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15 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Are Worth Remembering

15 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Are Worth Remembering

These Valentine's Day Date Ideas will ensure that your date night with your partner is spent the right way, a.k.a - with food, wine, chocolate, and more!

Candle lit dinner. Chocolate. Roses. So clich√©! With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s time to plan a thoughtful and sweet date that your partner will enjoy and remember for years to come. Whether you decide to spend valentine’s day indoor, outdoors, inexpensive, or lavishly, these 15 Valentine’s Day date ideas will ensure your V-Day isn’t boring.

1. Go Dancing

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to try something new. Take that salsa class, learn the tango, try dirty dancing, or even swing dance. Going dancing will liven up that special day with your significant other and bring some sexiness to your night. Fellas, this is the time to be your most suave self, and ladies, this is the time to let your hair down and put your heels on.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

2. Wine Tasting Tour

Have fun drinking delicious wine and getting tipsy together. This day time date gives you the chance to learn the history of some great wineries and the wine they produce and allows you to get a few bottles for later in the evening. Night cap anyone?

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

3. Scavenger Hunt

Let’s call it a love hunt? Leave clues that will lead your partner to various places around the house, around town, or both. These clues can be love letters, photos, meaningful moments you’ve had together, things you know about one another, and let them lead to a grand gesture. This builds excitement and anticipation, and leads you to a night of endless possibilities.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

4. Karaoke

Serenade your significant other with love songs. This date will bring the fun, it’s silly, it’s active, and you can learn a lot about a person by how they karaoke. Whether the relationship is new or you’ve been together for years, get boozed up and sing your heart out.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

5. Recreate Your First Date

You got them for a reason. Now it’s time to take your partner back to where it all started and relive that exciting day one more time. Play back your first date step by step (or to the best of your ability), but without the awkward pauses and mishaps. This romantic gesture is guaranteed to impress. Reminisce about all of your fondest memories together from the start of the relationship through to the present.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

6. Spa Date

This is one of the perfect Valentine’s Day date ideas for couples that want to relax and feel sexy together. Being oiled, scrubbed, and massaged will relax your mind and body and leave you feeling rejuvenated. And is an experience that will bring the two of you close, both physically and emotionally.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

7. Comedy Show

Laugh the night away at your favorite comedy club. You know the saying, “laughing is good for the soul”, well it’s also great for your relationship! Couples who laugh together tend to have higher quality relationships. So spend your Valentine’s Day night with smiles and giggles.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

8. Cooking Together

Being able to create something romantic together would be beautiful. Instead of going to dinner, go to the market together, get both of your favorite foods and desserts, and cook together. This is an intimate bonding moment that will bring you closer. It heightens health and happiness, improves communication in the relationship, and it’ll get you in the mood.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

9. Romantic Getaway

For those looking for a change of scenery and an escape from everyday life, there’s nothing better than a romantic getaway. Whether it be a stay-cation or a trip abroad, this is a perfect way to get that necessary one on one time together. Surprise your partner or plan the trip together, either way you’re guaranteed to be in pure bliss on this valentine’s day getaway.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

10. Paint Together

This date is unique, creative, and romantic. Work together to create a piece of art that you can cherish for years to come. You can do this at home or go to a class and join other couples for a romantic night out.

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Valentine's Day Date Ideas

11. Hot Air Balloon Ride

A fun, romantic and adventurous way to spend Valentine’s Day. You get an incredible view and get to experience the thrill of flying, not to mention there’s room for dinner and bubbly. A sunrise or sunset balloon ride will give you amazing views, the solitude, the beauty, and the excitement will bring you closer together and blow your date away.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

12. Breakfast In Bed

Your significant other will love breakfast in bed. It’s a pleasant surprise and romantic gesture that would be greatly appreciated. This is the perfect way to start off your valentine’s day together.

Valentines Day Date Ideas

13. Watch The Sunrise/Sunset

One of the best Valentine’s Day date ideas watch the sunrise or watch it set with your partner. Find a scenic location and experience the magic together. This can be a great bonding moment and it’s something different to try outside of the normal dinner date.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

14. Horse And Carriage Ride

A horse and carriage ride allows you to surprise your date with the ultimate romantic gesture. It allows you to plan ahead and surprise them with flowers, chocolate, a gift, or any other special details you want to bring to this special day.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

15. Body Painting

How many people can say they’ve painted their boyfriend or girlfriends body? Well, for one of your Valentine’s Day date ideas this year we encourage you to give it a try. It’s sexy, fun, and totally different. Definitely a great way to express yourself artistically while admiring your partners body. Strip each other down and let your creativity flow.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Which of these 15 valentine’s day date ideas will you be trying out this February? Share your favorite below!
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