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Very Extra Decor Inspiration For Your Dorm

Very Extra Decor Inspiration For Your Dorm

The first time we saw an empty dorm room, our hearts sank. The blue, plastic mattress, white brick walls, and outdated wooden desk. It’s enough to put into a horror movie! The walls were closing in on us and suddenly we remembered that it was a blank slate.

Every dorm room has potential to be made into something else. Just because it was ugly now, doesn’t mean it’ll have to stay that way.┬áIf you’re anything like us, you like to surround yourself in ‘extra’ things. What does ‘extra’ mean exactly?

It means over the top, indulgent, and grandeur to the point of no function besides looking good. This article ain’t for the people who like minimalism. If you wanna transform your humble beginnings into a palace made for royalty, we’ve got some very extra decor inspiration for your dorm.


Having a monochromatic color scheme in your dorm is going to make it look very put together. Remember that the little things matter! For example; your tissue box, storage containers, pillows, all of these items should be the same color. If you’re thinking of getting the exact shade, try buying sets off of Amazon.

If you want the same color but not the exact shade, try and stick to the same color with the same undertones (warm or cool). The decor inspiration below features an all green palette with items that are exactly the same color. When in doubt, take pictures of what you already have to the store with you!

Very Extra Decor Inspiration For Your Dorm

How to Fake Living in a Palace

Looking at famous palaces can help give you some very extra dorm decor inspiration. Palaces are always grand and luxurious. One common element in palaces is art. Palaces feature renaissance art on the ceilings and walls, surrounded by ornate golden frames.

To get this look in your dorm, look for a renaissance painting tapestry that you can tack to your walls or ceiling. If you really want an authentic feel, find an ornate frame that’s light enough to be held by command strips. Then Paint the frame gold and put it over a renaissance painting in your room.

Remember, the more ornate the better! ‘Extra’ means more is more.

Very Extra Decor Inspiration For Your Dorm

Indoor/ Outdoor Living

Being extra doesn’t always refer to diamonds and caviar. Being extra can be applied to the humble plant lovers out there. Instead of having one plant, have ten! This decor inspiration features beautiful plants that hang like vines from the ceiling to the floor.

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If you don’t want to take care of real plants, get some fake ones and pin them along your walls. If your plants look really fake because of the shine, invest in a matte finish spray paint! Another great tip would be to wrap fairy lights around the vines as well. It’ll give your dorm a cozy garden feel.

Very Extra Decor Inspiration For Your Dorm

Playing with Light

Living in a dorm can feel very restrictive because there are only so many things you can do. This tip is for after you’ve changed the bedding, gotten matching accessories, hung things on the wall but you still feel like something is missing. The lighting in your room can drastically improve how everything else looks. This decor inspiration can be as easy as switching a yellow lightbulb for an LED one that has a brighter, cooler hue.

This inspiration can also be applied to curtains. Getting sheer curtains in a light color can give your room a colorful glow. If your room doesn’t get much light, try a color-changing lightbulb. It’s like a mood ring but for your room.

Very Extra Decor Inspiration For Your Dorm

Which decor inspiration tip will you use to make your dorm more extra? Let us know in the comments section below!

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