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How To Use Social Media To Land A Job

How To Use Social Media To Land A Job

Social media plays a huge role when it comes to finding jobs. Whether it's Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook, the information you put out there is super important. Here are some tips for using social media to get a job.

Social media has become an integral part of everyday life, and not just for leisure. More and more businesses and all different types of companies rely on social media for all sorts of things from advertising to public relations and even to find potential employees. There are so many job opportunities you can discover (and land) through social media if you know how to use it to your advantage. Below are some tips for using social media to get a job!

Use every platform available to you.

As long as it relates to you and your professional goals, utilize every type of social media platform that you can find. Get yourself out there and show people that you’re ready to work and that you have skills that will be beneficial to their company.


Consistently interact with companies you’re interested in.

This means liking pages, commenting on videos and posts, and taking part in polls and any kind of interactions that you can. Make yourself seen in the eyes of a potential employer by becoming visible on social media.

Use keywords that are relevant to you career goals.

In your profile and posts, use keywords that describe your skill set, interests, and capabilities so that you’ll have a greater chance of coming up during a search. Share posts and articles that involve your job prospects. Related to your searchability, always use your real name, don’t put any kind of nickname that may be popular only with your friends and family.

Do your own research.

Don’t leave all the info-gathering to your potential employers. Do your own research- and LOTS of it. Search the company and the hiring staff to get a good understanding of the company’s goals and interests. Make a list and go over it again and again so you have a good idea of how to make a good first impression during that interview.


Get personal to get ahead.

To get personal, you have to try and build relationships with people inside the company or anyone who may have some sway on the goings-on of the company. Interact directly with these people on social media and build ties, which will, in turn, build your credibility and make you a more attractive candidate for hiring. This is one of the most important tips for using social media to get a job!

Be wary, very wary, of everything you post.

Double, triple, and quadruple check EVERYTHING you post, like, and share. Ask yourself, “How will employers interpret this?” “Does this serve to further my professional interests and goals?”

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Don’t post videos or updates from your night out with friends at the bar. Don’t get overly political because it’s bound to offend someone. Do not use crude language. Double-check the things you do decide to post for spelling and grammar mistakes. Even if it’s a harmless typo, it’s likely to affect how potential employers view your abilities.



There are a lot of things you need to watch out for where social media is concerned, but there are also a lot of opportunities available out there for anyone who wants to take advantage of them. Just play it safe and put yourself out there to have the best shot of landing a job by using social media.

Do you have any more tips for using social media to get a job? Let us know down below!