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12 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your SO Will Be In Love With

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your SO Will Be In Love With

You might be scratching your head, trying to figuring out what on Earth to get your SO for Valentine’s Day. Before opting for a gift card, check out these Valentine’s Days gift ideas that your SO will certainly love!

1. A Framed Picture of the Two of You

This idea is sweet and simple. Instead of being like a Rockefeller and blowing all your money on an expensive, elaborate gift, get something that preserves a special memory. Make a collage or print out the photos from a recent trip you guys went on. Your SO will most likely appreciate and cherish the small things like this.

2. Instant Film Camera

If your SO happens to be a photography geek, get him/her a film camera they can play around with. That are inexpensive at Target and Walmart and cameras like Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera are too cool to pass by.

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your SO Will Be In Love With

3. Movie Tickets

Plan date night well in advance and surprise your SO with two movie tickets!

4. Art Supplies

If you SO is artistically inclined, get them art supplies such as acrylic paint, canvas, and brushes so they can release their creativity. Even if your SO likes to write, you can invest in a nice fountain pen for them.

5. Travel Coffee Tumbler

Everyone is always on the go. A coffee tumbler, like the Yeti Rambler Tumbler, will be a wise investment for your busy SO. It will keep their coffee hot, or their ice coffee cold for hours on end. If you want to go the extra mile, pair the coffee tumbler with a french press or a cold brew maker (FYI Amazon has a large, inexpensive collection of cold brew makers).

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your SO Will Be In Love With

6. Backpack

If your SO is in school or a traveler or both, a brand new backpack will surprise them and probably fill their hearts with glee. This Valentine’s Day gift is a necessity for most people.

7. Concert Ticket

If you happen to notice that one of their favorite bands or singers are playing a show near you guys, consider by two concert tickets. Like the movie ticket idea, you do not have to scramble to find something to do this Valentine’s Day gift.

8. Video Games

Your SO cannot put down their Nintendo Switch?  Buy them a new game they can play, from a Smash bros game to Pokemon: Lets Go Eevee. Or if there is a particular game they still haven’t bought yet for their Playstation or Xbox, such as Spider-Man or Red Dead Redemption 2, surprise them this Valentine’s Day!

9. Clothes

This might seem like a boring gift idea, but we all need clothes and instead of having your SO go out and buy them, treat them this Valentine’s Day with new essentials for their wardrobe.

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10. Wallet

The last thing we forget to buy is a new wallet, despite the fact that we use it every day. If your SO’s wallet looks like it is on its last leg, buy them brand new wallet such as the slim Herschel Supply Co. Search Leather Wallet.

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your SO Will Be In Love With

11. Books

If your SO happens to be a major bookworm, give them plenty of books they can start reading!

12. Essentials Set

Treat your SO with a grooming kit such as Kiehls Men’s Grooming Essentials Set, It will leave your SO feeling refresh and like one million bucks. In fact, you might find yourself stealing some items from this gift.

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your SO Will Be In Love With

Do you already have a Valentine’s Day gift picked out for your SO? Share with a comment below!
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