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5 Useful Time Management Skills For Your Classes

5 Useful Time Management Skills For Your Classes

Everyone knows that balancing your school work can be a struggle, especially if you are trying to balance extracurriculars and a work life on top of that. There are so many assignments to fit in on time, so time management skills are essential to being successful. This is especially true if you a really hard class and need to pass the credit.

Use an Agenda

Organization is a vital part of time management. Agendas are essential for making sure you get organized! Agendas are especially useful for those who are forgetful. You just write in the due dates for any of your upcoming assignments, exams, quizzes, etc. The agenda will ensure that you will not forget about an assignments and risk receiving a failing grade. Agendas will help schedule what days you can do certain assignments or projects. It is especially helpful for those who are visual learners.

Time Management Tips


Set Realistic Goals/Be Flexible

It is important to be realistic with your time management skills in order to make everything go smoothly. If you are not flexible or realistic about your goals, then you will fall back into old habits that will limit your time management advancements. It is important to take into account how many assignments you can do a day or how long it takes you to study for a class, for example. If you are not realistic with yourself you will not be able to do everything on your list and will end up wasting more time. This can also make you feel disappointed. Not everyone can go at the same pace, so you have to be able to be honest with both your time management skills and how you learn.

Avoid Procrastinating

The most important lesson for time management skills is: do not procrastinate! Procrastination will leave you rushing to finish an assignment without really giving it your all. It will prevent you from being able to completely study for whatever exams and quizzes that come your way. Leaving everything for last minute is basically self sabotage. It is time to get it together and ditch the procrastination habit!

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Take Study Breaks

It might shock you to realize that study breaks are actually really helpful! It is recommended that you got on a ten minute study break every hour. This will help your mind not get overworked. Otherwise, you will not be able to retain all of the information that you need for an exam or test. This is vital to incorporate for your time management skills and agenda. You have to be able to set realistic goals and expectations in order to reach your goals. Make sure to stick to your study break schedule and not go over the amount of time you set. Do not set a plan of taking a ten minute study break and go over the time. Then it goes from simply taking a break into your getting distracted.

Turn off the Distractions

Distractions are by far the easiest way to mess up your time management skills! It can make any “study break” last longer. Distractions will also make it almost impossible for you to study for an upcoming exam or quiz. They will make any assignment last way longer than necessary. In order to be successful in your classes, you have to set aside all distractions. This means putting your phone aside, turning the TV off, and no video games. You can do this by turning all of your devices off and putting your phone on do not disturb. If you follow these steps you should be able to ace your classes!


Time management tips

If you have any more time management skills tips that you want to add, comment below!

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