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12 Unique Ways To Spice Up Your Charcuterie Board

Are you a charcuterie board enthusiast? If so, you may find yourself getting bored of the typical bread-and-cheese layouts. From sweet treats to breakfast foods, our curated list of charcuterie board layouts will diversify your kitchen. With the new year bringing in new ideas, impress all your friends by mixing it up! Here are 12 unique charcuterie board ideas to bring to your get-togethers!

1. Charcuterie Wreath

The holidays are just around the corner! Impress your friends and family by contributing a unique charcuterie wreath to the appetizer table. All you need to accomplish this design are toothpicks and a circular plate. Whether you’re into cheese and salami or tomatoes and candied pickles, this board is a great way to use your imagination. Stick those toothpicks through your snacks of choice and start assembling!

2. Burrito Board

Who doesn’t love a good burrito? Roll your burritos up with the meat and toppings of your choice and assemble them around sauce bowls. Whether your guests are into classic salsa, sour cream, or guacamole, your charcuterie board can incorporate the perfect variety of sauce options. Take it a step further by making each burrito unique with different types of meat. Satisfy your hunger in a distinctive way by trying this board out.

3. Everything Board

If you’re not exactly sure what to put on your charcuterie board, why not add a little bit of everything? Assemble your choice of bread, cheese, nuts, and fruit to create a comprehensive board that is sure to have something for everybody. Make your board aesthetically pleasing by garnishing it with leaves and greens.

4. Breakfast Board

Ahh, breakfast. The most important, yet most underrated, meal of the day. Breakfast is probably the last theme on your mind when creating a charcuterie board, which is exactly why you should use it for your next one! Give this board plenty of variety by including both pancakes and waffles along with fresh fruit and toppings. You can even include your classic breakfast beverages, like coffee and orange juice. Wake up in style and start the day out right.

5. Pizza Board

If you’re anything like me, pizza is one of your constant cravings. Spice up your next gathering by putting together a pizza board! This is an easy and fun way for you to get creative. Include pizza toppings of multiple variations to satisfy every guest’s craving. Sauce choices could range from ranch and blue cheese to marinara and hot sauce. Take it a step further by incorporating breadsticks, pasta, wings, and even a tasty dessert to finish off!

6. Candy Board

If you have a sweet tooth, the candy charcuterie board is calling your name! Not only is this board to die for, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Sort your candy of choice by color and bring it to your next get-together. Whether you’re a jellybean fanatic or a chocolate lover, this board can be curated in any creative way. Include pocky sticks of different colors to make your board pop.

7. Dessert Board

Speaking of chocolate – make this delicious treat your main theme by crafting a dessert board! This board can be accomplished with any variety of chocolate. Assemble your board with both dark chocolate and milk chocolate, or stick to one type. Creating a chocolate fondue is a great way to make this board stand out. Adding chocolate-dipped strawberries to your board along with other fresh berries is sure to make this dessert layout mouthwatering.

8. Hot Cocoa Board

With winter coming in full-swing, it’s time to bust out the hot cocoa! Craft a unique charcuterie board by filling it with hot cocoa toppings. Use different marshmallow varieties, peppermint sticks, and other delicious toppings to decorate your board. Prepare your hot cocoa in a crockpot so that guests can simply fill their mugs and start crafting their perfect drink!

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9. Bagel Board

If you’re a fan of bagels, you’ve come to the right place! Spice up your charcuterie board by theming it with bagels all around. From plain bagels to everything bagels, this board can easily be diversified with plenty of choices. Guests can make their dream bagel with the endless choices on this board. Add small bowls of cream cheese toppings along with fruit, veggies, cheese, and seasonings to really step up your charcuterie game!

10. Baked Potato Board

Baked potatoes make the world go round! Baked potatoes are a simple yet creative way to style your charcuterie board. You can top your baked potatoes with anything your heart desires, making this board a great way to satisfy anyone’s hunger according to personal preference. This board is more focused on a variety of toppings rather than food choices. However, if you want to include another food choice, add tortilla chips and a chili dip to complement this board. From bacon bits and shredded cheese to sour cream and ham, the options are endless!

11. Cookie Board

If you’re the type of person who is obsessed with baking, the cookie board is a fun and unique way to display your tasty treats. Make your board holiday-themed with gingerbread and snowflake cookies, or use this board year-round by baking batches of any flavor! Sugar cookies in particular are the perfect way to design your cookies according to the theme of any party you’ll be attending. Impress your friends with this yummy and personalized board.

12. Birthday Board

If you’re looking to really impress your loved one on their special day, create a birthday board! Fill the board with their favorite snacks to really earn those brownie points. Using the appropriate numbered stencils for the cheese is a great way to emphasize their birthday. Additionally, if your loved one prefers salty over sweet, a charcuterie board is the perfect alternative to a birthday cake. Garnish your birthday board with candles if you want to go all-out!

Which of these charcuterie boards do you plan on recreating? Drop a comment below with your favorite idea!

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