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20 Unique Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Mother-daughter tattoo ideas can sometimes be hard to find. Picking the right tattoo for both you and your mom can be a challenge based on your tastes. If your mom is super picky about getting something so permanent, it’s a good idea to have lots of options to find one she can’t say no to!

1. Gave Me Life…Reason To Live

The first tattoo has the quote “she gave me life…” for the daughter and “she gave me a reason to live” for the mother. Although quite literal, it’s a beautiful tribute to the amazing capabilities we as women have to bring life into the world. It’s a great mother-daughter tattoo idea that’s sentimental yet not cheesy. 

2. Like Mother Like Daughter

This tattoo design is for the mother-daughter duo that is like two peas in a pod. The interlinking fingers are showing that you’ll always be with each other no matter what. If you and your mom are super similar, this could be the perfect tattoo to get together! 

3. Letting Go

Getting a matching tattoo with your mom that fits both your aesthetics can be hard to find. This hand letting go of the hearts is symbolizing that even though you’ll grow up and move out, your mother’s love will always be holding onto you. 

4. Love You

Getting a tattoo this direct might not be for everyone, but if you really want a bold statement showing your mother-daughter bond, this could work for you! Getting “I love you” tattooed on your body is a strong symbol of your love for your mom. 

5. Love Always

Out of all the mother-daughter tattoo ideas, this is one of the options that could work for multiple daughters. It’s a simple quote showing that no matter what, you’ll always love each other. It is also a great tattoo that can match with your sister! 

6. My Sunshine

Getting lyrics tattooed on your body is an idea that some people love and others hate. If you love lyrics tattoos, getting the lyrics to You Are My Sunshine tattooed with your mom is the perfect way to show your bond off to the world! 

7. Strength

Mothers are some of the strongest people we will ever know in our lives. They would do just about anything to protect their kids, and this tattoo is a great ode to that! Getting a tattoo showing how you get your strength from your mom and how she would do anything to protect you is the perfect example of a mother-daughter bond. 

8. Distance

Of course, we all have to move out and start our own lives one day, but that doesn’t mean our relationships are going to suffer. No matter how far apart we are from our moms, we will always have them in our hearts. 

9. Gilmore Girls Inspired Mother-Daughter Tattoo

For any true Gilmore Girls fan out there, you know about the impeccable bond between Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Their mother-daughter bond is unique and closer than most shown on TV. The theme song has the lyrics “where you lead, I will follow.” These lyrics are a great tattoo for any mother-daughter duo with an inseparable bond. 

10. Mother And Daughter

This mother-daughter duo sitting on a bench next to a heart is a very unique tattoo to get a matching set with your mom. It paints a picture that no matter what age you are, your mom will always be there to love and protect you. 

11. Interlinked Hearts

Having a close relationship with your mom isn’t something to be taken for granted. Not everyone has a close blond with their mom, but some of us are lucky to feel safe and loved. Getting interlinked hearts is symbolizing how you’re a part of your mom’s heart, as she is yours. 

12. Butterfly Tattoo

Moms have this incredible gift of creating life and raising their children. They teach us everything we need to know before going out in the ‘real world.’ Our moms essentially ‘teach us how to fly’ when raising us and preparing us for the rest of our lives. 

13. Charlie Brown And Snoopy

This is a less sentimental idea, but it still works well if this is your style! Getting a matching Charlie Brown and Snoopy tattoo with your mom is a cute and fun way to get matching tattoos if you aren’t the most sentimental family out there. 

14. Winnie The Pooh And Piglet Tattoo

This Winnie The Pooh and Piglet tattoo is a cute little tattoo that can go with or without the quote. If you want something similar to the Charlie Brown and Snoopy tattoo, but want to have a special message with it, this is the way to go! 

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15. Matching Roses

Getting matching roses is a classic tattoo idea. It is one of the mother-daughter tattoo ideas that isn’t necessarily expressive but can be a cute tattoo that will be special to just you and your mom. 

16. I Love You

For those of you who want a sentimental tattoo without having wording inked on your body, this sign language tattoo of the phrase “I love you” could be the right fit! It is simple yet has a strong message behind it. For anyone who is hearing-impaired, deaf, or just has a love for ASL, this would be a great tattoo to show your love. 

17. Beauty And The Beast Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that doesn’t have any wording on it or not wanting a matching set that still works well together, this could be the right fit for you and your mom! Getting a Beauty and the Beast tattoo with your mom will be something fun and memorable for both of you. 

18. No Matter What, No Matter Where

Mothers will always be there for us no matter what, and no matter how far away you are, they will always be a strong support system. This tattoo is a reminder that no matter what the situation is or how far apart you are in distance, a mother’s love is unconditional. 

19. Mother-Daughter Flower

This simple yet elegant tattoo is one of my personal favorites. Having the words “mother” and “daughter” growing out of the flowers is such a unique and beautiful way to get a matching tattoo with your mom. 

20. Keep Me Safe, Keep Me Wild

This is for the outgoing daughter and precautious mom. Moms keep us safe, but daughters keep mothers wild. It is a fun, unique tattoo that will work for just about any mother-daughter duo. 

Which of these mother-daughter tattoo ideas would you want to get with your mom? Share pictures with us on social media and comment down below!

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