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Unpopular Opinion: Winter Is Better Than Summer

Unpopular Opinion: Winter Is Better Than Summer

Here's why winter is better than summer in my unpopular opinion and why you should believe that too! Check out my reasoning behind my opinion.

With summer being almost over, it got me thinking about all the reasons I believe winter is better than summer. I know that this is pretty much a highly unpopular opinion, but surely I can’t be the only one who would rather brave the cold in winter than the scorching heat in summer!

With that being said, I will try to convince all you summer lovers why winter should be crowned as being the superior season with this list of why winter is better than summer…

Unpopular Opinion: Winter Is Better Than Summer

1. All the cute jumpers you get to wear!

I know, this reason why winter is better than summer might sound pretty ridiculous and ever so slightly materialistic but I can’t fully explain to you the satisfying feeling of wearing a woolly, warm jumper when it’s freezing cold outside. It is literally the equivalent to being hugged by the sun- without exaggeration! Jumpers are also really cute to wear as well and go with just about any kind of outfit/ style! I love a good old crop jumper with a mini skirt/ dressy shorts and some biker boots…comment down below what your fav winter outfit is!

Unpopular Opinion: Winter Is Better Than Summer

2. The level of festivities!

If you really think about it, how much holidays actually are there in the summer period compared to in the winter season? The answer is not that many really! Winter is therefore way more superior than summer as it is the home to Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving and most importantly… Christmas!!! Lounging around swimming pools, going on picnics and eating all the ice lollies you can afford to buy is nothing compared to dressing up for that one epic Halloween bash you are dying to go to or making your Xmas tree look on theme for your Instagram- priorities of course! 😉 With that being said, there is way more fun to be had and more memories to be made during the festive winter season, therefore making it surpass summer as a direct consequence.

Unpopular Opinion: Winter Is Better Than Summer

3. Cosy nights in!

Yep, I know there was only one thing that came across your minds as you read that… Netflix!!! There is nothing better than when you have nowhere to be and it’s raining hard outside, so all you decide to do is to lie up all nice and cosy in your duvet, in the dark and binge watch your favourite TV shows! I like to complete the gloomy vibe by also watching something of the same nature- like the ever so gothic/ action packed Gotham! The sheer relief of not being able to go out in the cold, harsh weather when you don’t need to surely makes winter is better than summer without a doubt!

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Unpopular Opinion: Winter Is Better Than Summer

4. A Nice WARM Starbucks! 😉

Now this premise is the most STANDARD point as to why we ALL should love winter better than summer! All the amazingly favoured Starbucks drinks are just too delicious to live without, leaving all coffee lovers to count down the days until the winter period officially arrives! From the chai tea lattes to the infamous pumpkin spiced lattes- now of which can be made VEGAN with their new and improved syrup recipe FINALLY being ‘vegan friendly’ (queue clapping emoji!). The much needed ‘pick me up’ for when you have had a long day in the freezing cold is for sure a major reason as to why winter is better than summer!

Unpopular Opinion: Winter Is Better Than Summer

Now all that is left to do is for you to make a decision for yourselves in the comment section! Please do feel free to tell us if this article has managed to convert all you summer lovers out there or if you are still not convinced as of yet!

Did we successfully convince you that winter is better than summer? Let us know in the comment section below!

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