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5 Vegan Smoothie Recipes To Try ASAP

5 Vegan Smoothie Recipes To Try ASAP

vegan smoothie, 5 Vegan Smoothie Recipes To Try ASAP

Smoothies are amazing! There is no more delicious or easily-edible a way to combine so many of your daily nutritional needs into one meal. And a meal you can drink, no less! We love smoothies, and if you don’t already, then you’re about to for sure because the entries on this list are to die for.

In addition to being delicious, smoothies are proven to be some of the healthiest dietary staples, if prepared properly. Don’t worry; all of the smoothies on this list are not only delicious but also quite good for you! Yes, you can have both of those things at the same time! And we’re about to show you how!

We know that it’s hard out there for vegans sometimes. It’s easy to feel like certain things are simply out of your reach forever. With all the most notable smoothies in the world involving some kind of milk or ice cream in their process, how can we possibly make a good vegan smoothie at home?

We’re glad you asked! Turns out, it’s not only possible, but it’s also easy! Making your very own vegan smoothie at home happens to be amazingly delicious, joyously nutritious and laughably simple! Though, here’s a helpful tip before you get started: if you want to make your vegan smoothie as healthy as possible, you’ll want to prepare yourself by grabbing a container of vegan-friendly protein mix before you jump into trying the recipes on this list.

Now, without any further delay, here are five vegan smoothie recipes to try ASAP!

1. Blueberry & Mango

Did you know that blueberries are sometimes called “brain berries?” This is because of their ability to increase problem-solving skills, memory, and cognitive function. As it turns out, these humble little blue guys are quite the potent superfood! 

As for mango, well, citrus fruit has some incredible and well-known benefits which include, but are not limited to, combatting weight gain, improving mood and promoting good heart health!

Don’t forget to throw some kale or spinach in the blender with your two main ingredients of blueberry and mango. It’ll absolutely help you to add in some unsweetened vanilla almond milk as well, not only for health but for that delicious vanilla flavor that you’ll add to your smoothie.

And one more helpful tip that can be applied to any smoothie with a fruit in it: if you freeze your fruits overnight before using them in a smoothie (pre-slicing if necessary) then you won’t even need to add ice in order to create that nice, cold and refreshing quality that we all look for in a good smoothie.

5 Vegan Smoothie Recipes To Try ASAP

2. Nutty Bananas

Embrace the monkey in you! At least for a little bit. A nutty banana smoothie is sure to be delicious while also blasting you with intense amounts of protein and potassium! 

Your main ingredients should be frozen bananas and creamy peanut butter (unsweetened and all-natural if you really want to go for a healthy smoothie) but we would also highly recommend that you add some dark chocolate almond milk and a healthy dose of extra protein mix.

This smoothie truly deserves to be called a meal. It’ll fill you up and amp you with the energy that you need to start the day like almost no other smoothie can do!

5 Vegan Smoothie Recipes To Try ASAP

3. Strawberry & Banana

There’s a reason why so many of our smoothie recipes contain banana. Well, there are multiple reasons, actually. They just give you so much of that creamy texture that you want in a smoothie, on top of being healthy and delicious!

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The combination of strawberries and bananas is time-tested and traditionally incredible. So, why not take them both and blend them together into one delicious drinkable meal?

4. Peachy

Do you love peaches? We absolutely do. And we also definitely think that you ought to try blending some peaches into a smoothie of your very own creation. There are many fruits and fruit juices which go well in combination with a peach, so feel free to experiment!

But please, allow us to recommend that you try adding blueberries, mangos or orange juice to your peachy creation! And don’t forget the almond milk and the healthy dose of protein mix if you really want to make a meal out of this one!

5. Avocado Smoothie

Now, this one’s a powerhouse! If you like avocado, then you’ve just got to try blending it. We recommend that you use flaxseed, unflavored protein powder, coconut milk, and cinnamon as your other main ingredients.

From there, you can experiment on your own with different types of berries or other fruits to create whatever flavor profile you’re looking for. But one thing’s for sure: this avocado smoothie will fill you to the brim with energy and positivity!

5 Vegan Smoothie Recipes To Try ASAP

We hope you love our smoothie choices as much as we do! If you tried them all, then tell us which one was your favorite down below in the comments! Or, maybe your favorite healthy vegan smoothie didn’t make it onto this list? Please, please tell us about it! Happy blending!

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