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10 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs For Your Romantic Night Out

10 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs For Your Romantic Night Out

Having the perfect Valentine's Day nail design is just as important as having the right outfit. With these Valentine's Day nail designs your look will be perfect for your romantic night out.

For special occasions like a romantic night out on Valentine’s Day, your nails can be just as important as your outfit when comes to looking your best. There are so many Valentine’s Day nail designs to choose from depending on your style. From various lengths to a variety of colors and designs, it can be hard to pick the perfect Valentine’s Day nail design. So, if you’re looking for some Valentine’s Day nail designs to get you inspired and help you make a decision, then keep on reading.

1. Red, Stripes, and Glitter

This Valentine’s Day nail design is pretty easy to do. It’s mostly basic colors with one nail having a striped design with a red heart on top. These nails will look great with most Valentine’s Day outfits because of the simplicity of the colors. You can also switch up the colors to match your outfit.

2. Multicolor Polka Dot Heart

The polka dot heart is super simple and cute on this Valentine’s Day nail design. All the polka dots pop against the background of the white nail and compliment the light pink shade on the other nails. These nails would go great with a variety of pink outfits.


3. Glimmering Burgundy + Mauve Stilettos

This Valentine’s Day nail design is great because it includes very romantic colors while keeping things simple. This design would work for anyone who has to keep their nails professional looking. The stiletto shape is plus for Valentine’s day because it’s super sexy.

4. Glittery Heartbeat

This glittery Valentine’s Day nail design is very unique. The silver glitter polish really makes the simple black heartbeat pattern stand out. This is another design that will look great with whatever look you choose for your romantic night out.

5. Deep Purple Hearts + Kisses

This shade of purple and white are a pretty color combo. These nails are an interesting pick for anyone who unsure of what Valentine’s Day nail design to pick. Stuck between hearts, kisses, or the word ‘love’? Why not pick all three?


6. Ombre Hearts

Ombre is always a fun go to for nail designs, that includes Valentine’s Day nail designs. These nails are an ombre of light to dark pink in the shape of a heart. If these don’t scream trendy Valentine’s Day nails, I don’t know what does.

7. Dandelion Hearts

If you’re into floral nail art, then you need to try this Valentine’s Day nail design. Although the colors are basic, they can easily be changed to whatever colors you like. The cute heart shape that the flowers are placed in makes the nails look very special.

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8. Nude with Heart Flakes

The natural nail look with red heart flakes is a must try if you’re the type of person who likes super neat nails but still wants to be festive. This Valentine’s Day look lets you keep your regular nail look but adds a little sparkle.

9. White + Pink with Sparkly Hearts

If you’re the type of person that loves a lot of sparkle, glitter, and glam, this Valentine’s Day nail design was made for you. The pink nails contain holographic glitter that shimmer in any lighting, while the pink heart on the white nail gives off a nice subtle sparkle.

10. Black Heart

Yes, there’s even an all-black Valentine’s Day nail design to match your sexy all-black Valentine’s Day outfit. This nail look is simple and black and still super on trend. You can’t go wrong with these nails not matter what your wear.

Will you be trying any of these beautiful Valentine’s Day nail designs? Let us know in the comments below!
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