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5 Vegan Restaurants In Seattle To Try

Traveling whilst eating vegan is getting easier every year, especially in cities along the west coast. Seattle is no exception as it boasts a plethora of vegan restaurants from hole-in-the-wall burger joints to more upscale dinning. Here are five vegan restaurants you need to try in Seattle! Your tastes buds will be thankful! 

1. Café Flora

Cafe flora, which is located in the Madison Valley area of Seattle offers a unique atmosphere with their atrium style décor. The restaurant has a garden aesthetic, as its bursting with lively greens and plants hanging about, a fountain in the middle, and walled by large glass windows to let in plenty of natural sunlight. 

Aside from the ambiance, Café Flora has a unique menu that changes periodically, to allow for seasonal local produce to be rotated through, as part of their eco-friendly philosophy. Their menu currently consists of an incredible superfood salad, containing kale, broccoli, apple cider vinaigrette, dried cranberries, avocado, grapes and kiwi and almonds, which is hands down one of the best salads I’ve ever had (and I’m a French fries kinda girl honestly). 

Café Flora also offers unique pizzas, with dough handmade in the restaurant, French dips, breakfast quesadillas and organic loose leaf teas. Their pizzas may contain apples, or yellow squash and the most mouth watering caramelized onions ever, but no pepperoni in sight. Healthy, local, delicious and will send your taste buds on a roller coaster!

2. Plum Bistro

The Plum Bistro is located in Capital Hill, with a  lively, upscale vibe. It’s the kind of place you’d expect to find delicious and perfectly portioned appetizers and a glass of wine. Like Café Flora, Plum Bistro is another vegan restaurant that believes in locally and organically sourced produce that is selected based on season, as their mission is to be as sustainable as possible. 

As for the food, they have an artistic approach to cuisine. In the past I’ve enjoyed soy chorizo burritos loaded with black beans, rice and veggies. I’ve also really enjoyed the rice and quinoa bowls filled with broccoli, tofu and other delicious vegetables. They currently are offering such items as a jerk tofu and yam burger, sweet potato gnocchi and a sweet and spicy general Tso’s cauliflower. My favorite dish at Plum Bistro though is their spicy Cajun mac n yease, which comes as an appetizer you won’t want to share! 

Ok now I’m actually really hungry and wishing I were in Seattle. 

3. Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai Cuisine

Some of the freshest ingredients, prepared in such a beautiful pleasing way! The Jhanjay is a must for me every time I’m in the city. Located in the Wallingford district, this restaurant is vegetarian, not strictly vegan, but they will happily modify dishes if possible, upon request. 

Their curries are so beautiful looking to behold, as they are a bright, vibrant color that doesn’t look artificial-it looks fresh, and tastes that way too! You can tell they stew their veggies for an extended length of time because of their tenderness, and the tofu is golden fried to perfection (I judge restaurants based on how they prepare their tofu, and the Jhanjay gets it right every time!) 

You also must try their appetizers! They have so many, so luckily they have a sample platter option, but the spring rolls will always be my favorite. And because their mission is to prepare healthy Asian cuisine with less grease involved, expect a healthy, but filling and tasty meal. Less grease doesn’t mean less flavor, trust me.

4. The Wayward Vegan Café

Maybe you don’t want “healthy” vegan food and you’re missing the comforts of burgers and fries. Look no further as The Wayward Vegan Café is the home of deep-fried, delicious, vegan guilt. This vegan restaurant is located in the Roosevelt neighborhood. Once strictly a breakfast place, they offer all three meals, all day, with an expansive menu!

See Also

For breakfast you could try fried chicken and waffles, or French toast (yes it’s all vegan). They also have many biscuit and gravy options, or just your standard pancakes. For lunch might I recommend the chicken parm (fried “chicken” patty smothered in marinara, parmesan “cheese” and mayo, sandwiched between French bread) and served with a side of fries. Still vegan and not very healthy, but oh so good!

They also have the Big Time Burger which is topped with mac and cheese, hickory bits, onions and mayo on a toasted bun. Or try one of their many pastas. And if you’re like me and you order the fried artichoke hearts with your meal you won’t be able to finish anything because its so filling! 

5. Broadfork Café

The Broadfork Café is a vegan restaurant located in both the University District and Queen Anne, that is somewhere between greasy, all-American junk and healthy good-for-you food. They make delicious smoothies (my favorite being the peanut butter, almond milk and banana smoothie), and offer sandwiches, burgers, salads, protein bowls and some really bomb cashew-cheese toast on sourdough bread. That toast plus a smoothie makes a mighty breakfast I look forward to every chance I get. 

They also offer yogurt bowls for breakfast and for dinner, warm bowls that consist of brown rice, veggies, tofu or tempeh and my favorite, peanut sauce. If you’re not in the mood for a protein bowl, try their veggie cheezeburger, as its called, that’s topped with leafy greens, pickled red onions, dill pickles and veganaise, as it’s one of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever tried (you know if you like pickles that is). It doesn’t try to be like meat, but offers a unique selection of vegetables and flavors that won’t have you missing the meat, cheese or cholesterol. 

Broadfork Café also offers “saladish” bowls, the menu says, ginger tempeh tacos, a veggie kick burrito and a grilled kim-cheeze (cashew cheeze, Field Roast Chao cheeze, and kimchi on sourdough bread), just to name a few of their unique options.

What did you think of these five vegan restaurants in Seattle? Will you be trying them the next time you’re there, or have you already? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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