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5 Unique Side Hustles You Totally Never Heard Of

5 Unique Side Hustles You Totally Never Heard Of

In need of some extra cash? You often hear the same thing about side hustles such as driving for Uber, babysitting or just getting a part-time job, but perhaps you’re looking for something with not only a flexible schedule, but also something that doesn’t involve kids, or where you’ll have to spend a lot of gas money.

You’re seeing a lot of different jobs on Indeed but you’re having trouble finding the right one for you. You need a job where you can easily balance your school and work life, you’re looking for something where you can utilize your skills, or perhaps you’re looking for something that you’ve never heard of before.

Look no further! Here are 5 Unique Side Hustles You Totally Never Heard Of.

Just Answer

Just Answer is a website where individuals and ask questions and have them answered by an expert, which is where YOU come in.

People on this site may ask questions ranging from a variety of different categories such as medical, legal, technological, and much more.

The site will need someone who knows what they’re talking about and Just Answer will require you to provide some sort of certificate of license to provide that you will be able to understand and answer these questions.

You can work whenever you want and answer as many questions as you can fit into your day and get paid, just like that!

5 Unique Side Hustles You Totally Never Heard Of


This site is great for freelance labor! Task Rabbit matches ou with local jobs such as cleaning, moving, furniture assembly, or a personal assistant.

Task Rabbit notifies you of potential jobs nearby and you select the one that you want to complete. You can determine what you will charge for your hourly rate.

I recommend this site mainly for construction workers or those who are good with handyman jobs as that is what the majority of tasks are usually geared towards but there are also other tasks such as shopping, sewing, pet sitting, and even office administration that one might be interested in.

5 Unique Side Hustles You Totally Never Heard Of


Are you an ideas person who has a hard time taking action? Then help invent products on Quirky! Quirky is a crowdfunding invention website where anyone can submit ideas for new products. Accepted ideas are further developed by the crowd and eventually sold. The person with the original idea, along with anyone else who contributes along the way, receives a royalty for every item sold. Some people have earned thousands of dollars – just for sharing their ideas.

5 Unique Side Hustles You Totally Never Heard Of

Rent A Friend

Yes, you can actually get paid to be someone’s friend at an hourly rate. is often used for people who are new in town and may need someone to show them around or perhaps even teach them a new skill or hobby. There are a variety of different activities that they may want to use it for such as a workout partner, a tutor, or perhaps someone to bring at a family function. You can set your own rate such as 25-50$ per hour.

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I definitely would not recommend this to everyone, it really depends on your personality but it’s not a bad money making idea.

5 Unique Side Hustles You Totally Never Heard Of

Sell Your Pictures On EyeEm or Shutterstock

Calling all professional and wannabe photographers! Use your camera or iPhone to take amazing stock photos and sell them for a bit of cash.

Typically platforms like these are based on commission but EyeEm, for example, gives you guidelines, tips, and tricks for what photo trends that you should be looking for. 

Once you start uploading photos, start add tags and more tags in order to make it easier for your photos to be seen.

Perhaps use your local community and start taking pictures around the park, go to museums, food or music festivals and in order to take some great shots.

5 Unique Side Hustles You Totally Never Heard Of

Have you ever tried any of these unique side hustles? If so, how was your experience?  Maybe you have a few side hustles of your own that you’d like to share? If so, comment below and share your experiences with us!

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