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20 Useful Apps For College Students To Download

20 Useful Apps For College Students To Download

If you are getting ready to go to college or are already enrolled. check out these usefu apps for college students to have! They are total life-savers!

Whether you will just be starting college this fall or if you are a returning college student, there are some things in life that will make your life so much easier – apps would be one of them. Now, you might be thinking, “How much easier could an app possibly make my life?” Well, just sit back, relax, and find out. So here are 20 useful apps for college students that will totally make your transition into college much easier!

1. BenchPrep

BenchPrep is an interactive course library with any and all the graduate and professional exam study material you can handle. It includes practice questions, flashcards, in-app purchases, and about 600 study lessons. Whether you’re prepping for the MCAT, the LSAT, CPA, etc. this is an app you definitely should have.

2. iStudiezPro

This is an app that would be great for anyone who lives by their phone. By simply plugging in your class schedule to the app, iStudiezPro keeps track of your deadlines, grades, and more across all Mac devices. With this app, you can say goodbye to the traditional, old school planner. This is definitely one of the best apps for college students!

You definitely need to have these apps for college students downloaded on your phone!

3. StudyBlue

Flashcards can be a great study technique for memorizing information. However, making the flashcards can be tedious. With StudyBlue, you can use text, pictures, and audio to create digital flashcards. You can even search the massive database to borrow someone else’s. You can save yourself a lot of time by downloading this app.

You definitely need to have these apps for college students downloaded on your phone!

4. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

As if college tuition wasn’t expensive enough, sometimes you may need an advanced calculator, which is not cheap. Save yourself some money and download this app for some serious computing. There’s even an upgrade option for just $3.49 if you need to do some real heavy duty computing.

You definitely need to have these apps for college students downloaded on your phone!

5. EasyBib

You have finally mastered MLA format coming out of high school, then all of a sudden you get to college and you are told to write your papers in APA or maybe even Chicago format. Save yourself a headache and download EasyBib – it generates citations in all of those formats with a simple scan of the books barcode (or you can manually enter the title). It also lets you email and export the bibliographies to yourself. You’ll be glad you downloaded this app.

6. Mobile

Whether you’re reading a difficult book, need to expand your vocabulary for a paper, or even if your professor used a word you didn’t understand, using’s mobile app can be a real life saver. It is always good to have a dictionary on hand which is why this is one of the best apps for college students!

You definitely need to have these apps for college students downloaded on your phone!

7. Self Control

If you’re just about to start college, you will quickly learn that, unlike in high school, you actually have to spend time studying in college. With today’s technology, however, studying for long periods of time can be a real challenge. Well, with this app, you can pretty much force yourself to study. Simply set a period of time that you want to study for and add certain websites (facebook, twitter, reddit, etc.) to the app’s blacklist, and for that period of time those websites will be blocked. Whether you use it to study or get some homework done, this app will ensure you use the full time you set to do what you need to do – not even restarting your computer or even deleting it will negate the timer.

8. Studious

If you are addicted to your phone like a lot of college students are, that can become a real problem when you’re sitting in a class. Not only is it distracting, but a lot of professors do not like cell phones and will quickly put you on their bad side if your cell phone is heard or used during their class. Avoid the trouble by downloading Studious – once you input your class schedule, Studious will silence your phone during those times. This is definitely one of the apps for college students that can be a life-saver!

9. Skype

This is one you might not have expected to see on this list and you might even already have it, but if you don’t, you definitely should. College can be hard and very stressful, especially when you’re a freshman and away from home for the first time. By using Skype, you can keep in contact with your family and friends back home and/or at different schools. Set up a day and time once a week to chat with whomever you’d like via Skype – you’ll be surprised at how stress-relieving talking to and seeing the face of family or friends can be.

You definitely need to have these apps for college students downloaded on your phone!

