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Vegan Restaurants To Try In Baltimore, Maryland

Vegan Restaurants To Try In Baltimore, Maryland

Major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta have quickly caught on to the plant-based and vegan lifestyle. As people change their eating habits, these places follow along with them. Baltimore, Maryland has hopped onto the vegan bandwagon and we could not be happier about it. As a Baltimore native, discovering new places in the city has always been a fun experience. Now, vegan options have started popping up throughout the city. Which means…more places for me to explore and tell you beautiful people about.

Baltimore is a place that holds so much art, history and culture. It is a city that is unapologetically itself, and that’s why we love it. With the creativity, comes fashion, music and other art forms. One including its food. The food industry in Baltimore is filled with charisma and passion, so naturally, I had to take a walk through the city and seek out these hidden gems of veganism.

1. Land of Kush

Honestly, this would not be a vegan places you need to try article without mentioning Land of Kush. When you search for “Good Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore” Land of Kush is the first one that appears. So that says something right? This place is a classic. They bring vegan soul food up a couple of notches, or two or five. The food is incredible, try their crab cakes or curry chicken. You will not be disappointed. Their most popular dish is their mac n cheese, and yes, it is one hundred percent vegan. The prices are good, the food is great, and the staff is very friendly. You must stop in! This is truly a Baltimore gem.


2. Liquid Earth

Ugh, another vegan spot that makes your mouth water. Liquid Earth more like Liquid Heaven. Liquid Earth located in the beautiful neighborhood of Fells Point, is a wholesome and healthy restaurant with vegan and vegetarian options. They have a wide variety of juices, smoothies and other raw options. They also have options like the Filly Cheese Phake which is made with marinated organic tofu. You can even add pickles, tomatoes, and hots to have that true Philly Cheesesteak experience. Another great choice is the Liquid Earth Tacos which are made with seasoned ground soy. If those don’t sound great (which they totally should) there is plenty more where that came from.

3. Stall 11

Stall 11 puts a modern twist on plant-based cuisine. They are committed to sourcing sustainably, employing equitably, and serving food with love. A very popular dish is their Buffalo Cauliflower Bites. They are tossed in a tangy Korean BBQ and topped with onion chips, black sesame, and fresh cilantro. Also, it is served with their house ranch (vegan of course). Oh! They also do brunch, weekends only from 10 am to 2 pm. They have veggie scrambles to personalized quinoa pancakes. Yes, quinoa pancakes. It may sound weird, but we know you low key want to try (it’s delish). This place knows how to serve vegan food in style, which is exactly what Baltimore represents.

4. The Greener Kitchen

The Greener Kitchen is the first vegan deli and carry-out restaurant in Baltimore. They sell everything from meat alternatives to dairy-free cheeses. They have a variety of options and do not hesitate to include options that would be sold at a traditional deli. They have entrees from sausage rolls to Italian cold cuts. They are truly a deli worth checking out. They also have divine sweets like cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. They were even apart of Baltimore Vegan Restaurant Week where they served chicken & waffles, chicken nuggets and dessert waffles topped with chocolate syrup, ice cream, and sprinkles. The Greener Kitchen knows how to give Baltimoreans a true deli experience but at a healthier cost, which is awesome.

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5. Refocused

Refocused is fairly new. They opened up during Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week, do you think that was intentional? Even if it was not, that is still pretty cool. The owner Jerel Jeffries is a champion. A champion in what you may ask? Well, Mr. Jefferies was the winner of the first Vegan Mac and Cheese Smackdown. So, since his claim to vegan fame, he opened up a restaurant and we are here for it. Refocused is a place of accessibility to both vegans and non-vegans. He creates dishes that is catered to everyone, by providing options that interest those who just love veggies and fruits. While also catering to those who enjoy meat (substitutes, of course) and vegan junk food. Take a glimpse at their Instagram when you get the chance, their food is yummy! Vegan mac n cheese, buffalo bites, cheesesteak wraps and so much more…should I keep going? Or is this making you way too hungry for some delicious vegan food?!

6. Gangster Vegan

Yup, you heard right. This place is called Gangster Vegan. They are located in the Cross Street Market. This hidden gem just opened up in August. Gangster Vegan is all about health and wellness. They have wellness shots, smoothies, and other drinks. They have food options such as raw burgers, salads, and bowls. There are plenty of options to fall in love with. They even have raw cheesecake. Yes, raw cheesecake. Before they were full time they were selling out, so now they are clearly here to stay. They even promote events like Wellness Wednesday, which is an event that hosts complimentary yoga with their Gangster Vegan juices and smoothies. We could all use a sen Wellness Wednesday!


From Philly cheesesteaks to wellness shots, Baltimore is filled with tasty foods. Next time you stop by, definitely check out some or all of these places.

Baltimore is a city that will surprise you. The people are friendly, fun and creative. Mixing that all into one is an experience you will never forget. We are looking forward to the future vegan gems that pop up throughout the city.

If you do visit one of these gems? Comment and let us know about your experience.