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10 Unique Maxi Dresses For Your Wardrobe

10 Unique Maxi Dresses For Your Wardrobe

Maxi dresses are perfect the perfect addition for every wardrobe. They are easy to style with a variety of different silhouettes. There is the perfect maxi dress for any closet. Here are 10 unique dresses for your wardrobe:

1. Bodycon Maxi Dress

Bodycon maxi dresses are one of the most flattering and stylish silhouettes. The form-fitting silhouette is fabulous on every body type while the fabric is comfortable on the skin. This style is perfect for any night out with friends or romantic date night. Pair with heels and a designer purse for a classy look. They can also be dressed down with some sneakers and sunglasses for a cute brunch outfit. Brands like Skims and Zara sell sexy and high quality bodycon dresses that will flatter every body type. A classic bodycon maxi dress is an essential for any wardrobe.

10 Unique Maxi Dresses For Your Wardrobe


2. Ruffle Maxi Dress

These dresses have a perfect romantic silhouette. The flowy and bouncy ruffle detail spices up the silhouette while keeping that feminine vibe. These dresses are a perfect nod to the iconic cottage-core aesthetic which is known for it’s flowy and fun praire dresses. Pair with some block heels and a fun handbag for the perfect feminine outfit. Brands such as Free People and Urban Outfitters offer a variety of ruffle maxi dresses for any closet.

3. Slip Maxi Dress

Though not intentionally designed to be a statement piece, slip dresses are the perfect way to spice up any closet. The lightweight and comfortable fabric makes these dresses easy to wear on a warm summer day. With a variety of different colors, patterns, and silhouettes of slip maxi dresses; there is the perfect slip dress for any closet. Pair with some sneakers to dress down the outfit on a more casual day or dress up your go-to slip dress with some heels and blazer. There are countless ways to style a slip dress for any occasion. Popular brands like Zara sell a variety of fun maxi dresses, but thrift stores and online resale websites sell a variety of vintage slip dresses for a more unique option.

4. Chiffon Maxi Dress

Chiffon maxi dresses are super comfortable and lightweight, which makes them perfect for the spring and summer seasons. The fun prints and patterns add a unique touch to every outfit while the unique style of fabric is perfect for any occasion. Wear your go-to chiffon maxi dress with some sandals and a sun hate for a fun brunch outfit. Brands like Zara and Free People sell a plethora of different chiffon maxi dresses for any aesthetic. The chiffon material is also flattering on any body type and offers some extra spice to any outfit.


10 Unique Maxi Dresses For Your Wardrobe

5. Satin Maxi Dress

Who doesn’t love the softness of satin material? Satin dresses are the perfect way to look classy and stylish while still staying comfortable. The soft and flattering material can be dressed up or down for any event. There are also a variety of styles of satin maxi dresses for any occasion. Brands like Zara and Princess Polly offer a plethora of cute maxi dresses for your spring and summer events. Wear with some kitten heels and a handbag for the perfect classy outfit.

6. Wrap Maxi Dress

Wrap dresses are the perfect silhouette and style for any closet. The fun style is perfect for the warm spring and summer seasons while the silhouette is easy to throw on in the morning. Pair with some sandals and a wicker bag for the perfect outfit for a picnic or a trip to the farmer’s market. Brands like Madewell and Anthropolgie sell a variety of high-quality and cute wrap maxi dresses for any style. Your closet is in need of the perfect spring wrap dress. 


7. Mesh Maxi Dress

The mesh maxi dress trend is a nod to the classic 90s style. The funky and fun style is perfect for anyone with a youthful and fun style. The lightweight mesh fabric is perfect for the warmer seasons while the silhouettes and patterns are the perfect way to spruce up any look. Pair with platform Dr. Martens and over-sized sweater for the ideal 90s grunge look. Brands such as Urban Outfitters and Princess Polly have a great variety of mesh maxi dresses for every closet.

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10 Unique Maxi Dresses For Your Wardrobe


8. Tiered Maxi Dress

Similar to ruffle maxi dresses, tiered maxi dresses are the perfect combination of feminine and flowy. Another big part of the iconic cottagecore trend, tiered maxi dresses are a perfect addition to any closet. Pair with your go-to sun hat and favorite wicker picnic basket for an adorable picnic date outfit. The fun and bouncy silhouette is not only super stylish, but also ideal for any body type. Free People sells a variety of tiered maxi dresses for any style or occasion. A tiered maxi dress is essential for any wardrobe.

9. Tulle Maxi Dress

For a more formal look, opt for a tulle maxi dress. The lightweight and fun tulle fabric is the perfect look for a fun night out with friends to a formal dinner with your boss. Tulle maxi dresses are both comfortable and classy at the same time, so you’re sure to impress your peers. Pair with a pair of fun heels and your favorite handbag for a personal and unique outfit. Brands such as ASOS and Lulus have a plethora of cute and affordable tulle maxi dresses for every style.

10. Lace Maxi Dress

Another fun and formal way to spice up any outfit is sporting an all-over lace maxi dress. These dresses are another great option for a fancy dinner or business meeting. Lace maxi dresses are the perfect chic dress for any event. They can also be dressed down with sandals and sun hat for a whimsical beachy outfit. Free People have a ton of amazing high-quality lace maxi dresses for every aesthetic. A lace maxi dress is a staple for every wardrobe.


There are so many fun and unique maxi dresses to add to your closet. What is your favorite style of maxi dress? Share this post and let us know.