9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA Student

College life as a UVA student can be a struggle, but these funny gifs are sure to make you laugh at how relatable they are for University life!

Being a student at the University of Virginia is an incredible experience with great academics and so many social activities to explore. However, sometimes college can be a struggle and UVA is no different. From picnics on the Lawn to late nights in Clem, here are some gifs that sum up being a UVA student.

1. Sitting Through A Boring Lecture

We all choose some classes that we not be interested in or that we’re forced to take for a major or program at UVA and sometimes you just don’t want to take notes. If you go to UVA you’ve either seen someone stuffing their face or dozing off in those 400 people lectures rather than focusing, or you’re that person.

9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA student.

2. When The Class Makes Absolutely No Sense

You’re sitting in that Econometrics or Organic Chemistry class and suddenly you realize that you have absolutely no idea what the professor is saying. It’s not because you’re not paying attention, it’s because the class is impossible and not even the biggest brainiac can understand it.

9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA student.

3. When The Line For Roots Is Too Long

There are days when I crave that El Jefe bowl from when I wake up to when I’m walking up the Corner with my stomach growling and see the Roots line stretched all the way down the street. You can brace the line to get your beloved Roots bowl, but be ready for a hell of a wait. 9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA student.

4. The Moment You Get Out Of Your Last Thursday Class

You know it’s Thirsty Thursdays time when the music starts pumping from Rugby Road and you officially no longer care about class. As the minutes tick away in your seminar, you’re dreaming of Survivor Hour and the frats you’re going to hit up that night. At UVA, finishing that last class on a Thursday means you’re ready for the weekend. Hey, we’re not judging the typical UVA student.

9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA student.

5. When Someone Says They Don’t Really Care About The Rotunda

The Rotunda is the most beloved place on Grounds where students can sit on its steps and stare out across the Lawn as they eat their Bodo’s bagel. Thomas Jefferson designed the Rotunda when he was over 70 years old and it was completed during the year of his death in 1826. It is considered the treasure of UVA and you know deep down that it looks more photogenic than you do in most pictures. If you don’t care about the Rotunda, then prepare to get some death stares from other students.

9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA student.

6. When You Have An Assignment Due On Collab In Five Minutes

Ah Collab, that hated website at UVA where professors assign reading responses, discussion threads and papers. These assignments are usually due at some absurd time like midnight on a Friday night and you’ve been procrastinating by watching every episode of “Queer Eye” this week. Now it’s 11:55 on Friday, you’re a little bit tipsy and your fingers are flying across the keyboard trying to get the assignment in on time. Godspeed, my friend. 9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA student.

7. When Everyone Else Wants To Roll Bars But You’re Just Trying Not To Puke

We all overdo it sometimes, but at UVA the night does not stop at a pregame or a frat. The night ends when those lights come on at Trinity, meaning it’s time to hit up Christian’s Pizza or Sheetz. Rally and get back to partying!

9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA student.

 8. Pretending Like It’s Your First Drink On Your 21st Birthday

Once you reach 21 it’s time for that obligatory Snapchat story or Instagram with the caption, “My first sip of alcohol!!!”. Trust me, you’re not kidding anybody honey. 9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA student.

9. When Your TA Calls On You During Discussion and You Have To BS The Reading

The scheduling geniuses at UVA love to put discussions at 6, 7 or 8 p.m. at night when absolutely no one is focused and enthusiastic about learning. Although somehow the T.A. is perky and ready to start a discussion about the reading for lecture that nobody did. If you’re the unfortunate person to get called on by the T.A. good luck trying to get your B.S. answer sound like a profound thought. We’ve all been there.

9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA student. 

What gifs do you think sum up being a UVA student? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image source: https://allevents.in/charlottesville/uva-midsummers-2016/479740108887355

9 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A UVA student.

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