10 University of Pittsburgh GIFs That Describe Being A Student

University of Pittsburgh is a wonderful school that is a lot of fun to go to. However, all the students are the same and relate to these few things. Here's what it's like to be a University of Pittsburgh student.

Here are 10 GIFs that describe being a University of Pittsburgh student!

1. How you feel when you return to Pittsburgh and you can see Cathy <3 in the distance, you know you’re home. (Fun fact: The Cathedral of Learning is the tallest academic building in the world reaching a height of 535 feet with 42 floors).

You know this is true if you go to University of Pittsburgh.

2. If you read these and you can hear the automated voice in your head________________ “Walk sign is on to cross Fifth” or “Walk sign is on to cross Bigelow.”

3. When you have to tell non-pitt students what H2P means. smh. HAIL TO PITT

4. Do you even go to Pitt if you don’t post a daily Cathy pic on your story. She has no bad angles.download

5. Trying to figure out where to study during finals because there are no spots in Hillman or Cathy.tenor

6. If you live on upper campus and the 10A isn’t running you have to pick the lesser of two struggles up cardiac hill or the chevron steps.                                                   

 7. When Sweet Caroline comes on and you now sing “let’s go pitt”image

8. Adjusting what time you leave your room so that you can grab coffee before class.giphy

9. When the security guard at the gym acts like you’re being carded even though his only job is to swipe you in.                                                                                           oXQZH3x

 10. When you go to the top of Cathy and get to see Pittsburgh in a “whole new” way…200

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Featured Image Source: weheartit.com