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8 Vegan Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

8 Vegan Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

Cookies are everyone’s favourite treat. Fresh from the oven, soft and chewy – baked goods don’t get much better than that. People often think that without butter or eggs they won’t be able to achieve the same gooey and delicious taste and texture of a regular cookie, but this isn’t true! There are so many alternative ingredients to animal products that will give you cookies that are just as (if not more) delicious as any other cookie. Here are eight amazing vegan cookie recipes that you have to try! 

1. Chewy Chocolate Chip

Finding the best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe is a challenge. You have to try to balance softness with a bit of crunch, make them sweet, but not too sweet – the list goes on. But have you tried making them vegan? If you eat a vegan diet, you’ve probably attempted this classic baked treat in a plant-based way, but even if you’re not vegan, this chocolate chip cookie recipe cannot be overlooked. 

Even without real butter or milk, you can still achieve this perfect soft and gooey centre, filled with pieces of chocolate to get that delicious taste and texture. 

This recipe is so easy – it only uses one bowl and takes barely ten minutes.  You’re going to be swapping out a regular egg for a flax egg, which will give your cookies the perfect consistency even without the animal products. Most baking chocolate chunks will be vegan, so these won’t be tricky to find, but be sure to check the packaging. You can use vegan butter or coconut oil in this recipe, but with coconut oil they will be more crispy than soft, so use whatever you prefer! 

Chocolate chip cookies are always a go to comfort food, so next time, give this plant based recipe a go!

8 Vegan Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

2. Ginger Snaps 

Whether it’s the holidays or not, ginger snaps are always a great cookie recipe to try. Full of festive spices that will fit right into the colder seasons, or remind you of them, these cookies are the perfect treat to warm you up. The secret to the best ginger snap cookies is to use candied ginger rather than ginger powder. The taste of a ginger snap is a delicate one, so for the best result, only use cinnamon for your spices to avoid overpowering the cookie. 

Again, you’re going to be swapping out the usual butter for either vegan butter or coconut oil, and the egg for a flax egg. 

If you want your ginger snaps to be chewy rather than crunchy, just take them out of the oven a few minutes earlier!

Try this quick and simple recipe for the best vegan ginger snaps! 

8 Vegan Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

3. Pecan Oat 

Pecan oat cookies are the perfect sweet snack that (almost) feel healthy. These cookies are more of a crispy and crunchy recipe, to mix up the usual soft and gooey cookies, so you definitely have to give them a try. 

This recipe swaps out regular flour for a mix of oat flour and ground almonds, making them a healthier alternative to your regular cookies. When combined with the brown sugar, they become deliciously crispy and sweet! 

Finish them off by placing a pecan in the centre of each cookie before they go into the oven, so you get a really strong pecan taste. You can also swap out the pecan for another type of nut; try using almonds or walnuts instead!

8 Vegan Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

4. Raspberry White Chocolate 

Raspberry and white chocolate is one of the best ever food pairings – and a vegan diet doesn’t have to get in the way of this. These cookies are incredible – soft, sweet and chewy, perfectly complemented by the tangy raspberry. These are best to make in summer, when raspberries are in season, so you get the best taste, but out of season, frozen raspberries can be a good alternative. The raspberries give the cookies an amazing texture, creating a jam-like consistency within the cookie. 

In recent years, a lot of dairy-free white chocolates have become available in supermarkets, so you should have plenty to choose from. 

Follow this recipe for a simple, delicious and plant based raspberry and white chocolate cookie, and this will soon become a firm favourite treat! 

8 Vegan Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

5. Salted Caramel Chocolate 

Salted caramel makes everything better. And in these vegan salted caramel chocolate cookie recipe, that it definitely true. This recipe puddles salted caramel on top of the cookie and it is the perfect match to the crunchy dark chocolate. 

This cookie recipe is a little bit more complicated than some of the others, so if you’re looking for a more decadent vegan cookie, this is the one for you.

You’ll need to make your own vegan salted caramel – which takes a little time, but is much simpler than you would think. All you need is four ingredients: coconut milk, brown sugar, vanilla bean paste and sea salt. Boiling it perfectly to get a good consistency will take some practice, but this recipe takes you through step by step so you should be able to get it right! 

Eat these straight out of the oven to get the perfect taste of melted chocolate and warm caramel!

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8 Vegan Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

6. S’mores Cookies 

Who doesn’t love s’mores? But you don’t have to wait for a campfire to enjoy your favourite chocolatey marshmallow treat – try making them into cookies! These cookies are packed with all the flavours of s’mores that you love, all encased in a gooey cookie – they are deliciously addictive! 

You’ll need to find vegan marshmallows and vegan graham crackers for this recipe, but if you take a look in the free-from sections of most supermarkets you’ll be able to find them. If not, here is a recipe to make your own vegan graham crackers (which are delicious in themselves!) 

This recipe is super easy, all you need to do is make your regular cookie recipe and then stir in all of the s’mores ingredients before baking. Again, these are best enjoyed warm from the oven to get the melted marshmallow and chocolate taste of a real s’more straight from the campfire. 

8 Vegan Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

7. Pumpkin Spice

Bring in autumn with yet another pumpkin spice themed food with these cookies! This recipe is actually pretty healthy, so this is another cookie that you can use as a healthier snack when you’re looking for your sweet treat fix. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, so not only are these cookies soft and chewy, but they have some health benefits too! 

These only take ten minutes to prepare and fifteen to cook, so you’ll be finished in no time. These are the perfect autumnal cookie (especially alongside a pumpkin spice latte!) 

8 Vegan Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

8. Peanut Butter Cookies 

Peanut butter cookies are an essential recipe to have in your repertoire. They are almost always a crowd pleasing, go-to recipe for any occasion – and they are super easy to make. They are perfectly soft and chewy without using eggs or butter! But how? The secret ingredient to get the perfect cookie without using animal products is applesauce! 

This recipe is really simple, but makes some of the best ever peanut butter cookies! Try serving them with jam on the side to get that perfect PB + J combination! 

8 Vegan Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

Got more great plant-based recipes? Comment below to share!

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