10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For College Students

Valentine’s Day can either be a bummer or one of the happiest days of the year for some of us. But who says you can only give reminders of your love to a significant other? What about your roomie, your best friend, a sister or a brother? After all, everyone could always use a little extra lovin’ around Valentine’s day! Below are 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for college students that anyone will love!

1. A Valentine’s Day Themed Lego Set

Okay this set might be meant for younger kids to play with, but honestly, who doesn’t love legos? Like, have you ever even been to Lego World at Disney? It’s unreal. This fun gift will definitely help to distract and de-stress any college student.

2. Heart LED String Lights

These cute wire lights will add just the right amount of festivity to any dorm room without going overboard, especially if one of your roomies is a Valentine’s Grinch…

3. Chocolate Dipped Oreo’s Decorated With “Love”

Because what day wouldn’t be brightened by this? I don’t think there’s a better combination than Oreo’s and chocolate, am I right ?

4. A Festive Infinity Scarf

It will not only warm up your neck but also the hearts of those around you (ba dum tss!)

5. A Pizza Themed Valentines Set

A new take on the classic Valentine’s cards we used to give to our middle school crushes. These ones are for those we want to give a “pizza” our heart to.

6. This Adorable Peanut Butter Spoon

For those nights that only peanut butter (or nutella) will do the trick. This way, everyone will know NOT to mess with your peanut butter or touch your spoon!

7. An Inspirational Bracelet

For those moments when we need to be reminded that we are strong independent women who don’t need no man.

8. A Unique Heart Necklace

Jewelry will (usually) never go unappreciated. This cute silver heart necklace is perfect for a simple Valentine’s Day gift!

9. One Of These Funny Key Chains

Give one of these silly key chains to someone who is in need of a little holiday cheer. Just a glance at it will make any day better.

10. A Funny And Cute Valentine’s Day Card

Sometimes, handwritten letters are all we need. Show someone how much you care about them whether it’s your roomie, girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend with this adorable card!

Do you know of any more cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for college students? Share in the comments below!

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