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5 Unusual Teas You Need To Try This Summer

5 Unusual Teas You Need To Try This Summer

5 Unusual Teas You Need To Try This Summer

Tea isn’t typically thought of as a summer drink — but it should be. With thousands of different blends and varieties, there are many unusual teas you probably haven’t tried before and you’d be surprised at how refreshing they can be on a hot summer day. Check out the top five unusual teas you should try this summer below. Some of them you can make yourself, some you have to go out and buy, but all of them are packed with flavor and a twist.

Thai Iced Tea

While a Thai restaurant might not be the first place you think of for tea, many offer exceptional Thai iced tea blends. Consider checking out Pure Thai Cookhouse in Hell’s Kitchen if you live in new York City or making your own Thai iced tea at home. All you need is a Thai tea blend, evaporated milk, sugar, condensed milk, and some ice to perfect your brew. This drink is perfect for people who enjoy a sugary Dunkin Donuts coffee in the morning alongside a donut. It’s definitely refreshing, but you do have to have a bit of a sweet tooth.

5 Unusual Teas You Need To Try This Summer

Ginger Pineapple Iced Tea

For the next unusual pick, check out Num Pang Sandwich Shop. This Chelsea favorite serves a variety of Cambodian foods and, you guessed it, plentiful tea options. Try their ginger pineapple iced tea on a hot summer day for a perfect, refreshing blend you probably won’t order at your local Starbucks. It packs a fruity punch without being overwhelmingly sweet and is best enjoyed on the poolside.

5 Unusual Teas You Need To Try This Summer

Blood Orange Iced Tea

Culture Espresso is a classic coffee shop in the Garment District and a perfect summer oasis to sit down and try some unusual teas. Take a break from work or stop by on the weekend for their blood orange iced tea. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to the steaming coffee blends you thought you came for. If you find yourself craving this unusual tea at home, try making it yourself. All you need is a blood orange, simple syrup, basil leaves, sparkling water, and a mix of hibiscus and black iced tea and you can follow an easy recipe online, delivering a juicy and delectable summer refresher.

5 Unusual Teas You Need To Try This Summer

Green Iced Tea With Pear

There’s nothing better than escaping the scalding summer heat and settling down in a bookstore for a few hours. McNally Jackson Books boasts a charming coffee shop better known for its delicious tea blends. Pick up a new book and settle down with a cup of green iced tea with pear. The pear adds a fun and interesting flavor to generic green tea that you won’t want to miss. This tea is best for people who claim they hate anything adventurous and refuse to try new things; it’s close enough to green tea to feel accessible and the pear taste is fairly subtle.

 blood orange 1 ounce simple syrup Sprig basil leaves (with Exceptional Black Iced Tea) or mint leaves (with Big Hibiscus) 1 quart sparkling water (preferably Topo Chico) 1 quart ice 1 Big Hibiscus Iced Tea quart sized sachet from Smith Teamaker 1 Exceptional Black Iced Tea quart sized sachet from Smith Teamaker Filtered water

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Tea Macchiato

Hit up the Upper West Side’s Shiny Tea New York for a wide selection of boba bubble teas. However, if you’re feeling especially adventurous try one of their most unusual tea blends: a tea macchiato. The foamed top provides an unexpected texture to the refreshing tea and you can still pick your favorite flavor of tea. You can’t make this unusual tea at home so head out and give it a try at least once. This pick is perfect for those rare people who claim they really can’t decide whether they are a tea or a coffee person — you can finally sort of have both.

5 Unusual Teas You Need To Try This Summer

Have you tried any of these unusual teas before? Or, do you have your own recommendation? Leave them down below in the comments section!

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