10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This Year

Mother's Day gifts are a chance for you to show your mom just how much you adore her. Check out this unique gift ideas so you can make sure you get her the best gift possible.

Mother’s Day gifts can be repetitive after a few years. Moms only need so many #1 Mom mugs! And the woman, who has put up with all your childhood shenanigans, deserves extraordinary gifts this year so you can show her just how much you love and appreciate her for all she’s done for you and your siblings. Here is 10 unique Mother’s Day gifts that you can give your mom this year to show her how much you love her.

1. Sound Wave Necklace

Jewelry might seem like an obvious present and you might have even given necklaces to your mom before. But this year, you can create a custom and sentimental necklace that she doesn’t have in her jewelry collection yet. This sound wave necklace is simple and minimalist but it can be very meaningful. Choose a short message said by the entire family or a personal heartbeat and your mom will wear a necklace that reminds her everyday just how much she’s loved. She’s never gotten any Mother’s Day gifts that could mean so much but looks so simple.

10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This Year

2. Portable Photo Printer

She’s the family photographer. Every moment of your life from your first steps to your high school graduation, your mom has been there to capture it on film. Not to mention, she’s also the best Instagram photographer. She gets all the right angles with the best lighting. This Mother’s Day, you can upgrade her photography game by buying her this portable photo printer. You can bring back the nostalgia of Polaroid cameras and instant photos without her worrying about wasting film or getting an imperfect shot. She can just put that camera app on her phone to good use and print the ones she likes best on the go.

10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This Year

3. Wooden Portable Paint Easel

If your mom is an artist but has been too busy being a super mom to pick up a brush, you can encourage her to take some time for herself and her craft this year. This portable paint easel comes with paint palette and also doubles as a carrying case for all her paints and brushes. She can take her painting outdoors and explore the neighborhood or just enjoy some peace and quiet as she reinvests in herself and enjoy some time for herself. 10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This Year

4. Wooden Cheese Board and Knife Set

Wine is your mom’s favorite drink. Her wine glass could use a great companion so get her this wooden cheese board with a built-in knife set. It’s a nice, luxurious present with built-in storage. Now she can enjoy all her cheese, crackers, and grapes to accompany her wine at the end of the day as a reward for being such a great mom.10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This Year

5. French Press

Even super moms need help sometimes. Ditch the customary Best Mom coffee mug this year and give your mom something to fill her coffee mug instead. French presses intensify the flavor of your coffee with fewer grounds and doesn’t require your mom to make any emergency trips to the supermarket to get coffee filters.  After Mother’s Day, your mom will have french press that makes enough coffee to last her through the day and strong enough to keep up with all the mom duties she has.

10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This Year

6. Portable Personal Blender

Maybe your busy mom isn’t a coffee drinker. What she needs in the morning is a nice, healthy smoothie filled with all the veggies and fruits to get her going. But blenders can be a pain, especially if they are tying her to the wall plug and creating lumps in her smoothie. And her schedule is too hectic for her to slow down just for a blender. Now you can give her a gift that will let her take her smoothie mix on the go and just let it blend when she gets to her destination. Not only will her smoothies be freshly blended by the time she gets to work, she can also make more during the day if she wants. There’s no need to buy prepackaged smoothies and juices when she has this trusty blender.

10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This Year

7. Acupuncture Mat

Moms work too hard so they just carry around a lot of stress and tension and you might not always be around to offer the shoulder massage she needs. Now acupuncture might seem a bit scary at first but there are many reports about the tension it releases and the benefits can be astounding. This unusual present might make your mom hesitant but once she experiences the relief it gives her, she’ll be thanking you for giving such thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts.

10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This Year

8. Two- Way Camera and Pet Treat Dispenser

Your mom is an animal lover through and through. So it’s no surprise that when the family goes on vacation and have to leave your furry friends at home, she misses them badly. Now your mom can have piece of mind while she’s out taking care of errands or during your family trip across the States. No matter where she is, she can shower your furry family with all the love and care she has to give.10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This Year

9.  Himalayan Salt Air Diffuser

Candles are standard last minute gifts if you are scrambling the day before Mother’s Day to find an alright gift. If you’re panicking this year, reach for an air diffuser rather than a candle. This Himalayan Salt air diffuser will purify the air and calm nerves while the cool steam it emits will hydrate and perfume the room with your chosen essential oils. This product is much more relaxing than just any old candle and you don’t need to worry about any harsh fumes that can be produced from a candle. Not only that but this air diffuser won’t be a fire hazard and will turn off by itself when it’s out of water. With her juggling the household and your siblings, she has enough on her plate. So don’t choose Mother’s Day gifts that will give her more to worry about but instead, will give her one less thing to worry about!

10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This Year

10. Yurbuds

Your mom is the definition of gym goals! So give your athletic mom earbuds that can keep up with her healthy strides. These earbuds were designed for athletes and won’t fall out when she goes for those 2 mile runs or hits the weights at the gym. When your mom is trying to make her health and fitness a priority among her mom duties, then she should have equipment to match. Now you can give your mom a gift that will take off an annoying inconvenience and support her journey to a healthier life.10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Give Your Mom This YearWhat Mother’s Day gifts will you be giving to your mom this year? Tell us in the comments.

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