5 USC YouTubers You Need To Check Out ASAP

We live in a time where social media influencers are highly prevalent. Whether they’re from Instagram or YouTube, you will most likely be inspired by at least one public figure, especially during your years at college. Ranging from healthy eating to daily vlogs, check out the list of 5 USC YouTubers you need to check out ASAP!

1. Katherout

Probably one of the most popular USC YouTubers, Katherine Berry covers topics from college advice to lifestyle tips. Some of her videos include “7 Things to Do Before You Graduate College,” “How to Have the BEST Semester of Your Life” and “7 Ways to Survive College!” Because Katherine heavily focuses her channel around her life and experiences at USC, it’s a great way for incoming freshmen (or in general, all students) to listen to her advice in order to not make the same mistakes.

2. PlayTheGameFilms

Justin Escalona uploads new film projects every Saturday afternoon onto his YouTube channel and is known for his aesthetically pleasing and relatable USC vlogs. Especially as a filmmaker, Justin utilizes his vlogs to implement some artistic and cinematic clips to awe the viewers. Some of his videos include “My Parents React to My USC Grades,” “What USC Finals Week Be Like” and “Day In the Life of a USC Lacrosse Player.”  

3. Annemariechase

Annemarie Allen is known in the YouTube community for creating content that covers college life, beauty and makeup, DIY projects and fashion. Although she recently graduated in the Spring of 2018, Annemarie still has a lot of useful and fun videos to look through, especially if you’re a fellow Trojan. Some of her videos include “College Week In My Life: Being an Introvert,” “Christmas Shopping Try-On Haul” and “Day In My Life: Finals at USC.”

4. Fiercelytasha

Having transferred from Loyola Marymount University to USC, Tasha Farsaci has great advice for future students who are considering on transferring to the University. Her channel revolves around college lifestyle as she creates content on beauty, fashion and USC. With her vlogs and advice videos, all USC students will pick up at least one or two pieces of info from her. Some of her videos include “OOTW: First Week of College Classes,” “12 College Wardrobe Essentials You NEED” and “GRWM: College Gameday At USC.”

See Also

  1. Girlmeetscamera

Unlike the previous USC Youtubers, Terry Nguyen uses her channel as a creative space for her artistic compilations of Los Angeles City and her life as a USC student. With her bubbly personality, Terry vlogs random snippets from her days and does so in a very relaxing and aesthetic fashion. Along with visually pleasing videos, she matches her clips with catchy and fun music. Some of her videos include “Meet The Dorm At USC,” “The College Roommate Tag (USC edition)” and “Getting My Summer Internship as a College Freshman.”

Erica Hur

Erica Hur is a student majoring in Communication at the University of Southern California. In her free time, she enjoys food photography, bullet journaling, and going on trips to Disneyland.

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