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Unknown Remote Jobs That Every Introvert Should Consider Applying For

Unknown Remote Jobs That Every Introvert Should Consider Applying For

Remote jobs are made for those who want to be in the comfort of their home but also be able to make some great money! Here are some unknown remote jobs that you may find some interest in!

1. Tutoring

Tutoring is a great remote job for those who like to teach or simply like working with children. This job option depends entirely on whether you are comfortable with children and teaching or not. Ps. there are online tutoring choices that do not require you to have a degree or certificate to work for the company.

Tutoring jobs vary in their pay for each company. They mostly vary from 10 dollars to 20 dollars an hour and anywhere in between. Here are some great tutoring companies that you may find an interest in..

  • Cambly

Pay – $10.20 per hour

*Schedule is flexible

  • Open English

Pay – $10 – $15 per hour


*Minimum of 10 hours per week, also has a flexible schedule

  • Palfish

Pay – $10 – $15 per hour

*Completely flexible


If you are looking for a job that has flexible hours, pays well, and allows you to be at home, then online tutoring may be a great fit for you! Look into these tutoring jobs and see if they do work for you or for a friend. 

Unknown Remote Jobs That Every Introvert Should Consider Applying For

2. Survey Taker

Being a Survey Taker is a pretty simple job to partake in. It can be done in your free time, put extra money in your pocket, and does not take you out of your house. Introverts will certainly like this job. You will not be face to face with anyone throughout your time of working. 


The pay rewarded for being a survey taker is not always the best. However, if you need another side job that will help put more money in your pockets, then definitely consider this job. Here are some Survey companies that offer online jobs…

  • Survey Junkie

Pay – $1-$3 per survey

  • Pinecone Research

Pay – a minimum of $3 per survey

  • Inbox Dollars

Pay- Up to $5 per survey

  • Swag Bucks

Pay – $0.40-$2 per survey

This is a perfect job to work on when on break, sitting around your house, or anywhere else. Extra money is always good. So, do not miss out on this opportunity to earn more money today! Check it out for yourself. 


Unknown Remote Jobs That Every Introvert Should Consider Applying For

3. Telemarketer

Telemarketing seems like an unfavorable job to have. Yet, you can make great money working for this job! Most introverts may not enjoy this job simply because you do have to sell a product and regularly get rejected by people. However, that still does not take away from this being a good remote job.

Whether you are an excellent communicator or not, this job may fit your overall job requirements you are looking for. With some training and growth, you will be able to find your place in the Telemarketer world. Here are some Telemarketing jobs that you may like…

  • Paylidify 

Pay – $4,500- $8,500 a month

  • ePowerOn

Pay – $26,000- $37,000

  • Lead Generation Development

Pay – $12- $16 an hour


This job may be out of your comfort zone, but it is worth the time to look into if you desire to find a good-paying remote job. See for yourself.

Unknown Remote Jobs That Every Introvert Should Consider Applying For

4. Media Manager

Being a Media Manager for an online small business or a bigger business is great for those who are creative and who love making unique content. Media has become so huge over the past 10-15 years! Therefore, many businesses have started building their presence on all social platforms. This means that they need a team to help keep up with the social trends for their company’s growth. 


If you choose to work for a more prominent company, then you will need experience and/or a degree in that specific field. I suggest you find a small business you admire and see what positions they have open. This is also a great way to grow with the company. Here are some trusted businesses that offer jobs in media that you may be interested in…

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  • Final Straw

Pay – $19k- $24k a year

  • Hash Node

Pay – contract

  • Brain Jolt

Pay – competitive salary

If you are looking for an enjoyable and creative remote job, this one is for you! Find the business you would love to work with.


Unknown Remote Jobs That Every Introvert Should Consider Applying For

5. Transcribing

Transcribing should be one of the first remote jobs you look into for the simple fact that it is so easy to get into. When you choose to get into Transcribing, you can find that it is a job that is flexible, pays well, and takes very little effort! This job fits most if not all people who are seeking an at-home job.

I do want to mention that this job consists of a lot of typing, sitting, and brainpower! The amount of work you are looking at all depends on the transcription project you are assigned or choose. However, this job is great for those who are willing to work and make money. Here are some companies that are currently offering transcription jobs…

  • 3Play Media
  • Up Work

If interested in transcription jobs, then certainly look into some. 

Unknown Remote Jobs That Every Introvert Should Consider Applying For

6. Online Seller 

The last remote job we will be mentioned in this article will be online seller jobs. This job is completely uncommon and is almost entirely independent. To become an online seller, you can create a business yourself (which is a little more complicated) or help a small business owner sell their merchandise.


Creating your own business does not have to be stressful or anything of that nature! Simply find something you love to make and advertise the product to those around you. You can also sell your own clothes, accessories, or etc. through social media. People love to find great products at a lower price, even if it has been worn a few times. 

However, if you choose to become an online seller, keep in mind that this job is meant to give you some control back. So, take advantage of the ways that you can do your own thing and even maybe do something you love!

Unknown Remote Jobs That Every Introvert Should Consider Applying For


If you are looking for great unknown remote-jobs, then I hope this article gave you what you needed to pick a job to apply for! Comment below if you have ever worked a remote job!

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