10. Sworkit

Everyone has heard of the freshman 15. A word of advice – don’t underestimate it because it is a very real thing. You don’t need to pay for a gym membership or even go to the one on campus. All you need to do to stay in shape is download Sworkit – it features an extensive list of workout routines and allows you to set the amount of time you want to work out in five minute increments. Even if you only have five minutes every day, it’s better than nothing. This is definitely one of the best apps for college students, especially for ones trying to get in shape!

11. Mint

Between tuition, books, club fees, food, etc., college adds up quick. Mint is a web and mobile app that helps you keep track of your spending. This is an app you definitely want to have.

You definitely need to have these apps for college students downloaded on your phone!

12. Sleep If U Can Alarm

We’ve all made the mistake of signing up for those dreaded 8am classes, and sometimes they are just unavoidable. Whatever the case, you are paying for those classes, so it’s in your best interest to be there. If you are not a morning person, this is an app you need to have. Sleep If U Can gives you two options and two options only to silence the alarm – shake your phone or physically get up and go to the place shown on your screen and take a picture (ex: it could show you a bathroom sink to tell you to go to the bathroom, so you’ll get up and walk into the bathroom and take a picture of the bathroom to prove to the app you are up and then it will silence the alarm). Hey, it’s not nicknamed “worlds most annoying alarm” for nothing.

You definitely need to have these apps for college students downloaded on your phone!

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13. Pocket First Aid And CPR

You never know when this app might come in handy and God forbid you are ever in a situation where you need to use it, you’ll be glad you have it. Not only does this app feature clear CPR instructions, it also contains 34 videos and 46 high-resolution pictures. Having and utilizing this app while waiting for paramedics may just be what saves someone’s life. This is definitely one of the most helpful apps for college students to have on their phones!

14. SafeTrek

This is an app I personally urge every college student to have on their phone. Whether you’re walking back to your dorm from after a night class, walking back from a party, in an Uber with a sketchy driver, or whatever the case may be, you should be using this app. Simply hold down an alarm button on the app until you safely get where you’re going. If at any point you let go of the alarm button without promptly entering your pin number, the app will send your location to the local police to alert them that you need help.

15. Starbucks

This may be another unexpected app to be on this list, but it’s one you should have if you don’t already. College students love their coffee and this app can save you time and money. You can order and pay on the app so your order is ready and waiting for you when you get there. You can also save gift cards on the app, so you never have to worry about losing it. You can even earn points that will get you a free drink every now and then. This is definitely an app worth having. This is for sure one of the best apps for college students!

You definitely need to have these apps for college students downloaded on your phone!

16. Dunkin Donuts

This app is similar to the Starbucks one. Whether you prefer Dunkin over Starbucks or maybe Dunkin is just closer to you than Starbucks, you should have this app. Like the Starbucks app, you can order ahead of time to skip the line, save gift cards, as well as save money as some drinks are cheaper when you use the app.

17. UNiDAYS: Student Deals

You’d be surprised at just how many things you can get student discounts on. With this app, you can get student deals on everything from fashion to food, music, technology, and more. It’s also free to download, so there’s really no reason to not have this app.

18. Canvas Student

If your school is like mine and uses Canvas, you should download the Canvas app. With it, you can access all of your courses to view grades, submit assignments, keep track of course work with the to do list and calendar, send and receive messages, post to discussions, and pretty much anything else you would normally do when you log onto Canvas, just on-the-go.

19. MyFitnessPal

This is another useful app to help keep you healthy in college. You can use this app in conjunction with Sworkit to log your exercise, keep track of the food you’re eating and the calories you’re consuming, and even your water consumption. This is definitely one of the greatest apps for college students to have!

20. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

It’s no secret that college can be stressful, so it’s very important that you take steps regularly to de-stress. This app gives you access to instructed beginner, intermediate, and advanced video yoga classes, as well as guided audio meditations. You might just be surprised at how well this app serves your mental health.

You definitely need to have these apps for college students downloaded on your phone!

What are some other apps for college students you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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