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Unisex Styles to Try this Summer

Unisex Styles to Try this Summer

Despite how much one might love the maximalist style, there is no doubt that the basics are making a big statement this summer. Unisex styles have been around for some time and they have permanently become my favorite basics. I am a victim of buying too many bold pieces & often find myself regretting most of my purchases, but by investing in some unisex styles I have created a good foundation for the summer. By the looks of it so far this summer is going to be a hot one, and according to your work and vacation schedule, it’s going to be a busy one. Here are some unisex style items, both versatile and voguish, that can work for everyone this summer.

  • Button-up shirts

Button-up shirts have always been a masculine staple in any man’s closet, but this summer they have become a hot commodity for anyone looking to bring comfort & class to their wardrobe. A button-up can be worn with or without an undershirt- it is completely up to you! One could pair it with a tee underneath to add dimension to their outfit. You can even wear it over a bathing suit as a cute coverup. You can choose to leave a few buttons at the bottom undone to tie yourself up a classy-crop top. On the other hand, unbutton a few at the top & size up to create a button-up dress. You could further feminize the outfit by pairing it with a belt to accentuate your waist. In other words, the possibilities are endless. 

  • Dickies pantsDickies straight-leg work pant styled as a going out pant

Dickies pants, more than other unisex styles, have been making their way back into the fashion industry for a few decades now. Originally created as Ranch wear for boys & men, they have recently taken on a new persona of regenerated 90s culture. The straight-leg fit of Dickies pants makes them a great unisex staple for all ages. My two personal favorite styles are the straight-leg work pant & the straight-leg cargo pant, both easily dressed up or down for any occasion. If you are worried about being confined to a certain shade of denim, don’t fret. Dickies pants come in a wide range of shades so you might as well get a couple in different colors while you are at it.

  • The dad shoeNew Balance sneakers paired with tall socks

Despite the name, unisex styles of shoes aren’t just limited to dad. The dad shoe is characterized by the style of sneaker commonly worn by dads & middle-aged men. Where one might think, “Oh wow dad, those are embarrassing”, another might ask, “where did you get those & how fast can I get my hands on some?” Some popular brands that sell the dad shoe style are New Balance, Asics, and Nike. I recommend buying a pair in white, gray, or brown- because they truly go with everything. Within minutes of getting my first pair of New Balance 550s, they became my staple shoe of the summer. There is a multitude of wide or narrow fits one can choose from & when I say comfort, I mean COMFORT. 

  • Tank tops

I know, I know. Tank tops are not the most original idea when it comes to “basic pieces”, but hear me out. Tank tops, like many other pieces, are being revamped in a very fashionable way. Many brands, such as Skims & Free People, have incorporated tanks into their summer must-haves. Talk about a versatile piece of clothing! they look great with jeans, jean shorts, pants, running shorts, & even skirts! Undoubtedly, tank tops are going to keep you cool during the summer, & you’ll look cool too.

  • Quarter socks 

Quarter socks have become all I wear. As opposed to your regular ankle sock, quarter socks prevent blisters, provide comfort, and stand out. Getting a pair that come up an inch above your ankle helps lengthen your legs. they go well with a variety of shoe styles, such as sneakers, running shoes, & clogs. 

  • Crew neck sweatshirts 

Despite how hot & sweaty wearing a crew neck during the summer sounds, there is one way that is both fashionable & functional. Sometimes we need to be able to throw on another layer in a cold restaurant or at work, so investing in a unisex crewneck isn’t a bad idea. I great way that I love to wear my crew neck sweatshirts are crossbody & knotted in the front. it adds a texture & layers to your fit without you feeling smothered, & it looks great on anyone. you could try this technique with a street look or an athletic one, whichever fits your lifestyle better!

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  • Trucker hatsTrucker hat worn during outdoor summer activities

Like most of the items already listed, trucker hats are making their comeback in 2022 as a great unisex style. originally given the name because they were largely used by truck drivers, trucker hats are becoming a fashion statement. Guys- hats are hot. I am a hat phenetic & trucker hats may be my favorite accessory of the entire year. some brands to check for your hat needs are Boys Lie & Wish Me Luck. They have a variety of different designs & colors, which is a great way to try matching some basics with a busy accessory. if you want a more masculine hat, Bass Pro trucker hats are becoming extremely popular. If you are already planning on scavenging your dad’s closet for a pair of his shoes, check for a trucker hat while you are at it. 

  • Fanny packs Chic fanny pack styled on the hip with mom jeans & crop top

This list would not be complete without a bag & fanny packs are the summer staple bag must-have. they can be sporty or chic, depending on the brand. Some good brands of sporty fanny packs are Patagonia & Fjallraven, both available online. for a more dressy look, the brands Madewell and Skims have options as well. In addition, they can be worn cross-body, on one shoulder, or around your waist. If you are planning on attending any concerts this summer, a clear fanny pack would be a great way to go about clear bag mandates. 

This summer doesn’t limit yourself to just the men’s or women’s section. Unisex styles & pieces work for everyone, it just takes a little personalization. Shopping can be hard, especially when you are worried about fitting a construct as simple as the men’s or women’s section of a store. Unisex styles are styles that work for both sexes, so there is no doubt in my mind they will work for you too.