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Valentine’s Day: The Male Perspective

Valentine’s Day: The Male Perspective

Ah, love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is a massive holiday for people all around the world. Roses, chocolates, and pink balloons are everywhere! Not to mention hearts of all sizes. Couples are rushing to stitch together their perfect Valentine’s Day. Even in elementary school students have the joy of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards and candy. By the time you get to college, you know the pressure is on! The girls have become women and let’s face it; expectations are higher. So how exactly does this make the guys feel? I took it upon myself to find out what is actually going on in the head of a male when it comes to the infamous day of love. Here are some quotes from guys around my campus giving their thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

1. Anxiety

“As a guy, I find Valentine’s Day kind of stressful. If I’m in a relationship there’s anxiety to have a great plan ready to go, if I’m single there’s anxiety about finding a date.”



2. The number one question for all the singles out there

“Will I have a Valentine this year?”


3. The cold shoulder

“Finding a Valentine is nerve-wracking. A lot of girls have already been asked too many times so they automatically give you the cold shoulder.”

4. The bare minimum

“I have noticed that after spending multiple Valentine’s days with the same person, the bar seems to raise; you can’t get away with doing the minimum anymore. Other than that, gifts are pretty easy: chocolate, roses, a teddy bear; always a card. It’s whatever activity you have to plan that becomes a pain.”



5. That escalated quickly

“I’m worried that if I get my girlfriend something nice this year, I’ll have to get her something nicer next year, and then it will just spiral out of control until I’m broke.”


6. Rejection

“I’m afraid that I will get turned down. Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure to find a date.”

7. Disappointment

“I’m afraid that my girlfriend won’t like what I planned. I really want to make her happy.”


8. Table for two

“There are too many choices for places to go. I need to pick a place and then call them and make sure they have reservations. There’s so much to do and so much to prepare.”


9. Expectations

“Just meeting expectations, typically I’m not really worried, but sometimes girls have ridiculous expectations that are impossible to meet.”

10. Jealous much?

“I’m not in a relationship so me and my friends are just going to chill and play video games. I wanted to try to ask someone out but I decided it’s not worth it. It’s going to be really annoying to see everyone out with their valentines. I’ll admit I’m a little jealous.”


11. No complaints here

“As a single guy, I’m actually really glad that I don’t have to go through some of the things that other guys do. If I get a date this year, that’s great, but if I don’t, I’m not complaining.”



12. She loves me, she loves me not

“I’ve been seeing this girl lately and it’s definitely going somewhere. The problem is I just don’t know where. I don’t want to go over the top, but I also want to show her a great night.”


13. Valentine’s Day?

“I have too much on my plate to worry about Valentine’s Day.”

14. Netflix and wine

“I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day. My girlfriend is a stay-in, watch-a-movie kind of person so that’s what we’re going to do. All I’ve got to do is grab some wine and a movie.”

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15. Deal or no deal

“I don’t understand why Valentine’s Day has to be such a big deal. There is too much pressure on guys while girls just enjoy the day. Shouldn’t both of us be putting in work?”



16. Hakuna Matata

“I’m not really worried about anything in general. Everything should go smoothly.”


17. Hello, it’s me

“I’m going to try to ask out this girl who sat in front of me in a couple of classes. I’ve never talked to her before though, so I’m going to need a lot of luck.”

18. Shut up and take my money

“Oh, god, no. Valentine’s Day? I can’t bear to see the rows and rows of heart-shaped chocolates in stores. It’s one big consumer trap. It’s just a reason for couples to get all hyped up.”


19. Ugh, honestly

“To be honest, I dread Valentine’s day every year. I mean I like spending time with my girl, but why does everything need to be so dramatically romantic?”


20. I Love it

“Valentine’s Day gives me a chance to show her how much I care about her. Most of the time we’re busy, but we both make time on Valentine’s day to celebrate and spend time together.”


There you have it, one of the world’s greatest mysteries solved – This is what guys actually feel about Valentine’s Day. The stress, pressure, and anxiety is real for guys trying to please their girlfriends. For the single fellas, it’s finding a date that is their major concern, while some don’t even have time to worry about Valentine’s Day. Whatever the case may be for you, happy Valentine’s Day to all of you out there!

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