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Unique Ways To Celebrate This Fourth Of July

If the typical block party is not the ideal way for you to celebrate this Fourth of July, don’t worry because there are plenty of other fun ways to spend the day!

Here’s a list some of the top unique ways to celebrate this year!

Have a Movie Marathon

While Fourth of July is typically a day to spend outside in the sun, maybe this is the year you switch it up a bit! Hosting a massive movie marathon with your friends could be a great way to celebrate the day! Host the marathon with some fun patriotic snacks, and create a line-up of fun movies! A great way to end this day, and stay in the fun outdoor spirit of the Fourth of July, would be with an outdoor movie projected onto a big screen! Regardless of how you go about this movie marathon, it is a great option for the fourth this year!

Go to a Museum

This is a way to spend the Fourth of July that will require a bit of planning, due to the fact that many museums might be closed! However, museums, such as the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, will be open and ready for you this Fourth of July! This is an option where you can spend the day appreciating the historic beauty of a museum, allowing a sophisticated celebration of the day!

Go to a Fancy Rooftop Dinner

This is obviously not an all-day option to celebrate this Fourth of July, but it is the greatest end to the day! Gather a group of friends, pick out chic Fourth of July ensembles, and celebrate the holiday with great food at a fancy rooftop restaurant. It’s possible to find a restaurant with an amazing view of fireworks in Los Angeles, such as Boxwood on the Roof, so do some research, make a reservation, and get ready for an amazing celebration!

Host a Patriotic Potluck

This might not be the most unique way to celebrate the Fourth of July, but it is definitely a great option that you might not have been the host for before! Encourage your guests to bring any sort of patriotic-themed entree or dessert, and it will be a fun way to get to showcase everybody’s fun (most likely Pinterest-inspired) creations! A way to add another fun element to this potluck idea could be to have a competition of some sort between everyone’s food contributions! However you decide to host the patriotic potluck, it is an exciting, creative way to spend this Fourth of July!

See Also

Kick off a Summer Road Trip

Summer simply is not complete without at least one road trip! Why not start off the trip on the Fourth of July? This is a great way to spend quality time with your friends, family, or whoever you decide to take with you on your summer road trip adventure! Chances are that if you are cruising a highway such as Pacific Coast Highway, you will be able to catch some killer fireworks in the view in the distance! Make yourself a killer playlist, plan fun stops along the way, and get driving this Fourth of July!

Have a Spa Day

This is a way that I personally would LOVE to celebrate the Fourth of July. I often feel that there is such an expectation for a busy, party-filled day on this holiday, so I think this is an amazing way to go completely in the opposite direction in terms of day plans! Reserve a spot for you and your closest friends at a spa in your area, and allow a day to yourself as you get pampered! What could possibly be better than a massage, facial, and maybe some champagne as a cherry on top of this spa day outing!?

Here are some of my top suggestions for a unique way to celebrate this Fourth of July! Will you be taking part in any of these options? Let us know what you have planned down below in the comments!

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