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7 Upcoming Video Games To Waste Time You Should Be Using To Study

7 Upcoming Video Games To Waste Time You Should Be Using To Study

Here are some of 2019’s upcoming video games that you’re going to want to check out. Not everyone thinks that playing video games 24/7 is a good way to spend one’s life, but they obviously haven’t played the right video game. We’ve all been waiting for some of these, but not Blizzard-awhile, so we don’t have to wait much longer.

1. Doom Eternal

Bethesda’s gold nugget comes out on November 29th, so be ready. Doom (2016) blew me away with its lore and FPS style of move-or-die. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of its multiplayer format, I haven’t loved a hellscape this much since the Diablo Trilogy (the upcoming mobile-abomination Diablo Immortal excluded).

The new Doom-HUD looks a little trite. They have the Doomslayer making Doomguy sounds (not sure how I feel about that). You can now interact with your environment more, climbing and swinging. Of this year’s upcoming video games, this is the one that I am the most excited about.


2. Borderlands 3

I absolutely love the Borderlands Series, and this beauty comes out September 13th. The gameplay looks smooth. You can now slide around. There’s an interactive environment. The weapons have alternate firing modes on the types of bullets they shoot. They’ve introduced radiation damage.

The graphics are amazing. One of my favorite parts of this series is the animation: it’s part Western, part steampunk, part rotoscope—and I love it. The humor in these games is always some of the best. Although Claptrap apparently has a different voice actor, it doesn’t feel too different.


3. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

This reboot of the franchise comes out October 25th. The dialogue differs depending on what actions you take. Apparently, there’re no zombies in this one. This installment will be modeling itself after the infamous “No Russian” level from Modern Warfare 2. That caused enough controversy that everyone should at least raise an eyebrow for this title.


4. Wolfenstein Youngblood

This FPS is just around the corner: July 26th. This one has the Buddy Pass system, which looks interesting. The gameplay looks a little odd and clunky at times, but the environment looks good on the wide shots. While I’ve never played a Wolfenstein game, this looks as good as any place to start.

5. Gears 5

This one comes out on September 10th. The Gears of War Series has maintained a high Metacritic rating. Chainsawing through your enemies is always a hoot. There’s an awesome storyline with many good campaigns. While I haven’t played the entirety of the series myself, I look forward to seeing what this installment has to offer.

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6. The Outer Worlds

This sci-fi Obsidian game comes out on October 25th. This has a similar style to the Fallout Series. There’s a tactical, time dilation meter for your combat and a possible, low intelligence dialogue (always interesting). Leonard Boyarsky has stated that this game has as much depth as you want it to have. This honestly just looks like a really fun game to play.


7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

From the first time I played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, I’ve been hooked on the Star Wars video game franchise. This pistol comes out November 15th. The gameplay looks like your average Star Wars game. Nothing to shake a stick at, but the graphics look good: although there’re enough graphics for you to eviscerate your enemies with a lightsabre, there’s no dismemberment. The movement looks smooth enough and I enjoy the droid that sits on the protagonist’s back. I would really like a new Star Wars: KOTOR now. Can I please just have another KOTOR?


As we approach 2020, what are the upcoming video games that you’re looking forward to playing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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