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30 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him That He’ll Be Crazy In Love With

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him can be hard to come up with if your boyfriend isn’t giving you any indication of where to start. Well, look no further because we have all of the Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends and husbands that you’re going to need! From cheap Valentine’s Day gifts to romantic gifts for him, we have a list of everything you might be looking for! Here are the top 30 gifts you can get your SO once February 14th rolls around!

1. An Engraved Pocket Knife

The engraving even adds a nice, personal touch. So mark it with his name or a nice little message!

2. A Naughty Check Book For When You Owe Him One

With these handy checks, you can give your man what you owe him in writing. Does he do something for you that warrants a little something other than cash? If so, give these naughty checks a try. He’ll definitely be thanking you on payday.


3. A Matching Set Of Mugs To Know What’s Yours And What’s Also Yours

This pair of mugs will help you keep track of what’s yours and what’s his (but let’s be real, like the mug says, it’s all yours). Now you can feel like the cutest couple on earth with your matching morning coffee mugs!

4. A Jacket To Keep Him Warm When It Gets Cold

With Valentine’s Day happening right in the middle of winter he’s going to need something that will keep him toasty! This jacket from Urban Outfitters is definitely going to do the trick! This is probably one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him!

5. A Craft Beer Kit So He Can Serve Up His Own Drinks

If he’s big into beer then we promise he’s going to love this craft beer kit. Who needs to go out and buy bottles of beer when you can make it from your very own kitchen? So break out the steins to celebrate this awesome Valentine’s Day gift for him!

6. A Personalized Football Jersey To Represent His Team

Make him a personalized jersey featuring his name and his team name! Make his team name something short and cute–maybe even something that represents your relationship with each other! Regardless, he’s going to love having his name on the back of his very own football jersey. Help him feel like a pro!

7. An XBox One Accessories Kit For All His Gaming Needs

Can your boyfriend not stop playing Fortnite? Well, if he can’t get his butt off of his gaming chair then this XBox One gaming kit is perfect for him! This kit comes with everything you could need, from a headset to wires to a charging dock for his controllers! This is one of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him you won’t want to miss out on!

8. An Adventure Book To Keep Track Of All Your Adventures Together

Inspired by the Pixar film “Up”, this adventure book will be perfect for chronicling all of your adventures together as a couple! Give him the Valentine’s Day gift of memories and blank pages for a future together this year! We know he’ll love it!

9. A Fill In The Love Journal To Let Him Know What You Love About Him

This adorable book is perfect for filling in the blanks on how much you love your man. Tell him all the things that you love about him this Valentine’s Day! We’re sure that he’ll appreciate such a thoughtful gift!

10. A Magnetic Wristband So He Stops Losing All Those Screws

Is he big into DIY projects? If so, then this is the perfect gift for husbands or boyfriends who can’t put the hammer down! With this magnetic wristband, they’ll never be losing screws or bolts again!

11. A Grilling Kit If He’s A Master Chef

The grill master in your life is going to love this grilling kit! He’ll be whipping up all of the best burgers and dogs at your next summer barbeque! This is the perfect gift for any guy who can’t get enough of cooking!

12. A Self-Grooming Kit To Keep Him Tidy

This male grooming kit is going to keep your man trimmed and looking handsome as ever! He’s going to love having so many options on how to keep his beard styled with all of these shaving and trimming supplies!

13. A Snack Gift Basket Of All His Favorite Munchies

When all else fails, food is a gift anyone will appreciate! Let your boyfriend snack on all of these awesome sweet and salty treats! From cookies to crackers, this snack pack has it all! He’ll be bunching on these tasty treats for days after you give it to him! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

14. A Super Warm Blanket To Cuddle Under

This is a gift that can be considered perfect for the both of you. Spend those cold February nights after Valentine’s Day cuddled under this soft, warm blanket together! It’s big enough to keep you both warm!

15. A New Set Of Headphones So He Can Rock Out

Is your man a music junkie? If so, these beats headphones are going to be perfect for him! Let him listen to his favorite tunes all the time in high quality with these bad boys! This pair of headphones is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him!

