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15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

A lot of people have the notion in their heads that vegan food is bland and boring. They just haven’t tried the right recipes! Here’s 15 vegan recipes that will leave even your most skeptical friends salivating.

1. Vegan Mac and Cheese

Dairy-free mac and cheese?! I know, it seems like an anomaly. However, this recipe will have you in disbelief that it’s not a regular mac and cheese because of just how creamy and delicious it is. You’ll have even your die-hard cheese loving friends obsessed with it.

15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

2. Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls

I’m a sucker for a good burrito bowl. This is probably one of the most unique and inventive vegan recipes I’ve come across, because I definitely never would have thought to incorporate spaghetti squash into a burrito bowl, but it’s bursting with all kinds of mouthwatering flavours that work so perfectly.

15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

3. Hummus Quesadillas

This recipe is so incredibly simple and yet so jam-packed with healthy deliciousness. Even those of you who aren’t exactly master chefs can perfect this easy recipe in a heartbeat. It’s simple, healthy and absolutely scrumptious.

4. Vegan Spaghetti

Honestly, I think I might just prefer this recipe to the non-vegan equivalent. It’s packed full of amazing vegetables that give it so many more layers of taste than traditional spaghetti. This is one of the best (and easiest) vegan spaghetti recipes I’ve come across thus far and I’m sure it’ll impress you as much as it did myself.

5. Tomato Soup with Sweet and Herby Pitas

If you’re ever in need of some heart-warming comfort food, then this is the recipe for you. This soup has just the right amount of kick to it and will be complimented perfectly by the pita bread. This is just a meal that will leave you totally satisfied and happy.

15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

6. Grilled Asparagus and Shiitake Tacos

This recipe is really upping the taco game like no other. They add a fresh twist to the classic deliciousness of tacos in all the best possible ways. They really take tacos up to the next level with the unique mixture of ingredients and beautiful array of flavours.

7. Mushroom Quinoa Burger

Honestly, I’m a vegetarian and even I really hate those veggie burgers sold at most grocery stores that are just patties of bland nothingness. This recipe is far from those sad burgers and gives all of us non-meat eaters hope that we can still enjoy a delicious, juicy burger minus the animals harmed in the process.

15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

8. Tofu Pad Thai

I’m a sucker for a good pad thai. My one complaint about a lot of takeout restaurants is that they don’t know how to cook the tofu and it ends up kind of just being a tasteless blob. For that reason, this is one of my favourite vegan recipes because it is a pad thai that is just all-around perfectly done and doesn’t leave me disappointed.

15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

9. BBQ Chickpea & Cauliflower Flatbreads

If you’re looking for some vegan recipes to spice up your next barbecue, this one is a winner. Flatbreads are a crowd pleaser for just about everyone and the avocado spread is the perfect topping to pull the whole thing together.

15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

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10. Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

I’m always a fan of recipes that you have lots of freedom to play with and change up to your liking, and this recipe is exactly that. This recipe offers 3 variations: Mediterranean-style, rice and salsa as well as chilli, lentil & tomato-stuffed, but you can really make them however your heart desires.

11. Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo

This is one of many vegan recipes on this list that if you tried it without knowing you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was dairy-free. This recipe is so creamy and is basically the perfect soul food. The recipe is also gluten-free making it super inclusive to most people out there.

12. Crispy Tofu with Sweet and Sour Sauce

When it’s made correctly, tofu is a protein-packed meat alternative that is incredibly versatile and tasty. This recipe is a great dupe for general tao chicken and will leave you with all the satisfaction of some fantastic take-out Chinese food.

15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

13. Ramen Noodle Bowl

This is probably one of the fastest and easiest vegan recipes to make on this list. It’s packed with all kinds of delicious superfoods that will give you a boost of nutrients while being the traditional comfort food that ramen represents to most of us.

14. Philly Cheese Sandwich

I know, Philly Cheese sandwiches are renowned for their meat and their cheese. That doesn’t mean you have to abide by that! This recipe gives you the satisfying, mouthwatering tastes of a Philly Cheese without any of the animal products.

15. White Bean Vegetable Soup

This soup is extremely hearty and perfect for those lazy self-care days where you relax around the house. The recipe yields a good amount of portions so you can have some satisfying lunches (or dinners) to get you through even the hardest of weeks.

15 Vegan Recipes That Are Tasty AF

Do you have any other must-try vegan recipes to recommend? Let us know in the comments down below!

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