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7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Need

7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Need

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet so many of us skip it every morning. But don’t let the idea of a boring breakfast put you off, because there are so many interesting and delicious recipes that you can make to start your morning the right way. Whether you eat a fully plant-based diet or you’re just trying it out, all of these recipes are completely vegan, making your morning a little kinder to the environment and to yourself. 

So abandon your toast and your cornflakes and try these seven amazing vegan breakfast recipes! Getting out of bed in the morning won’t seem so bad when you’ve got these to look forward to. 

1. Breakfast Skillet 

If you’re a savoury breakfast person, a breakfast skillet is the way to go. This is a great vegan alternative for a cooked breakfast, to get something warm, hearty and satisfying into your morning. A breakfast skillet is a super healthy way to start your morning, as it is filled with vegetables so you can get your five-a-day in right away. All of these vegetables combined with these hash brown-like potatoes and loads of flavour make the perfect breakfast. Try this super easy recipe that mainly uses mushrooms, peppers and onions, but you can use just about any vegetables for this recipe, so this is a great way to use up any leftovers that you have in the fridge at the end of the week. Garnish with some lemon juice to add a tangy flavour, and you’ve got yourself a delicious vegan breakfast skillet. This is a little bit more of a time consuming recipe, so is great for weekends, but if your morning is a bit rushed, make it before hand and heat it up in the morning. 

7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Need

2. Cinnamon Rolls 

Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls? No weekend brunch is complete without them, especially for those with a sweet tooth. Cinnamon rolls may seem like the kind of recipe that can’t be plant-based, but they are just as easy to make vegan. This recipe is super decadent, switching out the cream cheese for coconut cream to make the frosting to still get that rich and creamy texture. If you want something a bit more basic, this recipe simply uses vegan butter (which you can easily find in supermarkets) and plant milk of any kind. These are perfect for the upcoming colder season, giving you that wintery cinnamon flavour. Served with a cup of coffee, these are a great warming breakfast for when you want to treat yourself. 

7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Need

3. Apple Pie Oatmeal 

Oatmeal is one of the easiest breakfasts that you can make, so it is great for weekday mornings when you’re short on time and patience. It’s also a great way to start the morning that will fill you up and give you enough energy to get through a busy morning. You can make your oatmeal as basic or as fancy as you want, but this apple pie oatmeal is the perfect balance in between. It’s a good way to mix up your regular oatmeal, but without taking too much extra time. This recipe lightly fries the apples in a saucepan before adding them to the oats, but this is optional; if you simply add the chopped apples to your hot oatmeal, they will soften and the taste will be just as good. This cinnamon-apple taste can’t be beaten in winter, so this is the perfect recipe for a cold morning. Again, if you’re really short on time, you can make overnight oats that you can simply grab out of the fridge in the morning to take on the go. 

7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Need

4. Berry Bowl 

For something more refreshing in the morning, a smoothie bowl is the perfect answer! Smoothie bowls look pretty fancy, but they are actually so easy and simple to make. The key to this recipe is frozen bananas; this will give your smoothie bowl a thick consistency that almost makes it feel like ice cream! This berry bowl only requires three ingredients that just need to blended until combined, so it can be done in less than five minutes. You can top your smoothie bowl with whatever you like (and it doesn’t have to be this aesthetic). Try adding nut butter and granola on top to make sure you’re getting enough energy for the day in this breakfast. A berry bowl is a great way to get all your morning nutrients with a vibrant and healthy recipe! 

7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Need

5. Banana Bread Pancakes 

Another perfect recipe for a slow weekend morning, whether it’s just you or you’re cooking for a group. Combine two of the best baked goods with banana bread pancakes. Served warm and drizzled with maple syrup or peanut butter these are delicious and filling – they will definitely be making your morning better! This recipe is a really simple egg-free and dairy-free pancake recipe, even adding chocolate chips to make them a little more elaborate. The banana taste is great, making the pancakes really sweet so you don’t have to add a lot of sugar meaning they are much healthier than they actually taste. 

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7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Need

6. Chickpea Omlette 

An omlette without eggs? Sounds impossible. But not with this chickpea omlette recipe for when you’re craving something hearty and savoury. It uses chickpea flour to get a similar texture and taste of an omlette but without using eggs. This recipe only requires a few ingredients, but you can really just add what you want into the omlette. Peppers, onions and mushrooms go great with an omlette but you can add in whatever you have in the fridge (another breakfast recipe to use up your leftovers!) The chickpea flour turns to your omlette consistency simply when mixed with water and cooked, so there’s no special technique or complicated method, making this a quick and easy weekday breakfast. Chickpea flour is a great source of protein, and a great way to get it into your diet especially if you are a vegan!

7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Need

7. Breakfast Bars 

Breakfast bars are an easy idea for when you’re short on time in the morning. You can make these in advance, and just grab one as you’re running out the door for a healthy, vegan breakfast on the go. There are lots of options of breakfast bars that you can buy in supermarkets, buy they are often pretty expensive or have a lot of hidden sugars in them. Instead, just make your own – they are really simple and super healthy! Try this recipe for oat breakfast bars – a quick alternative to oatmeal – or these no-bake date energy bars that are also gluten free!

7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Need

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