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Vegetarian Meals To Try Now

Vegetarian Meals To Try Now

When I became vegetarian five years ago, I was fifteen and had no idea what I would cook. Now, there are so many meals that I love cooking, and even my significant other will eat these vegetarian meals. So, here, I will share with you my all-time favorite recipes so you can save the stress of looking for good, meatless meals.

These are all some of my favorite vegetarian meals to try now!

1. Vegetarian Chili

If you try any of these recipes, it has to be this one. I have been making this chili since I was fifteen, and I fall more in love with it every time. This recipe is also something I experiment with often. Sometimes, I’ll take out ingredients depending on whether I want them. Another positive note on this chili is that it gives you leftovers for days! This is perfect for wanting to pack a lunch for work or having some ‘lazy’ days of not wanting to cook.


For this, you will need an onion, celery, green bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, garlic cloves, green chile peppers, vegetarian crumbles, whole peeled tomatoes, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, black beans, and whole kernel corn. This recipe also calls for seasonings, which will be listed in this recipe.

For this recipe, I don’t add vegetarian crumbles or garbanzo beans. It also calls for the whole peeled tomatoes to be crushed, but I only crush half of them because I think the whole peeled tomatoes taste great with the seasonings.

Vegetarian Meals To Try Now


2. Grilled Cheese With Bell Peppers

This recipe is another favorite of mine; it isn’t too complex. For this, you just make your favorite grilled cheese — mine is usually made with many different kinds of cheese; you just need to pick your favorites. The better the cheese pull, the better the sandwich. Now, pick your favorite bell peppers and cook them in the pan to soften them.

I like to put the peppers in between some cheese and cook it like that, so everything is nice and warm. Adding peppers is a great twist to your grilled cheese.

Vegetarian Meals To Try Now


3. Stuffed Bell Peppers

This one is so delicious and filling, and it can be easy, too. This is another recipe with bell peppers; you can make it differently. You can cut the bell peppers in half, like boats that you put your filling in, or cut the top off. I like cooking them with the top cut off and eating the bell pepper whole.

The ingredients that you’ll need for this recipe include 4 large bell peppers, onion, rice, black beans, diced tomatoes, and cheese. Some seasonings will be included in the recipe linked here.

This recipe calls for green bell peppers, but red bell peppers are also good.


Vegetarian Meals To Try Now

4. Sub At Home

One of my favorite places to eat is Subway. Their Veggie Delight sandwich is my favorite sandwich, and there are so many different ways to customize it. This recipe is where I recreated the recipe at home by buying my own ingredients.

When I made my sandwich, it was an easy and inexpensive recipe. I got some sub bread, and you can buy a brand you like or prefer. For ingredients, I bought my favorite ingredients and picked them out by looking at the Subway app.


Ingredients you can buy:

Spinach, lettuce, jalapeno peppers, olives, bell pepper, tomatoes, pickles, and cheese.

You have a lot of freedom with this and can add any of these ingredients or any that you don’t see here. Another thing I like to do with my sandwich by toasting my bread with the cheese on there to get that subway feel.


I like to add vegan ‘meat’ slices to the sandwich, but I think it tastes perfectly fine with the vegetables.

5. Vegetarian Fajitas

With all of these recipes, you can probably get the idea that bell peppers rule my life.

The ingredients you need for this recipe include bell peppers, red onion, and portobello mushrooms.


You can choose red, yellow, and green for the bell pepper, or whichever colors are your favorite. I enjoy red bell peppers, so I use more of those than the other colors. I also like throwing a big clump of guacamole on top of mine. I love eating with tortillas, so I always buy more than I need to scoop up the ingredients.

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Here’s a recipe that you can follow.


Classic Fajita Veggies – A Couple Cooks

6. Veggie Rolls

This one gets us away from all the peppers I eat and is one of the recent recipes I have tried. You’ll need rice, seaweed, and some veggies. The different vegetables you can include are avocado, carrot, red bell pepper, mango, and cucumber. There are more not included in these lists, and you could choose only the ones you like rather than all.
When I made my veggie rolls, I chose avocado and carrot. Only two ingredients, but still enough for me to love making these rolls.

Once I take a seaweed sheet, I take my cooked rice and spread it thinly. Once I’ve done this, I lay my thinly sliced vegetables in the middle of the rice and neatly roll the seaweed. Once it’s rolled, you take a little water to seal the seaweed down.


Then you can cut this roll into small circle pieces, as big or as small as you want. lastly, I love to add yum yum sauce to eat these veggie rolls.

Here is a video with directions on how to cook your rice.

Rainbow Veggie Sushi Rolls | Kay's Clean Eats


These are some of my favorite meals, and I could eat them all the time! It was scary becoming vegetarian and not knowing how I would fill that void of meals with meat. Some foods central to my diet are mushrooms, bell peppers, potatoes, and rice.

These recipes are healthy, great for making lunch for work, and will make you feel full and refreshed.

Next time you have a cooking day, will you try and cook one of these recipes? Let us know in the comments below which one you will try!