Unique Places To Travel To All Over The World

There are always those typical travel destinations that everyone knows about like France, Italy, Mexico, etc, but there are so many awesome locations that are very underrated! Spice up your wanderlust and check out some of these unique places all over the world! 


Switzerland is a lovely unique travel destination known for its political neutrality, watches, chocolates, ski resorts, and gorgeous landscapes. Here are some of the main attractions:

Zurich: This is the largest city in Switzerland and has many beautiful, historic architectural structures.

Lucerne: A beautiful, medieval city in the Alps.

Geneva: Geneva is known for the United Nations headquarters, French influence, and gorgeous lakes and castles.

Unique Places To Travel To All Over The World


A stunning, unique Scandinavian country, Denmark is known for its castles, cobblestone streets, Hans Christian Anderson, and the world’s happiest people! Be sure to have these attractions on your list when visiting:

Copenhagen: Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is a lovely 18th century Rococo style city full of castles and history. You will feel like royalty here!

Aarhus: This is a city containing lots of museums and Viking styled architecture.

Odense: Home to the famous writer Hans Christian Anderson, this is the third-largest city of Denmark.

Unique Places To Travel To All Over The World


A bit of an underrated, unique travel destination is Ireland! Land of delicious beer, redheads, and stone cliffs, this place is perfect for a good time in pubs as well as tourism and hiking. 

Dublin: Capital of Ireland, Dublin is known for its historic castles, the Guinness Storehouse, Temple Bar, and lots of beautiful parks. 

Belfast: Home of the Titanic when it was built, Belfast is also known for its’ gorgeous city hall, Belfast castle and botanic gardens. 

Galway: A harbor city on the west coast, Galway is home to many original pubs and folk music, cathedrals, and stone-clad cafes. 

Unique Places To Travel To All Over The World

Czech Republic

Another unique travel destination, the Czech Republic is a very Euro, fun place full of great food, beer, and medieval architecture. 

Prague: Capital of Czech, be sure to check out the castes here as well as St. Charles Bridge.

Karlovy Vary: Known for its thermal springs, it is basically a spa town and very famous resort.

Cesky Krumlov: Get lost in this stunning baroque style city!

Unique Places To Travel To All Over The World

South Africa

A super unique place to visit, South Africa may be very underrated! It has by far some of the most beautiful lagoons, beaches, and wine lands. Make sure to check off these places when traveling here!

Cape Town: Capital of South Africa, it is a large port city full of beautiful views and access to the ocean.

Johannesburg: Home to Nelson Mandela and the famous Apartheid.

Unique Places To Travel To All Over The World

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful unique places to travel to on your next vacation. Super close to Australia, and one of the safest countries, it has both a city vibe along with a tropical, exotic feel with all the wildlife! 

Auckland: A bustling city but also full of hiking trails, mountains, and beaches. Known as the “City of Sails”.

Marlborough: Home to some of the best wine in the world!

Wellington: New Zealand’s capital, it has some of the best cafes and harbor city life.

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Unique Places To Travel To All Over The World


Canada is one of the largest and definitely one of the most unique places to visit in North America. Divided into multiple provinces, you can explore the wilderness, city life, and lake life here!

Montreal: The largest city in the Quebec province, you will find your inner Frenchy here with all the mimicked Parisian vibes. 

Toronto: Capital of Ontario, it has a crazy amazing city life along the beautiful Lake Ontario. 

Vancouver: A super vibrant coastal city in the British Columbia part of Canada. 

Unique Places To Travel To All Over The World


Dive into the electric culture when visiting Japan! Super modern but also very unique, Japan if full of art, Asian style gardens, beaches, and of course delicious sushi!

Kyoto: Explore the temples, shrines, castles and Japanese gardens here!

Tokyo: Capital of Japan, be sure to see the museums, Goddess of Mercy’s temple, Tokyo tower, and the vibrant city life! 

Unique Places To Travel To All Over The World


A spicy, colorful country, Argentina is a must-have for unique travel destinations. Be ready to soak up the sun during the day and dance tango all night!

Buenos Aires: Capital of Argentina, be sure to check out Casa Rosada (the presidential palace), Recoleta cemetery, and La Boca- a bright, fun area of the city full of artists, cafes, and other attractions. 

Torres del Paine National Park: A huge, gorgeous national park containing glaciers and lakes. 

Unique Places To Travel To All Over The World

There are so many unique places to travel to all over the world that are not as popular but should definitely be on your bucket list! What are some of your favorites?

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