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10 Vegan Places in Seattle That Must Be Visited

10 Vegan Places in Seattle That Must Be Visited

Seattle is known for its vast variety of food options to choose from on any occasion. Whether it’s a preference or necessary for a certain diet, it’s important to add options for those who don’t consume meat, eggs, dairy, etc. Below is a list of the 10 vegan places in Seattle that are worth a visit, even if you’re not a herbivore. You don’t even have to be vegan to have to enjoy the restaurants on this list, but Seattle-ite’s all-around sure do enjoy them. The secret is the love in what we can grow to make better food. Keep reading, and I promise your mouth will water even just a little bit when you hear the love these owners put in their work.

Wayward Vegan Café

The first one on my list provides diner-style food that makes you forget what it’s really made of. First opening in 2004, it started as a breakfast café in a residential area that had been serving the Seattle vegetarian community for almost 30 years before moving to “The Ave” in 2009. Shortly thereafter, they expanded to serving dinner and alcohol, with amazing dishes like their BBQ Burger, Buffalo Sticks, and TLTA, which are favorites to vegan foodies like local Stephanie Jones because “it’s just so perfect each time.”

Plum Bistro

Going a little on the fancy side with this next place, this plant-based restaurant, located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, has been a Seattle favorite since 2009. Giving a modern-chic feel to their environment, they perform dishes so upscale it turns into art. And, owner “Chef Makini” certainly has made her presence in Seattle known. Separate from Plum Bistro is a wing with a breakfast/lunch menu called “Plum Chopped.” It also features a dessert joint called “Sugar Plum”, providing a daily rotating menu, as well as “Pantry by Plum Bistro”, a lunch menu. She also provides catering and even its own food truck.


Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria

Located in the University District (University of Washington, Seattle), this fun restaurant reinvents how a pizza should taste, even if it’s prepared with plant-based ingredients. The menu includes a variety of pizza, entrée salads, appetizers, and even dessert pizzas. You walk in, are greeted warmly, and the first thing you see is a spinning wheel of pizza you would not expect to work, but they just do. An example being their macaroni and cheese pizza. The two worlds from the two comfort foods combined are something you don’t think you need until you actually try it.

Bamboo Garden Vegetarian Cuisine

Through food’s development over time, many parts of the world have shown that any plant-based food can taste, maybe, even better than the actual thing. This wholesome joint is inspired by “tantalizing dishes whose origins go back thousands of years to China’s early imperial dynasties.” Although this “fancy” Chinese restaurant is presented as vegetarian, the variety of soups, noodles and hot entrees in the vegan menu it provides could be a restaurant on its own.


Araya’s Place

Right as you sit down, you become family. Named after mother Araya, it opened in 1987 as the first vegan-Thai restaurant in Seattle. As demonstrated in cuisines like the variety of curry and stir fry, the family-owned spot put their love and soul in their creations buffet style, and show how “important the right ingredients and herbs are to food, but how the right company makes good food great. This is a lesson she instilled in her children.”

Georgetown Liquor Company

One of the more overlooked joints on this list, this joint is the vegan gaming bar we never knew we needed until it opened in 2007 by Jim Edgar currently owned by Leslee Mesloh.  Known as the first vegetarian bar in Seattle, GLC is packed with meat-free menus for any occasion, a diverse cocktail menu, and very peculiar art that shows the modern grunge side of Seattle I’ve always loved. The secret to the delivery it has brought is the love and appreciation Edgar and Mesloh have for the Seattle vegan community.


Sunlight Café

Founded in 1976, by five friends with a love for natural food, this Seattle-based vegan/vegetarian joint was based on one vision: whole, all-natural food that can be enjoyed by all. And that vision is still standing today. The only major changes that have been added to this popular plant-based café is the addition of free Wi-Fi. It provides a simple menu for brunch, lunch, and even happy hour. “We’re casual, honest food. Nothing fancy, just simple.”

No Bones Beach Club

Grab your Hawaii print shirt and grass skirt for this next place. Trust me, you feel weird not wearing them. Featuring cocktails like the maitai and the pina colada, this next Seattle restaurant will bring you to the ultimate tropical paradise. Dishes like their fried mac and cheese balls, which they call Amazeballs, along with their cauliflower wings, and other bites in their expanded plant-based menus, deliver to the public that anyone can make good vegan food. Even their website agrees that just because it’s vegan “doesn’t mean it sucks.”

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This next place gives their love of Seattle, and the idea of whole-food at its finest. Provided with a menu of café-style food and drink, along with a lunch and dinner menu, you can taste the love Sweetgrass has for their city and the many things that Mother Nature helps provide, and very much to our benefit. Their promise of good food, the restaurant inspired by the love they have for the great Pacific Northwest, really delivers and is clearly loved and appreciated by the vegan community.

Broadfork Café

This place is the go-to if you’re indecisive about what plant-based cuisine to have. Look no further, because this Seattle-based restaurant has little bits of everything that sounds like, and is, delicious. The goal of their “Chef Lois” is to “create community and connection through food,” and their sources are a variety of businesses that share the same passion for organic cuisine. The menu includes a variety of breakfast, smoothies, sandwiches, and different “bowls.”


Do these Seattle vegan places satisfy your taste buds? Do you know anyone who would fancy any of the options listed? Leave a comment below!

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