6 Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas To Prepare For Your Valentine

These Valentine's Day dinner ideas will make your evening with your loved one so much more special! Here are our favorite Valentine's recipes!

Valentine’s Day is one of the most special holidays in America. Some don’t even consider it a real holiday, for us love-loving romantic souls, Valentine’s Day is truly special! The flowers, the chocolates, the love…it’s truly a magical day even if you spend it alone. One of the best gifts you could ever give your valentine is something homemade. Cooking for them will truly win their heart; it’s something that takes time and effort to prepare, and a nice dinner is the perfect date night, anyways! Reservations typically fill up fast for the holiday, and sometimes you don’t want to break the bank over one date night. Cooking and preparing something homemade is so much more romantic. Here are six Valentine’s Day dinner ideas to prepare for your valentine.

Beef Tenderloin with Shrimp and Mushroom Sauce

A special recipe is appropriate to whip up for a Valentine’s Day dinner. This beef tenderloin is just the right one. The addition of shrimp ups the class of the dish, and the mushroom sauce compliments the beef perfectly. Pair this dish with a rice pilaf and grilled vegetables, such as asparagus, to complete the perfect meal.

Engagement Chicken Pasta

The name alone sounds romantic. Chicken pasta with mushrooms is a romantic meal for two when preparing plans for you Valentine’s Day dinner. Creamy sauce with hardy, meaty mushrooms will leave you satisfied and ready for dessert. You can never go wrong with pasta to please your Valentine! You’ll feel like you’re fine dining in no time.


Soy Ginger Salmon

For fish-lovers, this ginger salmon will be the perfect fit at your dinner table. For Valentine’s Day dinner, a hardy, fatty protein like salmon will feel elegant and romantic, especially if you choose to pair your seafood with your favorite white wine. A side dish of brown rice or even wasabi-infused mashed potatoes will be the perfect compliments to the salmon dish.


Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Shrimp

Shrimp is such a versatile protein when considering Valentine’s Day dinner options. It can be elevated into a classy, fine-dining dish, or a comforting, warm home-cooked meal. Creamy garlic butter Tuscan shrimp sounds like the perfect mix of comforting and elegant. Pairing the dish with a thin pasta to really amp up the shrimp will surely please your valentine. Don’t forget the garlic bread!

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Sheet Pan Steak and Potatoes

The easiest way to your Valentine’s heart just may be through steak and potatoes. With this simple sheet pan recipe, your cooking hassle is minimized so you can enjoy more time sipping wine with your Valentine! When preparing for a Valentine’s Day dinner, it’s important that ‘yummy’ and ‘easy’ are equal counterparts! Cooking one on pan and preparing a roasted broccoli as a side dish will work best with a red meat and potatoes, with an addition of caramelized red onions. Your valentine will surely be impressed with your cooking skills, when really, this recipe can’t get much easier!

Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce

Spaghetti is infamous for romantically sharing, especially at a Valentine’s Day dinner. Impress your Valentine with a simple tomato and basil sauce that tastes straight out of nonna’s kitchen. A homemade sauce is a simple and tasty way to amplify any dinner. Adding meatballs or Italian sausage to the mix will surely compliment the meal and your Valentine will be surely satisfied. You can even re-inact the adorable Lady and the Tramp scene!


Impress your Valentine by preparing a home cooked Valentine’s Day dinner. You’ll surely enjoy each other’s company over a romantic, candle-lit dinner made with love.
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