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Vegan Festivals Are All The Rage Right Now

Vegan Festivals Are All The Rage Right Now

You’ve heard of music festivals, art festivals, and maybe even food and drink festivals! But have you heard about the up and coming vegan festivals? These festivals, also popularly known as VegFests have grown exponentially over the last few years due to the growing number of people who are becoming more invested in a plant-based lifestyle. Taking place all over the world, vegan festivals seem to be all the rage. Read on to find out more about this popular event!

What is a vegan festival?

Put simply, this event is just what it sounds like! Put together by members of the plant-based community, vegan festivals are designed to provide people in the community with access to popular plant-based food vendors, cruelty-free products, and information about the vegan lifestyle. These events focus on educating those who may not know much about veganism in a happy and lively space that invites you to enjoy new food, meet new people and learn! Most vegan festivals will also have a space for yoga practices, meditation, and speakers throughout the day.


What will I find there?

At vegan festivals, you can expect to find endless amounts of delicious food, drinks, local vendors, and information about veganism. Local animal sanctuaries may be set up to allow you the chance to meet their animals or make a donation to their cause. The food is anything but boring, while most people expect vegan food to be just a bunch of lettuce, vegan festivals are the greatest way for vegan restaurants to show off their most fun creations to the public, and break the stigma that vegan food is boring. In addition to all the great food, you can expect to find leaded yoga sessions, palm readers, cruelty-free products and clothing, and plenty of like-minded people!

Where do they take place?

These vegan festivals or VegFests take place all over the world throughout the year! Do some research to find out where the closest one is to you, or check out places that you’re visiting and see if they have one coming up while you’re in town. These festivals will differ depending on which you go to, but the general message is the same.


Do I have to be vegan to attend?

Absolutely not! These festivals take place to bring people together and share information about their lifestyle. You do not need to be vegan to attend, in fact, if you’re not vegan, chances are you’ll probably leave with more information and experiences than you had when you first arrived.

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What should I bring?

If you’re not already vegan, or plant-based, bring an open mind! It can be intimidating to be around so many new things, but as long as you’re willing to try you’re sure to have a good time! Bring a reusable bag to carry anything you may purchase, or free samples you collect, as many vendors give out samples to people passing by. While many vendors accept credit card these days, it never hurts to have a few dollars of cash on you when you’re at a festival. Lastly, bring your appetite! There is plenty of food and drink to go around, you will surely want to be prepared and try it all!

Vegan festivals are a great way to learn about the plant-based lifestyle, try new things, and meet new people. These events take place almost everywhere, so find out where the closest one to you is and go explore!

Have you ever been to one of these vegan festivals? If so, what’s your favorite thing about them? Let us know in the comments below!

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