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Valentine’s Day Dates You Can Go On This Year

Valentine’s Day Dates You Can Go On This Year

Planning for Valentine’s Day dates can be super hard, especially if there are still restrictions on what people can and cannot do in February 2021. In addition to this, you might want be trying to plan something that’s romantic, perhaps casual enough for a first date, and also affordable since it’s been a rough year for a lot of people. Unsure of how to balance all of these factors? Check out this list of Valentine’s Day dates you can actually go on this year to help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

1. Ice Skating

A lot of ice skating rinks are outside, but even when they’re indoors there is plenty of open space at an ice skating rink. This makes ice skating a safe and accessible activity for Valentine’s Day dates for a wide variety of people. You’ll get a little bit of winter wonderland bliss with this romantic activity, and then you can share some hot cocoa or a warm alcoholic beverage like mulled wine to bite the cold! Just make sure to bundle up, and to bring hand warmers so you and your date never have to worry about cold fingers.


2. Stargazing

If you have a beautiful and clear night, pack an array of cozy blankets to snuggle up under the stars for a bit. You can bring a thermos or two full of delicious warm beverages, alcoholic or no, and appreciate the twinkle of the skies as well as the twinkle in your sweetheart’s eyes.

If outside is a bit too cold for you, try this stargazing date idea in a car. Find a nice spot like you used to back in high school and park for a bit; although, if you actually did this back in high school you know that it can be a bit of a struggle to find a place you can actually park. The bonus of this idea is that you can make-out in the car just like you used to, and nostalgia is always a little romantic.


3. Campfire

Although a campfire might obscure the stars a bit, you can take the stargazing idea a bit further by finding a spot you can light a campfire. Some parks and campgrounds have them available for use, but make sure to check the precautions and guidelines before you light up. It’s possible you will need to book a fire pit at some places. Again, don’t just light a fire. You wouldn’t want your Valentine’s Day date to go horribly wrong by getting in trouble with the authorities… unless you’re into that I guess.

You can also cook over the open fire if you’ve got those kinds of skills! Make up some delicious fish, casual and low-key hot dogs, or have dinner ahead of time and just make some s’mores. They even make bench-style camp chairs, so you and your date and wrap up in a blanket next to each other while you enjoy the fire.


4. A Restaurant

In New York City, many restaurants are building heated enclosures to help them stay open through the winter, and I’m sure this is true in many cities across the country. Although this option may be location specific, there are restaurants who will still be serving for Valentine’s Day dates, and you can certainly take advantage of that! Heck, by February 2021, maybe all the restaurants will be open and you won’t have to worry about the cold or if your date cares about eating at a restaurant. That would be a truly happy Valentine’s Day date!

5. An Indoor Botanic Garden

Not everyone is so incredibly lucky as to have an indoor botanic garden in their area, but if you are one of these people, you must take advantage of it. Wandering around an array of beautiful flowers and plants is a very chill and romantic plan for a Valentine’s Day date. Botanic gardens are like little escapes from the world, and my guess is that you and your sweet could both use a little escape. This would also make an excellent first date for those who are bold enough to have their first date on Valentine’s Day!


6. Massage Night

Many couples don’t include massage into their normal routine, so it feels like a special occasion when you plan out a massage night with your S.O. Get a massage candle, some coconut or almond oil, your favorite lotion (make sure it spreads well for the massage), or some body butter, and lay out a towel or a blanket that you don’t mind staining. If you use oil, remember that oil stains never really come out, so a darker color is your best bet.

Set the mood with lots of candles and some gentle and soothing music. For a real treat, you can get some essential oil to use with your massage oils. You could even spread some rose petals around, if you like to go all out for your Valentine’s Day dates.


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7. Book A Hotel Room

If both you and your person have roommates, or if you are literally just sick of being at home, book a hotel room for a change of scenery! Although hotel rooms don’t make the best Valentine’s Day dates for all types of couples, if you guys have been together for a while and need some privacy and a little luxury, this is an excellent way to spend a romantic evening! You can order room service, wear cozy white robes, and maybe even take a hot tub, if your hotel has one. Plus, sleeping in clean sheets that you know you won’t have to wash feels like such a treat to me.


8. Winter Hiking

Never been hiking in the winter? It’s pretty easy to do in places that have more moderate climates, but even when it’s cold, you can still enjoy a brisk hike. The air is so clear in the winter; you can both see and feel the freshness around you. If you’re dressed correctly, you might find that you actually prefer hiking in the winter. You still get warm and sweaty, but the cold air keeps you from overheating and you won’t get as sticky from the sweat. The trails won’t be as busy in the winter either, so you can detox even more in your nature bliss.


9. Take A Dance Class

In person or online, taking a partner dance class together will be a nice way to spark romance while getting physically closer. Centered around teamwork and listening to each other, partner dancing can unite you and your partner in that way that you’ve always wanted to be connected, but struggled to achieve. It’s a rhythmic, sensual, and emotional connection: perfect for anything you plan to do after the dance lesson, too.

10. Cook Together

Valentine’s Day dates are the prefect excuse to make something really fancy, maybe expensive, and kind of challenging. Feel like boiling a lobster? Do it. Feel like making pasta? It’s all you. Feel like trying your hand at cheesecake? Can’t wait to try it. If you have a kitchen available for your Valentine’s Day dates, put your heads and hands together with your sweetie to make the delicious Valentine’s Day meal of your dreams! Cooking is also a sensual activity focused on teamwork, so it’ll feel like you’re being brought closer together as you cook. Very romantic.


Which Valentine’s Day dates interest you the most? Let us know how you plan to celebrate your day of love below!

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