Unique Salon Services You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

These salon services are unique, and you've probably never tried them before! Here are some of our favorite salon and spa services!

We all deserve to pamper ourselves to a salon and spa day. It helps us relax and take care of our physical appearance and confidence! Getting a haircut or facial can be a stress reliever for a stressed out student or struggling post grad. We all know the typical salon services that can be found at any spa or salon, but there are some unique salon services that people enjoy. Whether its a vampire facial or dry brushing session, there’s a variety of unique services you should try. Many of your favorite celebrities and influencers have tried these salon services. If you’re all about bragging about the latest trends, it’s time to take note and book some spa and salon appointments! Here are some unique salon services you’ve probably never heard of.

Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing is mixture of exfoliating and massage by using a dry brush. Beauty is pain, so expect this to hurt! Your masseuse will move the brush in circular motion to help stimulate your circulation and lymphatic drainage, that will help release toxins from your body. Dry brushing can also help get rid of cellulite and tighten your skin! It’s important to exfoliate because it gets rid of old skin, dirt and can help you look younger! DO NOT use a hair brush, If you plan on dry brushing yourself! Go to you’re local beauty supply to buy a dry brush or have a professional do it for you! This is a salon and spa service you’ve probably never heard of!

Unique Salon Services You've Probably Never Heard Of


Body Splashing

Imagine standing in a room naked and having a masseuse throw various ingredients at you. Some ingredients being yoghurt, fruit, and essential oils mixed together. Your body is being used as a canvas while those ingredients are the paint. This service isn’t cheap! If you’re on a budget, open your fridge and use your moms leftover fruit and yogurt. Have your partner throw it at you, it’ll probably get them excited and lead to a hook up session! If you’re fine with wasting food and money, this service is for you!


There are salons that will give clients botox while dying or blow drying their hair! Please take the time to do further research before trying this out! This service is supposed to be done by a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL! There should be no shortcuts or cheating when it comes to botox and getting your hair done! Getting botox is fine but don’t let it become an addiction and take over your life! There is botox for your hair which can get rid of split ends and frizzy hair. This is a salon and spa service you’ve probably never heard of!

Unique Salon Services You've Probably Never Heard Of

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Vampire Facial

Many celebrities have gotten this facial. Do not try this facial, If you are afraid of blood! This facial uses your own blood to promote healthy and active skin cells! The specialist will take blood from your arm then transfer it to a needle and move it around your face. Its recommended to try this procedure on a weekend because your face will be red and puffy! Imagine getting a face tattoo but with blood, that’s how it feels like! If you’re afraid of needles, DO NOT try this! This is perfect for people who are into beauty trends and have a high pain tolerance! People have noticed their skin being softer and looking smooth after this facial. This is a salon and spa service you’ve probably never heard of!

Unique Salon Services You've Probably Never Heard Of

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