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15 Signs You Went To Versailles High School

15 Signs You Went To Versailles High School

There are a few things that every past and present VHS student will recognize. These are 15 relatable signs you went to Versailles High School!

Although we all went to the same high school, we each walked away with a unique experience. For some of us, our best memories were made on the court or field. For others, it was spending time with friends on the weekends or your conversations at the lunch table that made Versailles High School so memorable. However we choose to remember our high school years, there are a few things that every past and present VHS student will recognize. Keep reading for 15 signs that you went to Versailles High School!

1. You wore a peacock

Yes, I’m talking about those ridiculous Hawaiian shirts the boys wear on Fridays and all seniors wear to mark the beginning or end of the school year. This has become a solid, long-lasting tradition thanks to graduating classes from the old high school (if you would like a lesson on the history of VHS peacocks, please ask Mrs. Hoying).

15 signs that you went to Versailles High School!


Even if you haven’t had the pleasure of having Mr. Gregg Niekamp as your math teacher, you’ve still probably heard this. If you had him, you definitely read this in his voice. Also, you may have been threatened with a McDonald’s application for a poor performance on a test.

3. Your superintendent doesn’t know what a 2 hour delay is

But a 1 hour delay? No problem. And forget about getting a cancellation. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard, “We’re the only school in Darke County at school today.”

4. “You made it to state – again?”

Versailles High School athletes are extremely successful. Why? Because we belong to the best conference in Ohio, the MAC. So we always play the best competition before playoffs/tournament. Whether it be our cross country team, our basketball team, or our baseball team, at least one sport a year makes it to Columbus.

15 signs that you went to Versailles High School!

5. You started planning your senior trip on the first day of senior year


6. You avoided going to Line 2 if you were low on lunch money

Say goodbye to your double chicken nuggets when you’re in the hole – she’ll pick them up with her bare hands and throw them away.

7. You show up to school at 7:59 and have to park in the gravel on the opposite side of the parking lot because all the spaces are taken

And yet still somehow manage to get in the school before the doors lock.

8. You waited in line for 2/3 of the lunch period just to get a rice bowl on Tuesdays

But it was worth it. So worth it.

9. “Remember: face to face and leave some space”

Although by senior year we learned to tune out the announcements, nobody missed this famous line read over the speakers before proms and homecomings.

10. Someone gets to wear the Kermit the Frog costume during our basketball games against Russia High School

Ah yes, the infamous backyard rivalry (a note to current VHS students: don’t forget the theme for this game is ALWAYS green out!!!!).



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11. All the games on your Chromebook are blocked

Somehow a few of us managed to find a way around the administration block… with the consequence of getting yourself blocked from everything besides Google Docs.

12. “How many valedictorians do we still have?”

This question comes up a lot during junior and senior year. Although our grading scale is tougher than most schools, we don’t have the traditional one valedictorian/one salutatorian. Getting a 4.0 earns you a speech on graduation day, no matter how many “straight A” students there are.

15 signs that you went to Versailles High School!

13. Your cafeteria needs two lines for the chicken ball rush on Fridays

Was it actually chicken? Probably not. But it was still good.

14. You rode a bike/scooter/rollerblades/form of transportation other than a car on your last day of school

Equipped with unique modes of transportation and peacocks (and double braids for the girls), we were ready to take on our final day of high school.

15 signs that you went to Versailles High School!

15. Last but not least: TIGERBALL.

Nothing beats painting up and going all out for the themes on Football Fridays. Also, “tigerball” is the appropriate response to all things good.

15 signs that you went to Versailles High School!

Do you have any other signs you went to Versailles High School!? Share in the comments below!

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