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10 Useful Apps For Prepping For Exams

Preparing for exams is often stressful and can be overwhelming at times. There’s so much to study and keep track of, all on top of regular schoolwork! Luckily, there are many apps out there designed to help make prepping for exams a little less stressful for students. If you’re tech-savvy and like using apps and technology to study and do school work, then you’ve got to check out these apps! They help organize notes and study material, offer ways to study like through flashcards or quizzes, connect you with peers for group study, and more! These apps are not only helpful for studying but help to keep you on top of everything else you’ve got going on too! 

1. Exam Countdown

This application is great for making sure you don’t fall behind on deadlines or miss an exam! We’ve all been there, it’s no fun when you lose track of time and end up having to crunch to study or get work done in time for the final. With exam countdown, you can organize your dates and make sure you don’t miss any important tests! 

It’s designed to be very simple and straightforward, which is great for anyone feeling the stress of exams. This app is a literal exam countdown and lets you have multiple countdown timers going for many different subjects at once, so you can fit all your upcoming tests and projects into this helpful app! 

2. Quizlet

Quizlet is nothing new when it comes to being a super helpful app for studying and learning different subjects. It’s been helping people improve their grades and ace tests since 2005! It’s tried and true and remains one of the best study apps today. 

This app lets you study many different subjects on and offline, and you can sync all your data from your computer to your phone if you ever need to study on the go! With many different study tools and games available, Quizlet is super helpful when it comes to studying efficiently and helping students to ace their exams, whatever subject they may be in! 

3. Forest

Forest is one of my favorite study apps! It’s designed to keep you focused on studying and getting the work you need to get done completed without becoming distracted by other apps on your mobile device. Through Forest, you decide when you want to stay focused and be productive. It lets you plant a virtual tree when you start studying, and if you leave the app even halfway, your tree will die! 

Through staying focused on your work, you can end up with a full and lush virtual forest! If that doesn’t feel like enough of a reward for staying focused, it gets even better. Through this app, staying focused rewards you and you can spend virtual coins to plant your virtual trees. When you do, Forest donates to its partner Trees For The Future and completes a tree order, planting a real tree in real life! How col is that!?

4. Evernote

Another classic study app that has proven itself to be very useful to students is Evernote. This app is really beneficial to students who want to organize all their notes for classes. It lets you store all your notes easily, and there are more ways to enter your notes than just typing them! Evernote lets you speak your notes and records them, or there are other ways! There’s a lot of options for getting your notes organized through this popular app. 

Evernote saves all your notes, but it can also save more than that! It can save your work on projects and class papers and sync all your data seamlessly between devices! It’s all stored safely and securely so you don’t have to worry about losing your work or notes. Everything is all in one safe place, and easily organized and accessible to you! 

5. My Study Life

This app is amazing for any student that likes to plan! It’s basically a way better version of your traditional paper planner. It has so many more features to utilize that can be helpful when prepping for exams! 

You can stay organized and keep all your exam and project due dates in this app, with reminders you can customize for you! You can take note of different class times as well, so you’ll never miss another lecture again. If you love planning and find it helpful to keep dates organized as well as school work and notes, you’ve got to check out this useful app!

6. Studyblue

Studyblue is similar to Quizlet, but this app specializes in providing hundreds of thousands of different themed flashcard decks to help you ace whatever subject you’re studying! You can make your own custom flashcards to fit your course, or you can choose from the hundreds of options that other peers and even professionals have created that are yours to use! 

You can study these cards anywhere you want and at any time through the app! It’s really helpful if you love studying through flashcards, but don’t have the time or energy to make paper ones by hand. Plus, think of all the paper you save studying through this helpful app!

7. Headspace

This app is interesting because it’s not specifically a study app that’s meant to be useful to students prepping for exams. That being said, it still definitely is! While cramming your head full of knowledge and working hard to study and be prepared for your exams is important, it’s just as important to keep your mental health in check and to take breaks every now and then! 

This app is designed to offer mindfulness and stress relief for everyone, and that includes over-worked or stressed-out students! The app is amazing, and has many different articles, tips, meditations, and advice for different areas you want to work on, like sleep quality, focusing your mind, meditation, or waking up! Even just 20 minutes of meditation a day can help a stressed student feel re-energized and ready to focus on studying again. 

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8. Offtime

Offtime is an app that is similar to the Headspace app, with the same goal of getting users to take a breather and a much-needed break from technology. It’s not news that spending too much time on computers or phones or other electronic devices that we often use to study is not good for us as human beings. We need to make sure to unplug for a little while every now and then! It’s important for our health. 

You can set a timer on the app for as much offtime as you want. Then, once that timer is up, you can use your phone again! Don’t worry, it doesn’t lock you out in case of emergency or anything like that. Your phone isn’t actually off-limits. That being said, the app is defined to encourage taking a break. You can’t ace your exams if you’re completely exhausted! 

9. BibMe

If you’ve ever had to write a research paper or a paper for a class that required citing your sources, you know how annoying creating those citations correctly can be. With the BibMe app, you can stress a little less about getting that citation correct!

This app is designed to help students with citing sources properly in many different forms for lots of different types of academic papers. You can use the app to generate the correct citations by doing much less work that you would by trying to compile the information on your own, which is great for any stressed student!

10. Grammarly

I highly recommend Grammarly to any student! It’s a great application that helps you keep track of your grammar and writing techniques as you type! If you’re trying to get through a big term paper or writing notes for an important exam, Grammarly can be really useful in making sure that your work is grammatically correct and free of errors. 

Using Grammarly is like having an extra pair of eyes check over your work as you type it out. It’s really beneficial for catching small mistakes that might have been overlooked without it! 

Studying and preparing yourself to tackle exams or final projects can be really stressful, overwhelming, and downright exhausting. If you’re struggling to prepare for your exams, you can relax! These useful apps are here to help. Try any of these apps if you want to get organized, study help, or just want help focusing on your studies! Of course, don’t forget to take time to relax your mind. There are apps for that! Have you tried any of the apps on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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