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15 Unique Medical School Graduation Gift Ideas

Medical school is quite a grueling process, and though the student graduates after four years, they are far from done. They have two years of being in a classroom, two years of rotations, and at least four years of residency, maybe more depending on their focus. Give the med student in your life a gift to remember, they deserve it after all. These medical school graduation gift ideas are sure to be cherished.

Personalized Cuff Links

Who wouldn’t want these classy AF personalized cuff links? Perfect finishing touch for any doctor.

Medical Tie Clip

This would match perfectly with the personalized cuffs. Again, classy AF.

White Coat Hanger

This is a special gift for a special jacket. The moment they got this white jacket is the moment that their dream of becoming a doctor really began to feel real.


Every doctor needs one, why not be practical? You can get fancy with the color options too.

Interesting Medical Books

I know from personal experience that these two books are a great hit. Soul of a Doctor is a great read for those students that are about to enter clinical rotations. The Foreign Body is a bit of a lighter read, chronicling some of the stranger things doctors have encountered in x-rays.


Anatomy Wall Art

Add a little spice to your future doctors office, or maybe they want to hang it in their home. Either way, it’s a unique piece of art that I know I’d hang up (even though I’m not a medical professional.)

EMS Monopoly

This game looks like A LOT of fun.

Anatomy Coloring Book

Relaxing, coloring and studying, all in one?

A Skeleton

This one is on the more expensive side, especially if you go with a bigger more detailed model, but it makes a great gift and a great study guide.

DNA Ring

Again, I would even wear this.

See Also

Heart Coasters

Certainly a unique addition to any home or office that is sure to spark a conversation.

Anatomy Embroidered Notebook

For the doctor who loves to jot down their thoughts or notes. Great for residency.

Custom Bobble Head

I don’t know many (anyone) with a custom bobble head, so that’s sure to be a first. Definitely one of the most unique medical school graduation gift ideas.

Diploma Frame

Any recent grad will want to display their diploma. A medical school grad will really want to show that degree off. A very practical medical school graduation gift idea if I don’t say so myself.

What do you think of these medical school graduation gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below!
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