5 Vegan Sushi Rolls You Should Try

Sushi is a trendy thing to eat and has kept its popularity because it’s so delicious! If you follow a plant-based diet you may think that there aren’t many options for you besides the classic cucumber and avocado roll, but there are a number of great options for you to try. So, if you are looking for great vegan sushi choices, then here are 5 vegan sushi rolls you should try.

Vegetable Tempura Roll

This is a classic for vegan sushi rolls because even if a sushi restaurant has very little vegan options, they likely still have this one. The veggies that fill the roll are usually broccoli, carrots, and one other vegetable. There can be asparagus, cauliflower, or even eggplant, it just depends on how the restaurant serves it. These rolls are fried and filling, so they go a long way, and are a vegan sushi roll you have to try.

5 Vegan Sushi Rolls You Should Try

Sweet Potato Roll

This is a great roll that is a bit out of the box but makes for a savory vegan sushi option. The baked sweet potato makes the sushi feel more like a Thanksgiving dinner! This roll is filling and adds a unique flavor to the typical fish filled rolls. This savory sushi option is one that isn’t fried, so it isn’t too high in calorie count, which can add up when ordering the fried vegetable tempura rolls. Some places even caramelize the sweet potatoes with brown sugar and cinnamon for an even sweeter option, which are amazing!

5 Vegan Sushi Rolls You Should Try

Pumpkin Tempura Roll

If you are a fan of fall flavors in food, aka pumpkin spice, then you will love this vegan sushi roll. This one is another savory option that is a bit on the heavier side, so it will fill you up. The pumpkin is spiced with clove, ginger, and cinnamon, then it’s fried and usually topped with a savory, sometimes spicy, sauce. Depending on where you go to get this roll, there may be some cooked veggies in the roll as well. This vegan sushi roll is unique and gives a different take on the classic ones!

5 Vegan Sushi Rolls You Should Try

Eggplant Roll

Eggplant rolls are a great vegan sushi option for those who want a spicier roll. These eggplant rolls are usually pan-fried in a garlic sauce and chili paste, so they have a nice spice to them, and can be topped with either a soy sauce or a spicy chili sauce for extra heat! These rolls are usually only lightly fried, so they are a bit on the lighter side, and eggplants are a delicious fish alternative for plant-based diets. These vegan sushi rolls will definitely not disappoint.

5 Vegan Sushi Rolls You Should Try

Shiitake Mushroom Roll

These vegan sushi rolls are a great plant-based option for rolls because the mushroom is filling, and goes great with soy sauce. These rolls have cooked mushrooms and a slice of cucumber in the middle and are typically sprinkled in sesame seeds and chili flakes. They are a great option for those who like the texture of fish because the texture of the mushroom is similar to that! Also, the sesame seeds add a really traditional flavor to the roll that not all of the others have.

5 Vegan Sushi Rolls You Should Try

Being on a plant-based diet doesn’t mean that you have to give up sushi, you just have to find the ones that don’t have any animal products, and there are many! These vegan sushi rolls are all delicious options when looking to go out and have a few rolls for dinner. Which roll sounds the best to you? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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