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10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

Oftentimes at parties, the veggie dishes are scarce or not found at all. Which can be hard for the vegetarian/vegan of the group, or for anyone who just doesn’t want to eat meat at that moment. The next time you go to a party, try bringing one of these ten veggie dishes to throw in some variety!

Vegetable Paella

Paella is a Spanish dish typically made with seafood or meat, but you can switch out those ingredients for chickpeas. You can also add a lot more vegetables to fill the taste that the seafood and meat would have provided. 

Once you replace the meat or seafood, the dish is mostly rice, chickpeas, and your choice of veggies.  You can make it either for just you or you can turn it into a party dish by making a lot of it and storing it in a container. Just make sure the container is reheatable or you can easily transfer the paella from the container into a new one. 

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

Black Bean Sweet Potato Enchiladas

When you think of veggie dishes, your first thought might not be to enchiladas. This dish is usually served with different types of meat and fillings that aren’t vegetables. Or just cheese. 

You can mix it up by using black beans, which can be found in enchiladas normally, and sweet potatoes. You might be thinking: what’s a sweet potato doing in an enchilada? Well, the taste of the sweet potato balances perfectly with the black bean and the other fillings you might want to add to this dish. 

You can add even more by drizzling your favorite type of sauce on top of the enchiladas, or what you assume everyone else’s favorite might be since you will be bringing this to a party. 

It’s one of the perfect party dishes since enchiladas can be made in bulk and are easy to scoop out of the bin it’s being kept in. 

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

Tomato Tart with Chickpea Crumble

Much like the enchiladas, tomato tarts can be made in bulk as well, if you know how to store them without them breaking. You can consider these a variation of the pizza in terms of how it is presented and how quickly it will go. 

Also, tarts just sound fancy so if you show up with some tomato tarts with chickpea crumble, you will be one of the fanciest people at the party. They might be a little turned off by the chickpea, since not many people eat chickpeas or know what they taste like. But much like the domino effect, once one person starts eating the rest will too. 

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

Artichoke, Spinach, and Cheese Pie

Veggie dishes don’t have to be just colorful arrays of vegetables and some cheese. They can be pies too. 

Who doesn’t love pie? And cheese pie on top of that? They might not even notice the artichoke or spinach in this pie when they eat it. 

Pies are one of the best veggie dishes you can bring to a party since, by the time the desert comes, everyone will want some. Especially if the meat lovers already had meat during their entree. 

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

Squash and Ricotta Croissant Wreath

You can get festive by bringing one of these veggie dishes to your party. It looks cool, it tastes great, and you can put something in the middle to add more decoration to the dish itself. 

You can never go wrong when you add any kind of cheese to veggie dishes, especially when they are in pastries.  However, you will want to make sure that you like squash because it has a strong flavor, even when paired in a pastry with cheese. 

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

Avocado Fries

If you like avocados then you will love this dish. It combines the crunch of regular fries and the great taste of avocados. You can add even more on top of the parts needed to bake the fries. By doing this, you can add many different levels of great taste to explode in your mouth. 

You will be the hit of the party when you bring these along with a perfect sauce to pair them with. Just make sure you bring enough since everyone will want more than just one fry when they taste how great these are. 

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Do you and your fellow guests like buffalo wings? What about cauliflower? There’s no better combination for veggie dishes than combining these two worlds. The cauliflower will melt in your mouth and the buffalo sauce will provide that perfect tang everyone is looking for. 

What’s even better is that they will get the great taste without the high sodium or other things they might be missing out on with regular chicken buffalo wings. 

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Much like the avocado fries, these wings will pair great with a dip much like normal chicken wings. But you might want to eat them with a fork instead of your hands since cauliflower breaks apart easier than chicken does. 

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

Zucchini Fry Nachos

Are you and your friends watching the carbs but still want something that tastes like nachos? Look no further than this veggie dish! Instead of the chips, you can use crispy zucchini as the base and pile on delicious veggies instead of meat and beans. 

Don’t forget the salsa and sour cream!

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

White Pizza with Shaved Vegetables and Pesto

Much like what was mentioned earlier, pizza is always a great dish to bring to any party. You can turn it into a veggie dish by making the typical red sauce white, by using a different sauce entirely, and by having shaved vegetables with pesto sprinkled on top. 

What’s pizza without cheese? This might be a veggie dish, but make sure you add on the cheese to complete the whole dish unless there’s a problem with lactose in the group. In those cases, you can replace the cheese with other non-dairy options. 

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

Shingled Sweet Potatoes with Harissa

Out of all the veggie dishes on this list, shingled sweet potatoes with harissa might just be the best party dish. Preparing one dish of it is enough for the entire party since the chips can become filling after a few handfuls. 

If you add the harissa on top of the chips, then you can add a whole new spicy flavor to an already amazing dish. 

10 Veggie Dishes To Show Up With At Your Next Party

Have you brought any of these veggie dishes to parties you’ve been to? Share your experience in the comments below!

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