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Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

If you’ve been lucky enough to plan and take a Disney vacation, you’ll quickly realise that there’s a certain fashion and attire that fits the Disney parks. More specifically, the web is filled with Disney inspired and themed outfits that are just so practically perfect in every way (pardon our pun), that we had to find out how visitors are accomplishing these gorgeous looks. 

The fashion spans beyond clothing and accessories, and goes right into the ever popular Minnie Mouse ears (the headband) that so many visitors love to wear. Of course the Disney parks have their official merchandise and as such official Minnie Mouse ears are endlessly available for visitors.

If however, you’re looking for Minnie Mouse ears that are unique and will help you stand out in the crowd while playing in the parks, then look no further than right here! These Minnie Mouse ears are so cute, so unique and with so many to match pretty much any mood, any character you wish to commemorate and any colour, it’ll be difficult to choose just which one will be perfect for your next Disney trip! 

1. Baymax Ears

We’ll start our list off with a Disney character inspired set of Minnie Mouse ears. These cute ears from Enchanted Alexandra on Esty are fashioned after the loveable Baymax character from Disney’s Big Hero 6. With his cute eyes and awkward smile line, we’re sure you’ll be wanting to get some caring assistance from our beloved Baymax. 

Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

2. Floral Minnie Mouse Ears

I’ve been using all my energy not to showcase just floral Minnie Mouse ears, but clearly I couldn’t last very long. These adorable floral Minnie Mouse ears from Enchanted Alexandra on Etsy are fashioned with a beautiful arrangement of peach and pink fake flowers, and wired ears to showcase the flowers.

These gorgeous ears would be perfect paired with a vintage inspired Disney outfit for all your play time needs at the parks. 

Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

3. Ariel Minnie Mouse Ears

Let me tell you, the human world, it’s a mess! So why not travel under the sea and unleash your inner little mermaid with these fintastic Ariel Minnie Mouse ears from Main Street Supply Co on Esty?

With a cute mermaid scale design covering the ears and a dinglehopper spread across the middle, you’ll always have a device to comb your tresses! The seaweed will no longer be greener in somebody else’s lake with these ears, you’ll be ready to dive right in to all the rides by yourself! 

Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

4. Belle Minnie Mouse Ears

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. These gorgeous golden Beauty and the Beast inspired Minnie Mouse ears from Juicy Bows are the perfect way to brighten up your Disney outfit. They are the same shade as Belle’s gorgeous ballgown worn when she dances with the Beast, and include a small little red rose that we’re sure will not wither away as the years roll by. 

Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

5. Cheshire Cat Minnie Mouse Ears

If really doesn’t matter which way you go, you’ll definitely want to be heading off to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom with these fluffier than ever Cheshire Cat ears from Luby and Lola. These ears are made to order and are perfect for when you’re feeling especially silly and quirky at your Disney trip. These would be absolutely perfect paired with a purple or pink outfit to match the colours of this gorgeous headband. 

Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

6. Halloween Minnie Mouse Ears

With the Halloween season upon us, it’s definitely time to bring out the festivities in any way possible. If you’re lucky enough to be going to a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year at a Disney park, we’re sure you’ve been thinking about what kind of costume you’ll be wearing to the party. But likewise, we’re sure you’ll also be thinking about what kind of Minnie Mouse ears can celebrate the Halloween spirit! I mean, who wouldn’t? 

These divinely coloured Halloween inspired Minnie Mouse ears from Fog Town Flowers use all the beautiful spooky yet classy shades, such as black, deep red and ivory in the flowers and a cute little white pumpkin. Pair these ears with a gorgeous deep red or black lipstick, and you’ll definitely be in the Halloween spirit. 

Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

7. Cruella De Vil Minnie Mouse Ears

If this doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will! Okay I’m kidding. But these subtly evil Cruella De Vil Minnie Mouse ears from Enchanted Alexandra are perfect for channelling your inner Disney villain. With one ear black and one ear white to replicate the hair of our favourite fur-loving woman, we hope these ears won’t scare anybody away from you! 

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Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

8. Christmas Mouse Ears

Even though we’re only just beginning to celebrate the Halloween season, I have to admit I’m already a little excited about Christmas – in the gentlest and tamest way possible. Especially Christmas time at Disney.

And when I saw these gorgeous candy cane inspired Minnie Mouse ears from Enchanted Alexandra, I was almost singing the Disney Christmas parade song out loud. Designed perfectly to replicate a candy cane, these would obviously be perfect for a Christmas Disney vacation over the holidays. 

Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

9. Burgundy Sequin Minnie Mouse Ears

If you’ve been to the Disney parks lately, you will have noticed that silver, gold and rose gold sequin Minnie Mouse ears have definitely become quite popular. These ears are readily available from the Disney merchandise stores, but if you’re after something a little more unique, but still love the sequin look, then you’ll likely love these burgundy coloured sequin Minnie Mouse ears from Imajine Art Ears.

These would easily allow you to stand out in the crowd and would look absolutely fabulous with a burgundy coloured lipstick to match. 

Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

10. Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Ears

The classic choice for Minnie Mouse ears at the Disney parks are usually the bright red bow ears, but there’s something about these gorgeous polka dot Minnie Mouse ears from Cutest Little Party that has us mesmerised. These remind me of Minnie Mouse’s original outfit and I’m sure these would look absolutely stunning with just about any outfit you choose to wear on your Disney vacation. 

Unique Minnie Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Trip

What’s your favourite thing to do at the Disney parks? Let us know in the comments down below!

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