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Vacation Ideas That Don’t Require You To Take A Plane

Vacation Ideas That Don’t Require You To Take A Plane

Not everyone has the time or money to book a flight for their next vacation destination, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring and making the most of your holidays. There is plenty you can do without having to pull out a passport, whether it’s within your home town or across the country; so here is a list of vacation ideas for all of you non-fliers.

1. Camping (or Glamping)

If you need time to step away from everything and have some time to yourself, camping provides the perfect opportunity. Spend days out surrounded by nature and nights under a starlit sky. It’s easy to look up camping spots, and single-person tents can be bought for under $100. If you’re not confident in your camping skills, you can always join a paid camping trip or tour where you will be with a group and guide for assistance.

If you’re not ready to take on the wilderness with a sleeping bag, glamping (glamorous camping) is a more luxurious option for those who want the outdoors with modern comfort from home. Some glamping options do not even require you to sleep in a tent but may include selections such as a cabin or lodge. Glamping tents may include beds, proper dining equipment, and even bathrooms. If you have a bit more money to spend on your outdoor adventure, then these vacation ideas are the way to go.


Vacation Ideas That Don’t Require You To Take A Plane

2. Cruise

If you don’t want to spend your vacation up in the sky, then how about out at sea? Cruises are a great way to travel while letting you enjoy the journey to your destination(s) at a more relaxed pace. Cruises travel to all sorts of destinations and last for different lengths of times.  You can choose your desired dates of travel, destinations that are of interest and ships or accommodations that fit your budget.

Take a trip to the Caribbean or book a transatlantic cruise from the States to Europe with stops in between. Take the time out to enjoy the open ocean and the fun activities that cruise ships have planned for their guests or spend your time relaxing by the water or in your room while you souvenir shop at each location.


Vacation Ideas That Don’t Require You To Take A Plane

3. Theme/Water Park

If your looking for a day of thrills and fun, amusement parks and water parks will surely help you satisfy your fun factor. Go alone or with friends and spend an entire day testing out rides and stuffing yourselves with food. Roller-coasters are great for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, while the Ferris wheel is a classic ride that anyone can enjoy, especially when it comes to the high panoramic views.

Water parks are perfect to cool off on a hot day, drift peacefully on a lazy river, test your skills body boarding, or make the trek upstairs for a turn on one of those giant water slides. Just remember to wear sunscreen if you’ll be out all day, nothing puts a damper on activities like coming back with a bad burn.


4. National Park

If you simply wish for a few hours out in nature without having to camp, then consider visiting a nearby National Park. National Parks are federally protected lands with 61 of them throughout the United States. They offer not only plenty of picturesque spots and great outdoor adventures, but also many of the parks are habitats for threatened or endangered species. So be sure to keep an eye out if you go, because you never know what you may find.

If you plan on visiting more than one National Park, then you may want to consider purchasing an annual pass as they tend to be cheaper and offer other benefits rather than simply paying the admission fee for each one you drive to.

5. Stay at a Hotel

Who says you can’t enjoy a couple nights of luxury without leaving the country or state? Sometimes you just need a quick getaway, so why not book a hotel for a couple of nights? Splurge on yourself and spend a weekend away from home complete with room service, fancy restaurants, and if your lucky a beachside or pool.


There are no rules saying you have to be from out of town in order to stay at a hotel, so don’t be afraid to call up and make a reservation. You may find that a day away was exactly what you needed.

6. City Tour

Even if you live there, can you really say you know every single aspect of your city? Signing up of a local tour of your city can be a great way to learn new things about your home and discover new places within it. Perhaps you will find your new favorite restaurant or learn a valuable piece of history that you hadn’t known before.

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Spend a day as a tourist in your own home, and you’ll discover things you never knew before.

7. Zoo/Aquarium

Instead of spending money on a safari or worrying about taking scuba diving lessons, immerse yourself amongst wild and marine life by paying a visit to your local zoo or aquarium. Watch the Lions lounge in their habitats or visit the reptile house to pay a visit to some scaly snakes. Attend events as zookeepers show off the falcons or visit the petting zoo for some much-needed animal therapy amongst the rabbits and other cuddly creatures

At aquariums be sure to walk through the water tunnels for an underwater experience to watch the shark feedings  as divers swim around providing underwater narration. You can also visit and learn about resident marine mammals such as otters and penguins. Certain aquariums may also have animals such as dolphins where you can sign up and take a swim with them. So be sure to look at what’s available online.


8. Museum

Museums are a great way to spend your day, especially if the subject fascinates you. Natural history museums are perfect for those who wish to see dinosaurs or creatures from the past, while art museums are a wonderful exposure to different artists, history, and cultures.

In the States, a drive to Washington DC is especially worth it for any museum lover. Home to the famous Smithsonian Institutions, comprised of 19 different museums all specializing in different subjects. The Smithsonian is the worlds largest research and museum complex and is free to all visitors. The most popular museums are the Air and Space and Natural History museums.

Vacation Ideas That Don’t Require You To Take A Plane


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