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Vegetarian Fast Food Options For When You’re Drunk And Hungry

Vegetarian Fast Food Options For When You’re Drunk And Hungry

Vegetarians already know that the struggle is real! It’s hard enough to find places that offer vegetarian meals (we’re TIRED of salads) during regular business hours. But when we’ve been out late and we’re craving something hefty to soak up that alcohol, we need more options! And we won’t take salads as an answer to our hungry war cries! If only someone could write an article about it so that we’d know where to go and what to order… Oh look! We did that! The article below is here to help with this pesky problem the we can’t believe we’re still having in 2019. We’re serving up so many vegetarian fast food options for when you’re drunk and hungry. And with all this delicious, hot food, it’s about to get steamy af in here.


Let’s start with this fast food restaurant because it’s one that stays open late but not all night (most close at 10. So it’s perfect if you were day drinking and need a little help sobering up before bed. Chipotle is a great option for vegetarian fast food because they offer customisation. They offer burritoes, bowls, tacos and (the other bad ‘S’ word) salads. But what’s great about offering so many different ingredients that are vegetarian is that there will be an unlimited amount of food combinations to try. Chipotle is a great option if you’re looking to switch up your usual drunk food routine of never ending french fries. Chipotle is a much healthier alternative. Not only do they offer a wide variety of vegetables but they even have tofu! It’s called Sofritas on their menu. It has a crumbly texture and a meaty taste. If we didn’t know better, we’d think it was ground beef! Vegetarian fast food doesn’t get any better than what Chipotle has to offer. Now if only they could stay open until 3am!


Taco Bell

We don’t know about you, but we love to party! Most of the time, we don’t end up back home until the sun starts coming up. We may be tired and have half of our eyelashes falling off but one thing we always look forward to is the wide variety of tasty food from Taco Bell (which is usually open very late, if not 24 hours). Now we wouldn’t really suggest you eat this sober, but if you’re drunk and looking for a vegetarian fast food meal, Taco Bell has you covered. What Taco Bell lacks in quality, they sure do make up for in quantity. There are so many options! When was the last time you or your vegetarian friends said that?! They’ve got tacos, nachos, wraps, etc. What we love the most is the breakfast crunch wrap (hold the bacon). And they have it ready just in time for us to get ready to head home for the night…or day. Whichever.

Burger King

Sometimes you’re just craving a classic burger and fries combo, am I right? Burger has just that with their veggie burger. The vegetarian approved sandwich patty is made up entirely of veggies and grains. The sandwich also features (you guessed it) more veggies with lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles. All of this is paired with fancy sauce! Or whatever you like to call it. It’s a mixture of ketchup and mayo and is one of best things on this earth. The Burger King veggie burger is a hefty sandwich! Pair it with a side of fries and we promise you’ll do a little drunk, happy food dance while you’re eating this.



Let’s take a little detour. We’ve talked about burgers, burritos, and bowls already so why not switch it up. If you’re looking for a veggie friendly option that wasn’t already listed, Wendy’s has loaded baked potatoes. You read that right, baked potatoes! Be sure to tell them no bacon, but otherwise you’re good to go! Wendy’s even offers a cheesy broccoli baked potato that, when you’re drunk, will make you want to kiss the pimply cook behind the counter. What’s really great about Wendy’s baked potato is that it’s simply that. A baked potato with toppings is something that’s almost impossible to get wrong so the odds are in favour of your tastebuds.

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Blaze Pizza

Now keep in mind, this place does close at around 10-11 pm so if you like to drink but still want to get to bed at a reasonable time, Blaze pizza might work for you. Blaze Pizza is chain restaurant that builds customised pizzas. Who doesn’t love pizza?! What drunk person doesn’t love pizza?! We don’t have the answers to those questions but we can tell you that Blaze is set up in a Chipotle-like style so that you come in and pick out everything you want on the spot. This kind of customisation mixed with a generous variety of vegetables, it’s super easy to get vegetarian fast food from here. Blaze offers a vegetarian pie that’s already put together if you struggle with ‘too many options’ paralysis. They even have a cauliflower crust for those on a keto or diet! Not only is Blaze Pizza great for vegetarians but you can bring your vegan friends here too! 



You let us down big time. We thought the world famous golden french fries were vegetarian. Turns out we were WRONG! For a long time we speculated that Mcdonald’s french fries were made with drugs. How on earth could they be so good otherwise? They’re consistently better than any other fast food chain out there and have been for years. Well now we know what really makes them special. Mcdonalds french fries are made with beef fat. Yes, you read that right. Mcdonald’s french fries are not vegan or vegetarian. Tell you what they are, a disappointment! We can’t tell if we’re salty over the fact that the fries aren’t vegetarian or the fact that we’ve been fooled for so long or the fact that we will really really miss them. R.I.P. Mcdonald’s fries.

We tried to list as many vegetarian options as we could and whew chile…! May the odds be in your favour if you’re vegan! Vegetarian fast food is hard to come by but we hope this list helps! Which fast food restaurant has the best drunk food? Comment below!

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