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What Happens At University of Nebraska Lincoln Freshman Orientation

What Happens At University of Nebraska Lincoln Freshman Orientation

University of Nebraska Lincoln freshman orientation is informative. Here is what happens at University of Nebraska Lincoln orientation you need to know.

Yay, congrats! After putting in effort to apply to UNL, you got in.  Now all you have to do is to attend orientation. New Student Enrollment Day (freshman orientation) is consider the first big college marker in your career. Yet, NSE can be scary if not given the right guidance. However, down below is what every freshman needs to know before entering NSE Day. Here’s what goes down at University of Nebraska Lincoln orientation.

1. First Things, First: Try to Make Friends with Your Orientation Leader.

When you walk into the conference room, you will be introduced to NSE orientation leaders through a presentation.  Usually, they do a cheer chant introducing everyone, age, and their major. This process goes on for a good thirty minutes before you get sweet freedom from your parents. If the leaders seem friendly, that’s because they are! The leaders are there to make sure you day is as smooth as possible. Along the way, leaders also give their personal stories and tips to avoid some of the challenges they faced freshman year.

2. Time to Make Small Talk.

I know, trying to talk about where you come from gets boring after the fifth time. Although, NSE groups are first divided by which college your major is in. For instance, everyone in that college goes to their advisement meetings together. This is the perfect opportunity to meet some people before the first day of classes. Later in the day, groups are again rearranged so a diverse collection of people get to know each other. The orientation leaders also make it priority to have ice breaker games to ease the awkwardness on the tour. For example, games like Would You Rather and Never Have I Ever are played frequently.


3. Make Sure You Have Plans A, B, and C for Classes.

The most important part of the day is signing up for classes. You get a chance to talk to your adviser; but waiting to schedule online can take an hour or two. Even then, by the time a computer is free, that Statistics class you wanted instead of Calculus may be full. Before attending, the university has an online course catalog to review. So it would be helpful to get a list of classes you want to take ahead of time to make sure all bases are covered.


4. Lunch in the Closest Place to the Union, Selleck.



Selleck is a residential and dining hall right on the union quad. The location is a bonus when someone has a short lunch break. Yet, Selleck houses the most standard food for tours. There are very few dining halls open in the summer. The best way to experience all the food University of Nebraska Lincoln has to offer is to eat at a different dining hall everyday the first week of school.

Selleck Dining Hall

5. Walking Is Your Frenemy.

The University of Nebraska Lincoln campus is absolutely gorgeous. From fountains to flowers, it known as one of the most aesthetic grounds around town. Yet, it may be a miserable experience if someone not in the right shoes. City campus is a larger plot of buildings filled with rocks and characterized sidewalks, very easy to trip. And with the constant movement of the tour, it would feel like trying to keep up in a marathon with only a five-minute break. Please make sure you have comfortable walking shoes and right clothes for weather.

Union fountain

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 6. Enjoy the Show!

The leaders at the end of the tour put on a personalized skit for the group. Jokes were made ranging from Drake and Josh, Inside Out, to country Taylor Swift. It’s cheesy, but a way to catch your breath after the long day. Plus, count have many movie and TV show references they make!

7. Listen with Open Ears and Open Heart.

The most important point to take away is to relax and pay attention. This is the start of YOUR next chapter. Everything said on NSE Day is to help you start college off right. What better way to start college than being prepared?


Firmness studying

To all the new freshman out there, college is a start to discover you. It is an intimidating journey; but NSE is not one part that journey to fear. Furthermore, for the next four years new UNL students learn there is no place like University of Nebraska Lincoln.

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