16. A Captain America Waffle Iron To Make Him Feel Like A Hero

If your boyfriend is a Marvel fanatic then he’ll love this Captain America shield waffle maker! This waffle iron presses your breakfast into the shape of Captain America’s iconic symbol. He’ll feel like a super hero the whole time he’s eating his breakfast!

17. A Nintendo Switch So You Can Have Gaming For Two

Do you want to join in on your man’s video gaming fun? Then buying a Nintendo switch is a perfect idea! Out of all of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, this is one that you’re going to have a blast with, too! The console comes with two seperate controllers, meaning you both get to enjoy playing classics like Mario Kart together!

18. A Wallet Insert To Remind Him You Love Him

This personal wallet insert is perfect for the man on the go! Write your man a personal message on this card-shaped slip he can keep handy in his wallet! Whenever he needs a reminder of who loves him, he can just pull it right out of his pocket!

19. Pills In A Bottle For When He Needs A Love Fix

Everyone needs a love fix from time to time–including your man! Here are some of the pills that will give him the fix he needs! Each pill comes with a small, handwritten note from you for when he needs that extra loving. Give him the best medicine of all this Valentine’s Day!

20. A Modern Mix Tape Of All His Favorite Songs

Who says mixtapes are a thing of the past? With this USB drive shaped like a cassette tape, you can give your boyfriend a playlist of all of the songs that can make him think of you that he can plug right into his computer.

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21. A Mug With A Hoop That He’ll Think Is A Slam Dunk

Let him have fun making shots over a warm cup of hot cocoa! This basketball-shaped mug comes with a little hoop above the handle that he can toss marshmallows and other toppings into. This mug just made drinking hot chocolate more fun!

22. A Baseball Helmet Desk Caddy That Will Keep His Head In The Game

If your man is a baseball fan then he’ll love this baseball helmet-shaped desk caddy! Help him keep his workdesk organized with this helpful little tool that also reps his favorite sports team! This is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him you’ll be able to find this year!

23. A Comfortable Gaming Chair For Maximum Gaming Relaxation

If he loves to game then he should be comfortable while doing so. This rocking, gaming chair is perfect for keeping him comfortable and relaxed! He’ll never want to get up again once he sits down in this seat! You’ll probably have to sit in his lap to get his attention!

24. A Bedside Lamp And Alarm Clock To Light Up His Night

This bedside lamp offers a gentle glow of different colors that will light up his bedroom. It also comes equipped with an alarm clock that will keep him on time! He’s going to adore the look of this awesome lamp in his room, we promise!

25. A Vintage Gaming T-Shirt To Show Off His Favorite Brand

Any gaming guy out there likes to represent their favorite gaming brand. The cool vintage look of this gaming t-shirt will look awesome on your boyfriend or husband, and they’re going to love wearing it! This is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him!

26. A Sign For Him To Hang In His Man Cave

A man cave is a guy’s favorite spot to chill out, and any good man cave has a sign hanging on the wall to add that extra touch of manliness. This wooden sign will look great hanging on the wall of any man cave out there!

27. A Breakfast Sandwich Maker That Will Add Flavor To His Morning

Nobody wants to deal with the hassle that comes with making breakfast in the morning, including your man. Well, that no longer needs to be an issue with this easy breakfast sandwich maker! Just pop in all of the ingredients into their individual slots and bam! You’ve got yourself an easily made breakfast sandwich! This is definitely one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him out there.

28. A Tie Set So He Can Look Sleek AF

Any good man needs a few good ties to help him tackle the professional world. This tie set is going to help him do just that! Help him prepare for his next job interview or important meeting with this wonderful set of ties and the accessories that go along with them!

29. A Good Day, Bad Day Rocks Glass For Those Rough Days

We all have one of those days. Whether it’s been a good day, a bad day, or a day you just want to forget, this rocks glass will help him forget when he needs to. Help him relax after a rough day at work by giving him an idea of just how much he needs to drink.

30. A Personalized Bracelet He Can Always Have On Him

Bracelets aren’t just for women! This sleek bracelet will look great on any guy out there, and an engraved message from you will make it all the more personal. This is one of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him he’s going to cherish for a long time.

Were these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him helpful in your search? What romantic gift ideas do you suggest? Let us know in the comments below!
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