Now this is definitely one that’ll take some confidence for me to try. I’ve never really thought about wearing yellow nail polish. I LOVE yellow as a colour, but I’ve never been a proponent of wearing yellow on my person. That said, this OPI colour called ‘Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants’ may just be the reason why I try this colour next. How can you not appreciate that name — and the person who came up with such a creative name? (#hellodreamjob)


8. Violet

More like ultraviolet. Again, this is another nail polish colour that I have not tried myself. Like a deep purple lip, I could never picture myself wearing purple. I very rarely wear purple in my clothing, unless it’s a light pale purple. The lavender and lilac shades of purple are more of my jam. This violet colour is a vibrant nail colour, to say the least. That said, never say never, and maybe one day I’ll feel confident enough to rock it.

9. Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is definitely a colour most suited to the Fall, but what about trying it in during the Summer season? Out of your comfort zone yet? Nevermind the pumpkin spice lattes. Let’s see how this colour works in the summer. I, honestly, think it would work exceptionally. It’s such a beautiful, rich colour, and would spice up any summer outfit. See what I did there? 😉


10. Neon Pink

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is neon pink. Yup, I went there. How could I have a list of 10 vibrant nail polish colours and not have neon pink on this list? A perfect homage to all things bright and bold, neon pink is the way to go for some serious nail attention. And who wouldn’t want that during the summer? When I think of neon pink, I think of California, Las Vegas, all things flashy, hot, and wow factor. If you want to add a little extra vibrancy to your nails, try this look below, melding neon pink and orange to create an ombré effect not unlike Las Vegas signs at dusk.

Tried any of these vibrant nail polish colours? Or inspired to try one of them this summer? Share below which ones!

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